3 things you didn’t know about computer science engineering

If you are about to apply for a B Tech admission to study computer science engineering, it might help to acquaint yourself with some little-known, but essential facts first.

For the untrained, slightly illogical mind, the field of computer science engineering might seem like something designed for robots.
After all, it involves line upon line of (seemingly) incomprehensible code, app development, reams of software code, and decoding language that requires nothing short of a genius mind.

But to a student naturally inclined towards the field, a B Tech admission can be the pathway to a fulfilling career that uses technology to help human life get easier and better every day. If you are about to apply for a B Tech admission, you should know that:

#1 You don’t need a computer science background, or even proven school/junior credentials, to get a B Tech admission.

Most students who wish to apply for B Tech admission to prestigious universities or colleges in India, are under the wrong impression that they will get preferential admission if they have a computer science background at school or junior college level.

Contrary to this belief, the best technical universities in India offer admission to students with eligibility criteria such as:
  • 60% or more marks in Class X, for English, Math, Social Studies and Science for ICSE/CBSE or other State Boards
  • 60% or more marks in Class XII, for Chemistry, Physics, Math/Biology and English, for ICSE/CBSE or other State Boards
  • If the applicant has not appeared for JEE Main or NEET or BITSAT/SAT exams, then they must appear for the college or university’s internal qualifying exam

You should check the eligibility criteria for your particular State Board before applying for the B Tech course.

#2 It’s more about problem solving and attitude, than the programming languages you might know.

Whenever you hear the term ‘computer science engineering’, you associate it more with algorithms and complicated equations, rather than creativity and problem solving.

The best technical universities in India are happy to admit students who show a positive attitude to learning, who are adept at problem solving, and who are capable of offering creative solutions to the same problems that confront everyone else.

These traits help computer science engineers absorb new trends in technology, as well as update themselves and apply these learnings to find better solutions with the help of data structure and coding.

They also help in the increasingly popular field of app development and web wireframing.

#3 A well-designed computer science engineering syllabus is key, not just your innate genius.

Ultimately, it’s not just about your smarts but also about how the course is structured.

The top technical universities in India have devised creative and cutting-edge computer science engineering syllabusto not just impart the latest advances in tech, but to also help students’ creativity and intelligence blossom further.

Under the tutelage of industry experts, you can learn so much more via classroom and field interaction than your counterparts in other colleges who might not have the advantage of a comprehensive syllabus.

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