How to Build an Attractive Resume as a New Law Graduate

Whether you’ve just finished law school or are looking for a transition later on in your career, an impressive resume is absolutely essential.

While you might be familiar with editing a resume in general, every industry requires particular tailoring to help you stand out among the competition.


Compiling your resume is one of the most vital steps in your transition from an educational environment to a corporate legal one.

For the most part, when you’re working on your own to get your name out there, firms have no idea who you are, nor do they know your capabilities.

The resume is the main point of reference that will provide everything you have to offer to the hiring board and help them to determine whether or not you’ll make a good fit for the firm.

For law firms, this is a particularly crucial area, since their decision is going to have a strong impact on the future success of the firm.

Not only will their future partner represent the mandates of the organization, they’ll also make decisions in the name of that firm that will shape human lives.

In this light, keep in mind that your goal is to ensure that your skills and qualifications appeal to prospective employers while remaining truthful throughout the process
It’s important to note that legal recruitment services do not only exist for the benefit of law firms as their purpose is to bring together employers and suitable candidates.

In other words, they are just as dedicated to job seekers as they are to employers. Law firms have confidence in expert legal recruitment services because of their ability to seek out the cream of the crop.

Not only do legal recruitment firms seek candidates, but they also assist in the preparation of candidates for specific roles to be undertaken at specific firms. This makes for an optimal process from identification of potential candidates to placement in legal firms.

How can you be identified as a suitable candidate? The truth is it comes down to setting yourself apart.

Many of your competitors will boast similar or better qualifications than yours.

Offering expert legal recruitment services means that the recruitment firm is also focused on bringing intangibles – such as communication ability, to adaptability, to an overall ability to sell yourself – to their corporate clients.

Your resume can be the make or break factor in consideration for entry into a legal firm. Just remember that legal recruitment agencies exist to assist you in this pursuit.

Also, bear in mind that the general idea is to state what you can bring to a legal firm while excluding personal details. 

For a detailed overview of compiling a successful resume in terms of structure, format and even words that can be used in the legal discipline, see the guide provided by the University of Denver.

If you want to guarantee that the resume you submit is going to stand out among the rest, then you should consider having it evaluated by a legal recruitment firm.

There’s no better way to ensure that you give yourself the best chance at landing a job at a top law firm.

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