The Distinction between a HR Certification and Certificate

The world of human resources is growing as businesses try to compete for the greatest talent available toward making their businesses a more significant enterprise in terms of operational functioning, with the HR industry being a prime example of how the right people can help take your organization to the next level, either directly or indirectly, sometimes even in the long run. Latest Updated on July 12, 2018

As far as barriers to entry goes, the human resources industry is not particularly difficult to get into, particularly for the entry levels which often require either a diploma or certificate, and sometimes even a meaningful recommendation to help them get the job and prove themselves through practical application.

With the expansion of the industry, there are a great number of possible qualifications that professionals or prospective employees can undertake to garner a reputation and credibility in the industry.

Certifications and certificate programs may indeed sound similar, but are different things altogether with a different set of requirements and applicability.

We see from the type of applicants that take these exams that even though they both have a wide range of applicants, a certain division can be made that differentiates various candidates.

A Certificate Program is often undertaken by those wishing to obtain a working understanding of human resources and the capacity to put this knowledge and skillset into practical experience.

The individuals that undertake these programs are often highly driven youths who seek to break into the industry.

They may do so without any other prior qualification like an undergraduate degree for entry level positions to have the chance to prove themselves to the fullest of their ability.

This program is popular even among people who are fresh out of high school to those who seek to make a career transition into HR as well.

Designed to give a holistic understanding of the nature of human resources in the context of the modern business, certificate programs have grown in popularity all across the globe and look to be continuing to do so.

HR Certifications however, is different from what we previously discussed. This type of program is for those who possess prior experience and are actively seeking to forge a better place for themselves in the industry.

These individuals seek to better their already existing skills to match the needs of an expanding role or a future role, to ensure that the candidate has verified their capabilities and fulfilled their training needs before taking on different or additional responsibility.

These employees are in a position to command better pay scales as well, with their credibility and practical approach.

Certifications are updated regularly, and candidates must retake these tests every few years to maintain their level of expertise through certified bodies.

Choosing between these two types of programs can be a mammoth task as they may help professionals grow in different ways.

Certificate programs have been shown to be hugely popular for those leaving educational institutions and seek to prove themselves through practical application rather than a degree that guarantees their expertise.

Certification programs are used for those climbing the hierarchy while proving their expertise at various levels of the organization while strengthening their overall scope and capabilities.

Degrees are often expensive, time and resource consuming affairs and many professionals are deciding against it in light of more sensible options.

For those candidates who wish to start a career in HR or wish to find a way to break into it, certificate programs are the way to go.

Certifcations are meant for those willing to go the extra mile and prove their worth over time through specific investments in prerequisite skillsets.

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