Personal Statement for Internships in 2019 - Top 7 Resources to Use

In recent years, the job market has become very competitive. To the extent that getting a coveted internship can sometimes be challenging.

Even if it’s an opportunity that offers no remuneration.

Therefore, as an applicant, you need to make use of every arsenal available to give you a competitive advantage in your personal statement for internships.


What is a Personal Statement?

Be it a statement of purpose for research internship, or a statement of interest for internship. This document provides the applicant to make a lasting first impression on the recruiter.

It is a process of self-reflection where you need to identify aspects about you that make you stand out from your competitors. It’s sometimes referred to as a motivation letter and spans one page.

This piece allows the reader to assess your skills and abilities. In this piece, we will help you identify resources that will make the writing process, more comfortable.

Useful Resources in writing a Personal Statement

1. Company Website-Research

Customization is an essential part of any application. You should always tailor your documents to the position you are applying to.

Also, the company website allows you to get a sneak peek into the culture of the company. Use this information to determine if you are the right fit. Then, highlight these points in your statement.

2. Evernote-Jot down ideas

Taking notes is essential during the brainstorming process. You want to find a unique angle from your experience and use it to sell yourself. Keep in mind that it’s best to start the essay with a hook.

It’s what will persuade the reader to continue through the content. Think about an experience, or point in time that led you to desire to apply to that internship, and leverage it.

3. Manuscripts- Create a Proper Outline

Just like any written document, your content needs an outline. Ensure that you provide answers to any prompts. Introduce yourself with a hook and remember to tie it all up in conclusion.

For Personal Statement Writing Help

4. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Do you need help writing the personal statement? This website by Purdue University provides visitors with helpful writing resources on different projects. They also have a section dedicated to offering personal statement writing tips.

5. Professional Personal Statement Writing service

Some businesses specialize in producing unique personal statement copies for their clients. Prices vary from one facility to another. Finding a service that’s reliable and offers quality output, could save you time and much frustration.

After Writing the Personal Statement

6.  Grammar Checker

You have to demonstrate to the reader that you put effort into crafting the personal statement. That means you should avoid Grammar and spelling errors. It shows that you pay attention to detail.

Grammarly is a useful tool for this. Remember to proofread the content and ensure that your narration has a natural flow.

7. Hemingway Editor- Editing needs

This tool checks the readability and flow of any piece. It will help you identify sections of the content that are hard to read. Also, it grades the reading level of the material.

Final Take on Useful Resources for Personal Statement Writing

There are numerous writing tools and services available. Determine the area that you need assistance with and find a tool that helps you solve that problem.

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