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March 28, 2019

Why Transferable Skills Really Matter During the Recruitment Process

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Why Transferable Skills Really Matter During the Recruitment Process
Hiring the perfect candidate – one who quite literally meets all of the requisites of a job description – is becoming more and more of an impossibility in all fields. It’s difficult to locate a candidate who has the right combination of experiences, education, and skills.
Transferable Skills

Talent is, of course, in very high demand. As a result, most corporations need to radically diversify the ways by which they seek out candidates and the individuals they may or may not hire.

Indeed, the trajectories of respective “careers” – if they can still be called that – is very different from the paths laid out, say, twenty years ago. Individuals are constantly changing jobs, careers, and even industries.

Given this inclination towards change and fluidity, there are so many kinds of experiences and knowledges being brought to the table. Just about any industry is full of a variety of folks with the know-how to open up and radically change the rules.

Even those people who have been in the workforce for a decade or two are quite confused and excited, simultaneously.

However, nearly half of the professionals who are middle-aged aren’t sure what a career path ought to look or feel like. Suffice it to say, this makes it quite necessary for leading executive search recruiters to seek out and grab hold of the best talent on behalf of companies in need of new hires.

Do Transferable Skills Really need?

In order to more effectively navigate this kind of recruitment nightmare, companies ought to spend more time and resources focusing on transferable skills in our current job market.

Companies need to look beyond what a candidate in previous positions in competing companies or other frivolous things like where a candidate went to school. Focusing on the present is much more important and rewarding.

This means prioritizing the candidate’s skill set, willingness to learn, and how well they would fit into company and will navigate its values and morals.

Because many of today’s innovative job categories did not yet exist ten years ago, it’s necessary to recall that the skills needed for a specific job aren’t one-size-fits-all.

When hiring managers take a closer look at the underlying skills needed for a role and then look for people with those skills, unique solutions often become more apparent.

Eliminating a candidate simply because they lack the experience truly needed for a job, or a specific requirement is short-sighted.

Given that great talent is difficult to come by today, rather than focusing on trying to find a needle in a haystack, invest in on boarding, training, and helping new hires apply transferable skills to their new role.

Soft skills have received a lot of attention recently. They are proving to be just as important, if not more important, than hard skills and experience when recruiting talent. Soft skills such as adaptability, drive, and motivation are essential.

Companies that are moving away from hiring based on experience and are more open to less traditional candidates are seeing success.

March 22, 2019

10 0nline Resources to Use to Write Winning PharmCas Letter of Recommendation

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10 0nline Resources to Use to Write Winning PharmCas Letter of Recommendation
Many students face the challenge of identifying the ideal candidate to write their recommendation letters.
However, that alone does not summarize their list of problems when it comes to writing recommendation letters.

A pharmCAS letter of recommendation has a significant bearing when it comes to deciding whether or not you will join your medical school of choice.

The next question to consider then becomes, "how does one get the best recommendation letter?"

Several sites will give you guidance on how to boost your letter of recommendation.

Sites That Will Give You the Winning Tips to Write a Pharmcas Letter of Recommendation 
  1. Lorservice.com

    Getting the first step right is crucial for any successful venture. The site offers you detailed information regarding what you need to write on your pharmCAS letters. The man blogs on the site aim at answering any questions you need answers.

    Furthermore, the site offers questions for evaluators that assist them better to give a good impression of you. 
  2. Truman.edu

    It is a university site. However, it provides quite some good insight especially when it comes to writing your recommendation letters. With expert advice relating to the writing of recommendation letters, it stands out when it comes to aid in writing the texts.

    For instance, it has one of the best blogs for the letter of recommendation residency. 
  3. Pharmasci.edu

    The site exclusively offers help to pharmacy-related issues. Where better to seek help than a website dedicated solely to the pharmacy. With the numerous blogs relating to the writing of recommendation letters, it will surely make yours stand out. 
  4. Pcatcracker.com

    The site provides solutions to problems experienced by most students. Regardless of whomever, you chose to write your recommendation letter, a visit to the site will do wonders to their final output. 
  5. Connect.ashp.org

    Like most blogging sites, the site tries to give solutions to commonly asked questions. The site has a piece that exclusively talks about letters of recommendation. 
  6. Explorehealthcareers.com

    The name for the site is the selling point for the place. Any issues related to the medical field, be it academic or general issues, will be addressed by the site. With a simple interface, it is easy to navigate the place to get what you want. 
  7. Khanacademy.org

    It is an organizational website. The section on recommendation letters even offers examples of recommendation letters that work. Also, a recommendation letter for a coworker will be easy to come up with once you visit the site. 
  8. Pharmd.ucsff.edu

    Like the before mentioned sites. The site contains blogs that provide you with guidance when writing your recommendation letters. It comes highly recommended as it is a trusted site. 
  9. Thebalancecareers.com

    The site offers in-depth information relating to various careers. It also gives you the necessary tips to land you in your job of choice. It includes pharmacy and other pharmacy related issues, including the writing of recommendation letters. 
  10. Scribendi.com

    Scribendi.com offers different samples for recommendation letters. Although not reserved for pharmCAS notes, it provides a general idea of what is needed.
The Critical Issue to Remember Regarding the PharmCAS Letter of Recommendation

Regardless of whoever is writing the recommendation letter, it is advisable that they write what they observe. Truthful statements are easy to back up, thus making you a likable character.

An Expert Take on the PharmCAS Letter of Recommendation

The best way to get results is not to involve yourself in the letter writing. Instead, choose the appropriate people and let them do their work.

The Final Word

The above sites will offer you enough information to increase your chances of succeeding.

School-Newspaper: Why you want your school to have?

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School-Newspaper: Why you want your school to have?
If you have taken a journalism class in high school, you know that almost all junior high schools and many high schools have a school newspaper.

This is as much of a rooted tradition as the high school prom is! After all, school newspapers tell students and their parents all about the schools and find SSC Result.

For example, the students attend, the issues that affect these students, and major activities which the schools are hosting for the students (like student body elections, or the next major school dance!).


This article will discuss the benefits of a school newspaper for students and their schools.  Also, we will give you an advice about which company to choose for your newspaper print

School newspapers can teach creativity

They say that ‘writing is an art’ and art encourages creativity. Students who work on their school newspaper will do a lot of writing and editing as they compile and modify various stories to make them worthy of being published in a publication as professional as a newspaper!

These kids can express ideas in creative ways and in new voices in the form of interesting stories which inspire and motivate their readers.

Additionally, since writing is all about research and analysis, they learn the critical thinking skills which they will need to become productive ‘knowledge workers’ of the 21st century

School newspapers train tomorrow’s workers

At first, this may seem like stretching the merit of a school newspaper.

After all, how can a simple school-based publication train tomorrow’s workers? The reason why is because newspapers are fast becoming digital in nature and layout as they go online.

Because writing about stories is communicating over a different medium, it requires these student writers to learn new skills, skills which the employers of the future will value like digital marketing, graphic, design, and web layout...

Writing for a school newspaper gives teens the opportunity to learn these skills, experiment with them creatively, and perfect them before they begin to learn about them in-depth in college!

These newspapers keep the student body in the loop!
Teens are often moody and aloof people who relish their privacy. After all, they are gaining more independence, crave more individuality, and want to be around other teens as much as possible.

These issues include college life, safety at schools, etc...By contrast, students can publish these types of stories in student newspapers, and these stories can generate serious discussion and think among their readers!

Other issues

School newspapers can discuss other issues which are important to the student body.

These include top colleges, how to ace major exams, how to ace college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT exam (or American College Test), and how to get financial aid for college, etc...

These newspapers can also offer students insights into the workings of the professional world. One such example would be an article which discussed the accounting profession in detail, along with the salary and job duties of a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA).

Today’s students are very career savvy and want to know all about the professions and careers they will be entering into tomorrow.

One such great school newspaper is Exam and Interview Tips. This newspaper discusses the major issues which are important to high school students and more.

And in summary

To conclude, school newspapers are a great way for students (and even teachers) to discuss topics which are important to teens in ways that they (the teens can understand).

If you are a high school principal who is looking for a new way to communicate with your student body, and vice versa, Exam and Interview Tips is a great school newspaper for you to explore and place orders with!

March 16, 2019

5 Statements on Why It's Important to Reword my Essay As Fast As Possible

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5 Statements on Why It's Important to Reword my Essay As Fast As Possible
Essay writing exercises form part of a student’s academic life. The difficulty of these assignments often increases with the educational level of a person.

As educators use them to test the students understanding of a subject matter.

Moreover, academic writing has a unique set of features that could make expressing oneself a tad bit difficult. It also has more stringent rules than other styles.


Therefore, the need for a service to reword my essay becomes greater.

Rewording in a Nutshell

In writing, we often draw or build our ideas on those of others. In that, we use other sources of information to convey a message, support our arguments, reiterate a statement, and more.

As you do this, one has to ensure that they give credit where it is due when using the words or ideas of another. If you don’t rewrite a sentence and use it exactly as in the source material, it translates into plagiarism.

Rewording is the act of rewriting the original text in your own words. Only the wording, structure, word order, etc. changes but not the meaning of the content.

Importance of Rewriting

  1. Enhances Style of Writing-Written communication is an essential part of academic, social and professional life. From writing emails, blog posts, to essay papers, you need to compose written content, on a day to day basis. Regular writing helps one improve their skill. With developed skills, you get better at effectively conveying meaning in your compositions. Therefore, the purpose of the content isn’t lost in writing.
  2. Useful in Learning and Retaining Information-When you write, you engage more of your brain which aids in retention of information. It also helps you understand the topic better. For effective rewriting, you have to read and understand the text first, before you reword it. Therefore, you get to engage with the material at a deeper level and better your comprehension of the information provided.
  3. Avoid the consequences of Plagiarism-When pressed for time, it is tempting to copy paste information from the source text. Others, merely change a few words, in the source text. However, as in every other sector, plagiarism is frowned upon in the academic world. You could get an F or an expulsion. It could also lead to legal and financial ramifications. So, think about all the time, money and energy invested in your academics before you choose the “easy” way out.
  4. Provide new meaning-Depending on the type of essay you are writing, you may need to go further than just providing hard facts. Here, you introduce the main argument and add supporting evidence to the content. Doing so increases the value of the discussion as you provide a different perspective on what is in the original piece.
  5. It’s a show of Integrity -Students have to abide by the academic guidelines in every assignment. It applies whether you use a paragraph maker, or not. Therefore, in written assignments, you have to demonstrate your creativity and critical thinking skills, and originality. It shows that you can process and connect information intelligently.
To Reword a Sentence or not?

It depends on what you want to achieve in the material. Rewording content allows you to add your ideas to those of another.

Also, it keeps you from committing plagiarism which can have severe consequences on a person.

Besides, as you rewrite content, you get to engage with the material better which improves your level of comprehension of a topic.   

5 Stuff That Your Library Must Have To Keep The Students Productive

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5 Stuff That Your Library Must Have To Keep The Students Productive
Going to the library is a luxury for students as they will have some quiet hours of studying. However, due to the progress of technology, many people are not going to the library anymore.

Even students who need to do extensive research, they are doing it through the internet.

But still, there are references in the library that are helpful for the students especially if the teachers will require them to research the library.


So, the library is still in demand for the students. But how can they be more productive during their stay at the library?

Well, there are library must-haves to help the students do more during their research time.

5 Library Must Have To Keep The Students More Productive During Their Study Time

Friendly Librarian

Of course, having a friendly librarian helps the students to be more productive in the library.

It also helps them keep coming back to the place to study.  Most of the times, students are terrified by strict and grumpy library personnel.

Personnel in the library must be strict but not irritable, and they should be friendly too.

Comfortable Furniture

Students will sit for long hours in the library especially if they are doing some extensive research.

There is a discount office furniture Houston shop that offers great deals. You can choose from different kinds of furniture for the library.

The students will be more productive if they have comfortable furniture such as ergonomic chairs and desks while they are studying.

There are many kinds of furniture you can add to the library. Choose light-weight furniture so they will produce less noise and friction.

Sound-proof Cubicles

The library must be a silent place for the students to study.

However, there are still times that little noise can be a source of distraction for the students who are seriously studying.

A library must have some sound-proof cubicles especially for students who will be needing such for their reviews on their finals.

Updated References

A library must be updated too, adding some books and references will help a lot. There are also libraries that offered hands-on research thru computers.

If they keep updating their references, then the students will keep coming back to the library and who will say that the library is already dead.

Additional Read: 7 Reasons Libraries Are Essential, Now More Than Ever

Organized Bookshelves

One of the most neglected things in the library is the organization of books on the shelves.

Make sure to keep the bookshelves organized so students will not have a hard time doing their research especially during peak hours.

Organized bookshelves make it easier for the students to find what they are looking for; they will also save a lot of time.

The trip of a student to the library must be productive and a happy one. This stuff is beneficial to your library, either in school, community, or private space.

Make sure to have some upgrades soon. You’ll be surprised that many people will be looking forward to going to the library just like the old times.

The Key Areas of Early Learning – The Foundation of Success

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The Key Areas of Early Learning – The Foundation of Success
British education has a global reputation as being one of the finest in the world, and it isn’t only further education that leads the way, with a well-designed early years program that is based on concrete learning principles.

Lots of research into how young minds learn and develop has resulted in an early years learning curriculum that ticks all the boxes and empowers children to discover their talents at their own pace.


International Program

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in the UK to take advantage of this world class education system, and with a preschool in Bangkok that offers a balanced introduction to formal education, your children can develop in every way.

The format involves different areas of learning, which are outlined below.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Every child is unique, and with this in mind, the objective of pre-school is to provide a safe environment in which self-development can thrive. Rather than teaching the child, the optimum learning environment is to create learning opportunities that each child can explore in their own way and at their own pace.
  • Developing Positive Relationships – This is one way the young minds get to grips with the world around them, and the early years program is designed to help the child foster positive relationships with their peers and carers. Independence is encouraged from an early age, and rather than doing things for the child, the environment is geared towards providing exciting learning opportunities.
  • Strong Communication Platform – The parents and carers of the young child compare notes and together, they help to create a challenging learning environment that is not restricted to school hours. Daily communication empowers the adults and helps them to create the right learning environments, and as each child is unique, the feedback defines the direction.
  • Learning By Doing – Research tells us that young children learn much quicker when they are actively engaged in an activity-based approach, and with guidance from their carers, the children experience the world around them and develop in a positive way.
  • Learning is Fostered, Not Taught – This is a critical element, and with facilitators who see themselves as people who help the learner to connect the dots, rather than peers who teach. Every child has a unique way of learning, and what works for one child, might not be suitable for another.

Starting Out on The Right Path

Early Learning – Success

The first 7 years very much defines a child, and with the right positive input and time in a challenging environment where positive qualitied are demonstrated, the young child develops a positive approach to learning new things.

If you would like your child to be in an optimum environment that encourages them to learn in a positive way, there are schools in Bangkok that adopt these principles, and with staff who are trained in the UK, you can be sure that your child is receiving the right stimulation.

Take the first steps to providing a sound platform for your child to be a happy and confident learner who goes on to be a successful member of society.

March 15, 2019

Important facts about learning and speaking a new language

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Important facts about learning and speaking a new language
The globalization of the world has encouraged the portability around the world. Learning a new language comes with substantial advantages.

In addition to the fact that it helps when you travel to new places, favorable in getting the studying and for career opportunities from abroad.
learning and speaking a new language
Learning a second language and becoming bilingual can empower you to develop different mental capabilities.
English is a universal language and the world filled with people who speak English. Most of the people who speak English do not bother learning other languages.

Benefits of learning more languages

Lifts the Brain Power

Your brain capacity can be boosted by learning a new language. Learning another language implies that now your mind is needed to adapt to complexity of new words and new patterns.

By learning a new language the brain works out to senses the new pattern and tries to communicate.

You can develop a learning aptitudes as well as skill such as intellectual reasoning and critical thinking.

Exceptionally developed basic reasoning aptitudes are of vital advantage personally as well as professionally.

Revamping the Memory

It’s a known fact that the more the brain is utilized, the better its capacities works.

Learning a language gives your memory a decent work out which is vital for brain activity.

This implies bilingual and polyglot individuals have brains that are more practiced and fast to in remembering and memorizing things.

Improves the Ability to Multi-Task

Multi tasking can be stressful for the individuals who are not accustomed to it. Individuals who are polyglots are capable of switching between one or two languages.

It built up the capacity to think in various languages have an improved ability to multi task.

Improves Decision-Making

The basic leadership or decision making capacity turns into a less demanding procedure for multilingual people.

Polyglots are progressively certain about their basic decisions because of training, practice, brain activity.

Why to learn Spanish?

There are numerous reasons why you may search for a nearby tutor.
  • Spanish specifically is a language of extraordinary significance.
  • It is an official language of about 20 nations, and it is spoken by people around the world.
Learning a new language can not be done in a day, no matter how easy or tough the linguistic pattern is.

Learning a language needs more than enough amounts of time, efforts, dedication and basic understanding of that languages grammar and vocabulary.

While learning Spanish or any other new language you are required to set your goals.

You also need to build your command on the word pronunciation skills, verbal Comprehension, fluency and communication skills.

You may need linguist tuition to just learn Spanish in order to reinforce your brain abilities.

It is important for you to get a bilingual or a multilingual Spanish tutor who is capable of tutoring you in whichever language you are comfortable in.

Being one of the easiest languages in the world, Spanish share its roots with English and this also makes it a lot easier to learn.

Regardless of your reason, you need a Spanish teacher in order to expand your insight into the language.