Making Side Cash as a Student: Beyond the Gig Economy Part 1

Of course you know about Uber and Lyft, and as a student, you might not have a car, much less one that can pass musters with these companies – let alone the cash for the extra insurance.

What else can you do to solve that perennial question of getting cash as a student without committing to a job that might hamper your studies?

How can you earn some spendin’ cash when even the traditional gig economy roles are flooded with other students?

The traditional gigs that have supported students in the past are things like delivering pizzas, babysitting, and tutoring.

Yet in these litigious and highly specialized times, you’re likely to find that late-night pizza delivery makes class rough (to say nothing of keeping a car for it), that there are tons of Early Childhood Education majors cornering the babysitting market, and that the university already has a tutoring center. It’s time to get creative with some better ideas.

Do you like stuff?

If you have some space, consider going to yard / garage sales and trying to flip things. Often, people do not know what they are selling, or sell it for far below what a collector would pay.

If you can get to the post office with regularity, you could sell things on eBay. While this takes time, patience, know-how, and often,very patient roommates, it’s a fun thing to do.

Another option is more creative: You can become a notary public through a quick course. Another blog mentions Loan Signing System, but there are other options if you search. We don’t endorse and have not used that course, or any other.

Then, you can notarize loans: For signing a car loan, for example, you could make a wad of cash.

You’d be surprised how often people need things notarized, and plus, it’s a great, professional credential to have once you get on the job market – especially if you want to go into business, law, or finance.

Maybe you’re an anarchist or something, or just not interested in being a notary.

That’s cool. If you have a creative streak or want to improve photography, you can create and sell stock photos on DepositPhotos or

Your photo could end up in an ad at a bus stop, ready for the kids to vandalize! The best thing about this option is that it creates passive revenue.

It might not be a fortune, but keep plugging away, see it as a way to learn more, and you could get a steady stream of a few bucks a month.

Another project that might take time to come to fruition is to start a vlog or blog. Not just an online diary, but a focused blog about a topic you care about or know a lot about.

Whatever you do, keep it professional and / or under a pseudonym. It’ll be out there forever. On the other hand, if you build a useful, professional blog (say, you major in education and write a blog reviewing educational materials), it can sell ads and help your resume!

In a future post, I’ll outline some more ideas. For now, these options will help you earn some cash without over committing or spending hours online trying to fill out surveys for pennies, or some of the other options that won’t help you earn much more than picking up change from the ground.

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