How To Approach the Educator’s Classroom: Different Challenges in Teaching

In the education sector, teachers have a great power to influence their students. How teachers use that power is crucial as it is reflected in what they do.

By nature of what they do, they have to power to choose what lessons to teach, how much information to share, and how much to leave for their students to learn for themselves.

Teachers also hold great power to guide their students and easily develop their skills. But despite these powers, the teaching profession requires abilities of grading papers all day and carries along other numerous challenges.

Listed below are some of the most difficult challenges that teachers face, regardless of whether they are just new or already experienced. 

Different Challenges in Teaching
  1. Bad behavior of students-The management of the classroom is considered to be one of the most difficult and bewildering challenges that teachers face. It is important to note that all students have different behavior and that each one behavior needs a unique approach. This challenge is even harder to manage when the class size is more than 30. Yikes!
  2. Different learning abilities of students-Just like their behavior, all students have different learning abilities and styles—some students only need little help while some struggle with the lessons in the course. Managing a class is not easy, let alone make sure that everyone is able to comprehend the lesson. In order to address this, teachers have to be competent enough while at the same time motivating the growth of the students’ learning abilities.
  3. Respecting everyone’s expectations-In class, teachers are expected to educate students so that when they graduate, they know how to survive in the “real world” and make the best possible choices in life. Aside from meeting the expectations of students in the class, teachers have to make sure that they are still in line with the visions and missions of the educational institutions they are in. Managing student organizations, conducting assemblies, and managing club activities are just some of their activities.
  4. Helping students reach short-term and long-term goals-Some of the most common short-term of students are to get good grades in order to pass the course and to accomplish tasks like leadership, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Aside from achieving these, teachers also have to make sure that students understand the value of education and what is its importance in realizing their future careers.
  5. Lack of time-Regardless of whether classes are short or long, teachers are always faced with the challenge of trying to squeeze in important information during each class period. Furthermore, other activities such as planning lessons, creating class materials, as well as organizing learning activities make it hard for teachers to even fit in time for themselves.
With all these challenges they have to face every day, teachers do not need to fly or have superpowers to be called as superheroes.  And indeed, as the quote goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Even the most prepared and experienced ones cannot easily manage the aforementioned challenges in teaching.

Nevertheless, great teachers can definitely find solutions to overcome them and succeed—ultimately giving students the kind of education they need.

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