How to build self worth

Self-worth is defined as “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect” by Merriam Webstar.

You can consider self- worth as the most important factor that all other self associated terminologies such as self- esteem, self-confidence, self- acceptance, etc.

It is because self-worth could well be considered as the core of an individual that comprises of the thoughts, feelings, behavior and the individual’s value and worthiness as a human being.

This is despite what others might say or do to the individual. Therefore, you can consider self-worth as something that does not keep changing according to the change in external factors or circumstances that keep changing from time to time.

Why should you have a high degree of self-worth?

Having a high degree of Self Worth marks that you have whole-heartedly accepted yourself despite the limitations, flaws, and weaknesses you have.

It also means that you feel that you are worthy and deserving of the health, wealth, success, love and happiness that you are experiencing despite certain difficulties you face, despite what others think about you and despite experiencing certain disappointments in life.

This means that you are unflinching by the external forces and environment. For you, you alone are a significant factor.

This means that you are embodied with a personal power that comes from within which can do wonders for leading a contented and successful life.

How to build self-worth?

You may now wonder if it is really possible to build Self-Worth? Because it is the personal power from within and is unflinching by the external circumstances and environment.

But, the fact is that you can indeed build self-worth by following a step by step process but only if you work on it consistently. The steps involved include
  • Getting to know yourself more profoundly- To do this imagine that everything you have now such as your career, family, friends, accomplishments, relationships, money,etc are taken away from you. how you would feel about yourself after this is an exact measure of your self-worth. This sort of imagination could well open up opportunities to ponder, to find and question yourself which holds the key to understanding your true Self-Worth. However, this must not become a limiting factor. Ou must understand this is justa step forward to recognize our flaws and weaknesses and put the best foot forward to build self-worth by taking stock of your strengths as well.
  • Practicing self-acceptance- When you dig deeper inside you, there is a likelihood that you get to know about your flaws.  This is the real you. Start accepting and acknowledging the good, bad and ugly in you and the qualities that cannot make you feel too proud of. Yet you should learn to practice self-acceptance. This is very important to build self- worth.
  • Sef-love- Self- love would definitely crop up once you have accepted yourself truly. Self-love means treating yourself with compassion and generosity and focussing on the beauty within you rather than highlighting the flaws.
  • Recognition- The recognition stage signifies the state in which you have fully accepted yourself. You would no longer let people, events, and circumstances define you. This means that you hold the resources and are aware of it. This endows a true personal power.
  • Taking up responsibility- When you are endowed with personal power you would be ready to take up full responsibility for your life completely with its promises and problems. 
Take the first step forward for building self-worth.

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