To be Doctor or to be an Engineer

The dream and passion of every student

Every baby when to grow them always wants to become either doctor or an engineer. Among these two professions doctors and the engineers are very much noble profession.

Both of these two professions have money as well as pride along with it.

Medical is called as the noblest of all professions as the sole purpose of the medical is to serve the people in the best possible way so that they will able to be treated and also cured of all possible problems.

It is not only a job of great weight in terms of knowledge and study it is also a work of great responsibility as well. A doctor carries the responsibility of all the patients that he checks in his or her lifetime. However getting these course and studding the medical is not at all easy.

All India entrance examinations are present with which it is conducted so that students can be screened in a proper way and the best of the qualifying students will be able to get in to the colleges to study the course of medicine.

NEET is one of such examination just for the student who are aspiring to become doctors in their career.

The examination is really very tough and the whole purpose of this national level entrance examination is that they screen the students so that they are able to get the best of the students who are destined and also earned to get in to the medical colleges.

Fundamentals of medical examinations

For a medical student chemistry and the most important thing biology should be known in a very good extent.
Actually biology acts as the main differential point of these exam forms that of the engineering course as one thing is very much common in these courses that the chemistry as well as the physics syllabus, for both the engineering as well as medical aspirants.

Chemistry and physics are also very much important as a side course as to know the human body in a better way that every doctor or the medical student wants to, these subjects should be very much know  word by word and concept by concept. As human body are the mixture of these processes altogether.

And chemistry is also very much important and it will also carry the number in the examination if any student is good at chemistry as medical students will always be good at biology and they will score good marks.

Thus the chemistry and physics score define the rank and the bests that are going to get best colleges in this field of study.


There a number of institutes that provides medical coaching just only for these NEET entrance. Online coaching for NEET is also available to have extra benefits and also practices for the students.


They have a method of leaning that the students are given upon and the students are put in to serious kind of pressure so that they get immunized with all of these in the later stages before appearing for the main exam.

Online courses

Online NEET coaching classes in India has been very helpful for the students as they have provide extra benefits and also extra fundamentals about the subject, which the students surely benefited.

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