What are the differences & advantages of Integrated PhD & Regular PhD?

If you already have a Masters degree and want to take your education further or you just want to call yourself a 'Doctor', then you should follow 'Doctorate', i.e. PhD degree. Everyone who completed their PhD/doctorate gets a 'Doctor' title.

A doctorate is a distinguished and one of the highest research qualifications in every country. PhD is defined as Doctor of Philosophy, it has been derived from the Latin translation of Philosophiae Doctorate.

With the evolution of the education system, different doctoral degrees are available in the country - Integrated PhD, Regular PhD among others.

Let us find the difference between Integrated PhD in India and Regular PhD.

Integrated PhD & Regular PhD

What is a Regular PhD?

The regular PhD is one of the most popular choices among the PhD programmes. The candidates who opt for regular PhD have to work full time for their degrees.

The institutes may also offer assistant ship or fellowship to the candidates. If you want to get admitted to a regular PhD degree, you would need to have a Master’s degree.

The eligibility criteria vary according to the different colleges. If you want to get admitted to a good place like NIIT University, you would need to have good grades.

Students should get admitted to regular PhD only if they wish to work in a certain field or want to continue with academics.

A regular PhD would take at least 3 years to complete. The most preferred exam to get entrance into PhD programmes throughout the country is to appear for the CSIR NET programmes.

When it comes to the popularity of the regular PhD, more people get admitted through regular PhD than integrated PhD as of yet.

Even colleges have more seats for regular PhD. You can get your doctorate in a subject of your choosing.

However, you would be wasting about a year or 2 if you are taking up regular PhD. Also, you would need to prepare for an exam twice (for Masters as well as for PhD).

What is an Integrated PhD?

Integrated PhD is a research programme, which has become popular in Science and Engineering field. After completing the Master's degree and doctoral, the PhD is awarded to the candidates.

The Integrated PhD is a 5-year course where you complete both the course work of Masters and PhD together.

In general, the candidate would complete the Master's course in the first 2 years and then focus on their research. The core PhD continues for the upcoming 2 years.

If you want to get involved with integrated PhD in India, you only need to have completed graduation.

The candidates who appear in this course should have at least 3 years of Bachelor's degree in their core subjects.

If someone wants to apply for an Integrated M.Sc - PhD programme in chemistry, he should have completed a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. In addition to that, the student needs to have Mathematics at 10+2 level.

This is what you should know how a regular PhD is different from an integrated PhD in India.

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