Training Strategies for Veterans from ATS Group

Moving from a military life to a civilian life is now made easy with the help of ATS. Aurelius Talent Solution is a group of army veterans who have made it their aim to help veterans transcend problems and achieve success in life.

To date, they have helped 21 million veterans find a better solution to a better life.

Orientation training first

One thing veterans face when they come to civilian life is that of not knowing what to do. They do not know whether they must study further or if there is any job waiting for them. Each option they see seems worse than the previous.

ATS comes to their help here to help with making choices that will bear fruit. This kind of help makes it easy for veterans because now they know what their options are.

Taking online training strategies for employers for veterans helps them becomes skilled in a trade they will join up. The ATS provides training for say, computer operation if a candidate has to know how to handle computers. Or, if it is a sales position that he is taking, they will teach him the rudiments and tell what to do. This kind of training helps veterans pick up a lead to get employed.

Use of STARL Method

The ATS team has developed this STARL method of tackling interviews. Some refer to it as STAR. It refers to Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Lesson Learned. By using this method, we can provide compelling answers to every question in a interview.

Here veterans get taught behavioral interview questions. People also refer to these as situational questions. This is to determine how you tackled conflicts and challenges before. It could be something like, “Tell me which project presented the most difficulty before.

Did you do anything special to overcome the challenge?” It tests your specific capacity to handle stress to remain cool under duress.

The team teaches us the best online training strategies for veterans so we get to know how to react in any situation. We can get many of these questions from online sites. The method of answering them is important.

ATS teaches us our priorities so we don’t start off holding the wrong end of the stick. There is always a possibility that you will not recognize what they are asking. So, you must get trained in this.

Explain the situation well

Practice by going through a situation you have faced before. Explain what the problem was and who was there with you. Then, pick the position you were in. Tell what they expected of you or what was to happen next. We must tell enough of it for an employer to understand how important we were at that time. Now, we have to explain how we did what we did, whether we solved the problem or not.

 If there were other individuals involved in the effort, name them specifically and tell what each of them did. This will help others understand the situation clearly.

What happened at the place? Did the outcome make you happy? Make it clear to the employer how important it was to you.

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