Transfer to a top Caribbean Medical Schools

Top Caribbean Medical Schools meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Education, and in addition to getting a quality education at these schools

You also enjoy the benefits of small class sizes, individual attention, and dedicated faculty support.

Thinking about transferring to an Accredited Caribbean medical school?

Wondering about the process?

We cover the process of a medical degree in the Caribbean, what it takes to transfer to a top Caribbean medical school, and more! Here is a look at the essentials to help you prepare.

Caribbean medical school rankings help set themselves apart from other schools, read on to learn about transfering to a medical school in the Caribbean.

The Process of Medical School in the Caribbean

In most Caribbean medical schools, you spend two years doing comprehensive medical studies and obtaining regular clinical experience.

Then, after completing that coursework, you return to the United States for your clerkship.

Then, when you're ready, you can sit for your board exam and prepare to complete the residency and licensure process so that you are a bonafide doctor.

Transferring From Another Medical School

In many cases, students enroll in Caribbean medical schools immediately after completing their undergraduate studies at an American university, but you can also transfer to a Caribbean medical school from a medical school located in the United States.

Although the specific rules can vary, your current school typically needs to be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, and you should always ensure that the Caribbean school meets requirements set by the U.S. Department of Education.

Generally, you must be in good academic standing at your current school to transfer.

To get transfer credit for any coursework, you must complete those courses, and you must provide all documentation requested by the Caribbean school.

You may want to work closely with your academic support counselor to ensure that you submit all the necessary information in a timely fashion.

Transferring to a U.S. Medical School

In some cases, students want to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a school based in the United States.

Note that the rules may vary depending on whether the school is considered international or part of the U.S. education system. Students tend to do this because of great medical school rankings.

However, in most cases, U.S. schools prefer transfer students to have high test scores and to have completed honors level work in clinical settings.

These schools tend to be more likely to take students when their current students have left medical school or taken leaves for research.

Apply to A Caribbean Medical School

If you want to learn more about studying for your medical credentials surrounded by the warmth and beauty of the Caribbean, you should contact us for more information.

Trinity School of Medicine provides a rigorous program for students who want to serve their communities by becoming quality healthcare providers.

Applying to an accredited Caribbean medical school like Trinity offers you the option to get a different medical school experience.

Get ready for a new lifestyle and hand-on learning when you start a medical degree in the Caribbean. Do not wait to start your application.

Whether you are applying as a first year student, or a transfer student, take advantage of this great opportunity.

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