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June 26, 2019

How to Buy Literature Review Online – 5 Tips and Tricks

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How to Buy Literature Review Online – 5 Tips and Tricks
When you are required to write a dissertation, there are some steps to get there. One of the first would be to write a literature reviews, which seems fairly simple. Many students are looking to buy literature review online, for good reasons.

It is not as simple as it seems. You need to gather all of the relevant literature you can get your hands on, based on the topic of your dissertation. It is about giving credit and showing you have sufficient sources to base your thesis on.

This is just one step to completing your dissertation, but it is an important one. If you are looking to buy a literature review online, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

List your needs

Always start off by knowing exactly what you want. This does not have to be a complicated list, but you need a foundation. If you do not start with this, it is easy to fall for any sales scheme out there.

You would also be able to identify suitable service providers without much trouble. If you need a literature review apa format, you can list this as well.

Approach various service providers

You do not have to go with the first option you find online. We have a variety of literature writers and you need to find the one best suited for you. This is why the list is so important. You can now go through the few options you have and select the one who would give you the best results.


If a writer costs more, it does not mean that you will receive amazing results. We often are drawn to the higher prices, but this is not how you measure quality. It is important to weigh all of your options first. You could receive similar results at a lower price. If you do decide to go for the most expensive option, make sure it is worth the price.


This ties in with tip 4. You are ultimately looking for high-quality writing. This is academic writing and the person you hire should have some experience in this field. You are going to be graded on this literature review and it needs to be good. There is no risking it. If this means you take a little longer to decide, then so be it.


Give yourself enough time to make the right decision. Once you receive your deadline for the task, make a decision. Either you are going to write it yourself, or you are going to hire a writer. Your literature review conclusion is not going to write itself. Give yourself or the writer sufficient time to write a stellar paper.

Would You Buy a Literature Review Online?

This is a question only you can answer. You know what your schedule is like and honestly, there are some amazing writers out there. Instead of worrying about having the time to write this review, you can leave it up to the experts.

Make sure you do not fall for any scams by looking at the reviews and requesting customer testimonials. There are larger companies who offer this service and then there are the smaller ones and even individuals. Choose what works best for you and your list of needs.

June 21, 2019

Uncovering The Economic Analysis

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Uncovering The Economic Analysis
Industry Profits

The financial or non-financial industry category has got the biggest profits when compared to others.

Considering fourth-quarter reports of last year, 2017, the non-financial industry posted profits of 1,121.5 billion dollars (U.S. Department of Commerce). The financial industry had 497.3 billion dollars (U.S. Department of Commerce).

The figures given are from the domestic industries under corporate profits with inventory valuation adjustments.

The manufacturing industry had 349.6 billion dollars in profits during the same period (U.S. Department of Commerce). Lastly, the durable goods industry posted profits of 199.2 billion dollars (U.S. Department of Commerce).

The Cumulative profit for the financial sector in 2016 was 2007.2 billion dollars. In 2017, the profit stood at 2047.8 billion dollars.

This change represented 40.6 billion dollars gain, which was about 2% profits for 2016 in the non-financial sector stood at 5060.3 billion dollars.

In 2017, the same sector had 5015.4 billion dollars in total profits. This amount represented a decline of 44.9 billion dollars, which is 0.9%.

Under the non-financial industry, the manufacturing sector posted the best performance especially in 2017, 1532.4 billion dollars profits, followed by the other non-financial one at 1528.9 billion dollars.

Furthermore, the corporate durable goods industry out-performed the non-durable one with total 2017 profits of 850.8 billion dollars compared to 678.1 billion of dollars respectively.

There was no sector with negative profits, losses, but a number of them simply experienced a slight decline in profit level. Profit changes affect the expansion or contraction decisions in industries.

Positive changes are good for expansion, whereas declines in profitability may cause contraction of an industry. Expansion refers to the entry of more players and increased investments by the existing entities. Investors get attracted to industries that have got steady profitability.

When an industry has an upward trajectory in terms of profitability over a considerable number of years, investors tend to pump their money in it. However, there is fear among investors in industries that start to pick a downward trend in terms of profitability.

It is always a warning sign of bad times in the foreseeable future, which makes the bearish investors start withdrawing their investments from the industry. It leads to significant contraction of a once large industry.

For instance, people start to sell stocks of companies experiencing declines in profits. Therefore, profitability changes have got a major impact on expansion and contraction of industries.  

Perfect Competition

The chosen article written by David Wessel in April 2018 and titled, Is Lack of Competition Strangling the U.S. Economy?discusses the impact of lack of perfect competition on the U.S. economy.

Perfect competition is a case where companies or sellers have no control over the market price. It is market where the consumers and all sellers have access to equal information hence make informed decisions.

Therefore, the market forces of demand and supply play a major role in controlling prices. Wessel opines that the lack of perfect competition in industries of the United States could be causing the poor performance of the country’s economy (107).

It can be implied from the article of Wessel that the shift from perfect competition to oligopolies within the American industries is the reason for the present high rate of price inflation.

Wessel mentions the theory of market competition, which postulates a rise in prices and fall in output quality as well as quantity in markets with few sellers (115).

When perfect competition is absent, sellers control the prices and quality of products delivered. It is easy for the companies to ignore the plight of consumers and the country in complete pursuit of profits.

Essentially, Wessel seems to suggest that the country needs to encourage stiff competition to cushion the economy from the force of price inflation.

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June 10, 2019

3 things you didn’t know about computer science engineering

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3 things you didn’t know about computer science engineering
If you are about to apply for a B Tech admission to study computer science engineering, it might help to acquaint yourself with some little-known, but essential facts first.

For the untrained, slightly illogical mind, the field of computer science engineering might seem like something designed for robots.
After all, it involves line upon line of (seemingly) incomprehensible code, app development, reams of software code, and decoding language that requires nothing short of a genius mind.

But to a student naturally inclined towards the field, a B Tech admission can be the pathway to a fulfilling career that uses technology to help human life get easier and better every day. If you are about to apply for a B Tech admission, you should know that:

#1 You don’t need a computer science background, or even proven school/junior credentials, to get a B Tech admission.

Most students who wish to apply for B Tech admission to prestigious universities or colleges in India, are under the wrong impression that they will get preferential admission if they have a computer science background at school or junior college level.

Contrary to this belief, the best technical universities in India offer admission to students with eligibility criteria such as:
  • 60% or more marks in Class X, for English, Math, Social Studies and Science for ICSE/CBSE or other State Boards
  • 60% or more marks in Class XII, for Chemistry, Physics, Math/Biology and English, for ICSE/CBSE or other State Boards
  • If the applicant has not appeared for JEE Main or NEET or BITSAT/SAT exams, then they must appear for the college or university’s internal qualifying exam

You should check the eligibility criteria for your particular State Board before applying for the B Tech course.

#2 It’s more about problem solving and attitude, than the programming languages you might know.

Whenever you hear the term ‘computer science engineering’, you associate it more with algorithms and complicated equations, rather than creativity and problem solving.

The best technical universities in India are happy to admit students who show a positive attitude to learning, who are adept at problem solving, and who are capable of offering creative solutions to the same problems that confront everyone else.

These traits help computer science engineers absorb new trends in technology, as well as update themselves and apply these learnings to find better solutions with the help of data structure and coding.

They also help in the increasingly popular field of app development and web wireframing.

#3 A well-designed computer science engineering syllabus is key, not just your innate genius.

Ultimately, it’s not just about your smarts but also about how the course is structured.

The top technical universities in India have devised creative and cutting-edge computer science engineering syllabusto not just impart the latest advances in tech, but to also help students’ creativity and intelligence blossom further.

Under the tutelage of industry experts, you can learn so much more via classroom and field interaction than your counterparts in other colleges who might not have the advantage of a comprehensive syllabus.