React JS Training That Pushes You Over The Edge

There is no arguing that Single Page Applications across platforms and industries is extremely popular, industry experts are turning towards React JS for developing these applications in an easy to manage, low error manner.

React JS has a base support through Facebook. Using it you can make a view library that helps develop dynamic front-end software. Features of this library include data binding, universal apps, component architecture and declarative views.
react js trainingReact JS permits users to develop Single Page applications with easier and fewer coding requirements which translates to low maintenance costs.

This empowers companies to work faster and for a larger ROI. Zeolearn presents a comprehensive course for both beginners and industry experts to learn and master the applications of React.

What The Course Is About

The React JS course has 18 unique, easy to learn modules. Professionals are given an initial Primer on EST5 and capabilities it has, following this they are introduced to basic concepts of React.

After this, they will be learning how to conceptualize and create templates using JSX. One of the modules focuses heavily on the concepts of Components and their various functions. This will enable you to work on state and props.

A few of the modules cover the essential concepts of React like rendering lists, understanding the component lifecycle, handling Events, routing with the react router and working with forms. This includes principles of Redux and its capabilities.

Immutable data structures are covered in this course along with how to work with Immutable.js. One of the courses most significant aspects is also the practical applications of React and Redux. Also covered in this course is how to do a server-side render using React.

Key Takeaways

The React JS training provides a comprehensive instruction base that covers several key features that professionals will need to master to be considered experts in React. Upon completion of this course, beginners will understand the fundamentals of React.js and experts will be able to navigate through react while learning about how React is different from other frameworks.

Once you master the various components of React.js, JSX and the Flux architecture, it will provide you with a diverse skill set that can be added to your IT portfolio. 

This course provides professionals with the necessary tools to build complex user interfaces by imparting knowledge on how to identify an unidirectional data flow with React.js.

Why Zeolearn

Zeolearn emphasizes on functional, practical education and as such it has immense pride in its fully fleshed out, in-depth courses provided by state of the art, experienced trainers. Participants will, upon completion of the course learn the best React.js practices and become capable in using them to build state-of-the-art apps for businesses.

The Zeolearn React.js course is taught over the span of 24 hours. To complete the course, professionals are required to develop and build an RIA application as a live project.

Through the certifications provided by Zeolearn, which is a recognized educational organization around the world, you can expect increased opportunities of employment and higher pay packages.

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