IFFCOYuva Interacts With Students of ITI Gurugram

ITI and the Growing Significance of Vocational Courses in India

India has been one of the key players when it comes to global trade, with more than 45% of the country’s gross domestic product coming from foreign trade alone.

Trade and craft have served as major sources of income for the Indian population since many years, which is why they are a popular option when you get down to your job search in India.

That the son must take after his father’s vocation has been a well-known custom in ancient India. Now that hundreds of years have gone by since then, and market scenarios have changed significantly, the popularity of trade as a means of living seems to have deteriorated.

But that too seems to be on the cusp of change, as young India equips itself to meet the challenges presented by the dynamic market, and search for the best jobs online where they will get to learn.

The establishment of ITIs across the country is one of the many initiatives taken by the government of India to bolster the cause.ITI or Industrial Training Institutes are post-secondary schools dedicated to training individuals in various trades in India, to address the concern of jobs for freshers, as constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Union Government.

IFFCOYuva’s Visit to ITI Gurugram

On 4th December, 2018,the team from IFFCOYuva visited ITI Gurugram in an ongoing effort for its research and development, and had a lot to share about their experience, afterwards. Here is what we got to know: -
  • ITI holds workshops for students of different trades such as carpenter, fitter, machinist, turner and so on, to ensure they receive first-hand technical knowledge.
  • With changes in the working systems of the Government’s Education System, institutions such as ITI are now being closely monitored by the Prime Minister himself.
  • A lot of importance and focus is being placed on internships and campus placements here at ITI Gurugram.
  • The students in here are well-aware of their trade,their respective uses in the market, and jobs in India that they can apply for.
  • ITI is also introducing new trades beside the mainstream ones. GIA or Geo-Informatics Assistant is one of these trades that have been recently introduced in here.
At IFFCOYuva,we work with a goal of bringing about the upliftment of rural youth in different corners of the nation.

Individuals can register free of cost at IFFCOYuva’s job portal in India, and get assistance for skill enhancement, interpersonal skill development and information on wide-ranging job opportunities in their respective fields.

IFFCOYuva keeps individuals updated with job vacancies in both private and public sector companies across cities both small and big in India.

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