Women Need Female Quran Teacher to Learn Quran with Tajweed

Islam has made it a duty on all male and female Muslims to acquire the knowledge of Quran. Learning Quran is one of the superior acts of worship in Islam.

When a Muslim learns Quran and acquires Islamic knowledge, he/she is able to get a better perception of the religion Islam.

Quran education makes Muslims more conscious of Allah. Islam gives equal rights to women to receive Quran education. Quran education is not only learning how to read Quran but it is all about understanding Islam. 

Female Muslims in order to take the Quran education need female Quran teacher.

Stages in Learning Quran

There are several stages in the learning of Quran. The first stage is learning the basics of Quran. It is Qaida course in which students learn the basic alphabets of Quran. 

There is also a course of Qaida with Tajweed. In this course the students learn about the basics of reading Quran and they also learn Quran with Tajweed.

Tajweed is basically the rules of reciting the Quran. It is very important for proper Quran recitation. There are also different stages of Tajweed like

Beginner Tajweed
In the beginner Tajweed, we learn Tajweed through the Arabic Alphabets. The students learn the rules of reading the Alphabets of Quran.

Intermediate Level Tajweed Course
The students who are already expert in reciting the Quran can take this course. This course helps in improving the Quran recitation further.

Advanced Level Tajweed
After the basic Tajweed course, the students can take the Advanced level Tajweed course. After this course the students get a good grasp of reading Quran with rules.

Tajweed for Female Muslims

Learning Tajweed is necessary for both male and female Muslim students. There are many male Quran tutors for the male students. If you are a female Muslim, you need to learn Tajweed from a female Quran teacher.

In these days finding a female Quran tutor is not a difficult job. Hundreds of tutors are available online. Even if you want to learn from Arabic speaking female tutor, you can find online.

Everyone prefers that women should learn from women, but sometimes it is not possible if we live in the area where there are no female teachers. Online female Quran tutors are therefore the best option to choose for female Quran learning.

Women should also acquire Quran education for the betterment of their new generation.  The importance of learning the Quran for women is vital. This is because they educate their children too. Quran learning for females is of great importance.

Every Muslim including men and women should know the proper rules of Tajweed. It is necessary for the best Quran recitation. If you learn Tajweed from an expert teacher, you can recite it in a way Prophet Muhammad PBUH recited.

It is really an honor for us if follow the closest method of our Prophet Muhammad of reading Quran. So learn Quran with Tajweed and feel blessed.

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