Essay Writing: 7 STEPS to help you write an esaay eaisly

These days most of the students get tied up between college or university studies and end up neglecting the most crucial part in their curriculum that is report writing Or the Essay Writing.

But, whipping up an essay overnight not piece of cake, even if it is, it needs lot of precision and hard work so that it is approved by the university and you can get good scores with it. Last update on 08 January 2019

Essay Writing
What if you could find some easy steps to do so, without wasting your valuable time? Below are 7 points you might find helpful
  • Choose a catchy topic- When you begin your work you would need a ‘Topic’ that might be assigned to you and in case you do not have one.

    Choosing a proper topic can be a bit tricky. For making this process a breeze you can do few things like-
    • Keep the topic attractive but easy to understand.
    • Do not make it very long.
    • Make it attractive.

  • Research- The first and most important part of writing an essay is to gather-enough information about the chosen topic.

    Places like essayexamples4u can help you with researching as well as giving you samples to work with.
  • Pre plan your writing- Now when you are done with your research, make a rough mental image to avoid writer’s block and avoiding major mistakes that may lead to an unsuccessful attempt.

    You can see here to get help with research papers.
  • Write the body- This part of the work consists of all the arguments, explanations and descriptions.It needs to be in flow.

    As you move further the body will have separate sections with the same basic structure.

    Start with the introductory sentence and after every major line leave space to write examples if needed.

    You can take reference to do so from various pages online, for example if you need management writing reference you can find it on managementwritingsolutions.
  • Write the Introduction- After developing the body of the essay you have to write an intro.

    As it will connect the body to the conclusion and if missed it might end up jeopardizing the flow.

    You can use ‘attractive phrases’, ‘'quotes', ‘dialogues’ or a simple summary of the topic.
  • Write the conclusion- This section of your paper marks the enclosure of your essay and hence it needs to be clear and to the point, avoid adding extra point that you have not in the body.

    You may use other keywords here as a reminder of the important points.
  • Review your work- Most of the time we think that the job is done just after completing the conclusion.

    But if you are not attentive much you may leave grammatical, spelling and alignment mistakes and giving the finishing touch is never bad.
By the end of all these steps you will find yourself with a perfect essay that will surely perk up the work credential you need.

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