CPA Exam Preparation – Guidance

A licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a person who has qualified as an accountant who works in the public domain.

It is among one of the highly paid jobs in America and the average salary for a licensed CPA is $119,000 per year.

A fresh graduate who got his license for CPA can earn up to $79,000 per year. Another benefit of being a CPA is that this salary is exclusive of bonuses and an annual increase of Salary to up to 4-5% can be expected.

CPA Exam Preparation – Guidance
But with all these benefits, comes a huge responsibility to ensure the best interest of the public while handling their financial matters. A CPA should always stick to a strict code of professional conduct while performing his civil service.

A career is CPA promises a bright future and a better life but in the initial stages, you need you to study hard

This certification requires attention and extensive preparation as the exam has four parts in which each part is a four-hour long exam where you have to score at least 75% in each part, and the catch here is that you have to take the exam of all four parts in six months after you have received your Notice to Schedule (NTS).

This kind of criteria is hard to beat and demands seriousness towards your goal. Investing your time and effort in good course review and following the tips given in this CPA Exam Prep Guide will ensure your success in a CPA Exam as it helps you in your planning and managing the syllabus.

If you want to pass CPA and score well in a much shorter period of time, then you need a proper academic plan and adopt a creative way of learning for better understanding.

Studying with a plan will not only help you in a better grasp of the subject but will also save you time.

Following are the tips that are recognized and practically applied by many CPA qualifiers that have helped them in their exams: 

  1. You need to invest at least 150 hours for preparation of each segment of CPA.
  2. Preparing yourself mentally is the key here as our human brain is the only organ in the human body that can convince you to mend your routine and stay focused on your goal.  You will power is the key here.
  3. Take your exam without breaking your study routine. This should be done as soon as you feel prepared to do so because delaying your routine.
  4. Do not overwhelm yourself with the stress of planning your exam. Rather focus on preparation and opt to attempt for the most prepared part first.
  5. Never meddle yourself in guessing your score while preparing. Such a habit can be disheartening too or may lead to setting superficial goals.
  6. Opt for a good and renowned CPA course review. Preferably ask CPA qualifiers for assistance in this case as they can guide you best for the best course pack available. The catch here is that it is not essential that the most expensive course review will be the best.
  7. Draft a study schedule and stick to that. Make yourself habitual to it.
  8. Keep revising and reviewing your covered syllabus.
  9. Adopt the habit of studying with flashcards. Some course comes with flashcards but you can make your own as you advance in your syllabus.
  10. Create your own final review for a quick look on exam day. 
These tips will ensure your success in n CPA. Good luck and stay focused.

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