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July 20, 2018

Women Need Female Quran Teacher to Learn Quran with Tajweed

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Women Need Female Quran Teacher to Learn Quran with Tajweed
Islam has made it a duty on all male and female Muslims to acquire the knowledge of Quran. Learning Quran is one of the superior acts of worship in Islam.

When a Muslim learns Quran and acquires Islamic knowledge, he/she is able to get a better perception of the religion Islam.

Quran education makes Muslims more conscious of Allah. Islam gives equal rights to women to receive Quran education. Quran education is not only learning how to read Quran but it is all about understanding Islam. 

Female Muslims in order to take the Quran education need female Quran teacher.

Stages in Learning Quran

There are several stages in the learning of Quran. The first stage is learning the basics of Quran. It is Qaida course in which students learn the basic alphabets of Quran. 

There is also a course of Qaida with Tajweed. In this course the students learn about the basics of reading Quran and they also learn Quran with Tajweed.

Tajweed is basically the rules of reciting the Quran. It is very important for proper Quran recitation. There are also different stages of Tajweed like

Beginner Tajweed
In the beginner Tajweed, we learn Tajweed through the Arabic Alphabets. The students learn the rules of reading the Alphabets of Quran.

Intermediate Level Tajweed Course
The students who are already expert in reciting the Quran can take this course. This course helps in improving the Quran recitation further.

Advanced Level Tajweed
After the basic Tajweed course, the students can take the Advanced level Tajweed course. After this course the students get a good grasp of reading Quran with rules.

Tajweed for Female Muslims

Learning Tajweed is necessary for both male and female Muslim students. There are many male Quran tutors for the male students. If you are a female Muslim, you need to learn Tajweed from a female Quran teacher.

In these days finding a female Quran tutor is not a difficult job. Hundreds of tutors are available online. Even if you want to learn from Arabic speaking female tutor, you can find online.

Everyone prefers that women should learn from women, but sometimes it is not possible if we live in the area where there are no female teachers. Online female Quran tutors are therefore the best option to choose for female Quran learning.

Women should also acquire Quran education for the betterment of their new generation.  The importance of learning the Quran for women is vital. This is because they educate their children too. Quran learning for females is of great importance.

Every Muslim including men and women should know the proper rules of Tajweed. It is necessary for the best Quran recitation. If you learn Tajweed from an expert teacher, you can recite it in a way Prophet Muhammad PBUH recited.

It is really an honor for us if follow the closest method of our Prophet Muhammad of reading Quran. So learn Quran with Tajweed and feel blessed.

July 19, 2018

Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love

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Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love
There are several young entrepreneurs who have kick-started their businesses brilliantly. But, it is equally important for them to understand the fact that with time the number of employees in the firm is likely to increase.

Managing 5 employees is comparatively easier than 50 employees.

In order to fulfil this role effectively, a company needs to understand employee grievances and work on them.  Latest Updated on July 19, 2018

An unhappy or distracted employee is less likely to be productive at work. One effective way to keep your employees happy and motivated towards their work is to provide them with much needed breaks or some benefits.

Listed below are some of the perks that every employee would love their employer for:

Frequent Breaks During The Day
Most workplaces would have strict norms for employee attendance and consider irregularity and frequent late comings as a behavioural issue.

While being punctual is important an employer needs to understand the actual reason behind this irregularity.

Employees have to deal with tough deadlines which results in mental exhaustion. This exhaustion and lack of rest are two major causes of showing up late at work.

These two causes are often observed in employees especially working in a creative hub and several other businesses as it involves meeting deadline on a short notice.

Frequent breaks during the day give employees and employers a chance to refresh their minds. This refreshment of mind and soul ultimately leads them to a lucrative solution.

If a small business owner experiences financial crunch they constantly worry about the amount of investment made in the company and its effect. Instead, they should look for solutions that help them to manage cash flow finance and continue their process.

To make this happen, they can get in touch with one of those companies which offer business loans rather than applying to a bank. There are a handful of good companies who do not charge hidden fees and are upfront about the charges levied on owners. Such companies do not take several days for the procedure. On the contrary, it is done within a span of few days which is quicker than most banks.

Unlimited Vacation
Giving your employees the liberty to decide the duration of their vacation can be yet another benefit that you could offer them. Most employers disagree to this but they do not realise that this motivates employees to work harder and be more productive.

This policy can be only effective when there is mutual trust amongst both employee and employer. To be on a safer side, you can set rules so that there is uniformity amongst all your employees. Besides, employees are responsible enough to understand their duties towards their work.

Such a comfortable work environment assures employees of their job security.

Flexible working hours

You might have noticed young entrepreneurs working round the clock. In fact, they work from every part of their house including the rest room. In order to meet with strict deadlines they are constantly in touch with their employees and so they too have to work odd hours to meet the targets.

In order to avoid this situation, you can implement flexible working hour policy so that companies can simply work when they are required. Additionally, employees are focused on accomplishing set goals and not just the working hours.

 You can adopt two policies- one where employees work for X number of hours but the work schedule is as per employee’s convenience. The second policy gives complete freedom to employees which means they focus on work quality and not the number of hours they put in.

Feasible commute
For some employees reaching the workplace on time can be a big task every morning. If they take the public transport, they cannot afford to be even a minute late or if they are driving, they might get stuck in the traffic. This can be one reason why they are often late for work.

You can resolve this issue by offering a convenient commute option or an extra sum for commute so your employees do not have to bear the financial crunch. This way, they do not have to worry every morning about missing their bus or train.

Free Food
Preparing meal is one essential and time consuming task of the day. Most individuals choose to pick a take-away instead of preparing their own people as this saves time. Employees stick to unhygienic routine by consuming junk food on a daily basis.

You can motivate your employees to choose healthy meals by offering them free food coupons. You can also ask them to indulge in a healthy week campaign where they have to eat healthy for 7 consecutive days and win something in return.

In this manner, your employees will save money and be healthy at the same time. However, it is your responsibility to offer healthy combos to your employees so that they do not go back to junk food.

Fitness Provision
Imagine your employee taking a sick leave after every fortnight. This is definitely counts as an unprofessional behaviour and it also increases the medical expense. This can be avoided by offering free gym coupons or vouchers to employees.

You can pick special occasions like Valentine’s Day for couple vouchers or Women’s Day for all the ladies, etc. This will motivate them to hit the gym regularly and maintain their health. You can also keep occasional Zumba classes or Yoga sessions to encourage them and pursue it further for a healthy living.

A combination of all these workplace benefits offers freedom and motivation to continue working happily.

July 14, 2018

The CPA Exam Prep Guide

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The CPA Exam Prep Guide
If you are particularly intent on pursuing your career in the public accountancy sector, either owing to the impressive professional outlook or your interests, you must be well aware of the Certified Public Accountant – the CPA. Latest Updated on Mar 13, 2018

CPA is regarded to be the gold standard of the field of public accountancy: with an astonishing pass rate of approximately 49%, the CPA exam distinctly discerns the CPAs from standard public accountants by strategically assessing the expertise that is indispensable for excelling in the public accountancy domain.
CPA Exam Prep Guide
For candidates preparing for the CPA examination, abundant of CPA prep and review courses are offered to lead the individuals along the way of securing high scores in the first attempt.

However, the candidates are rather disoriented when it comes to selecting the most apt preparatory course that matches their requirements.

Following are brief reviews of the top CPA Prep Courses that are promising when it comes to procuring high scores in the CPA exam:

Roger CPA Review

The Roger CPA Review, taught by Roger Philips, is widelyappreciated for helping over 85000 students with a pass rate of 87%! It offers over 120 hours of engaging, zestful video lectures wherein hard-to-understand concepts are broken down into comprehensible lessons.

The use of mnemonics and other memorization tools aids the students to efficiently retain the learned concepts. In addition, the students are provided with a collection of practice questions and around the clock homework help center such that they can master every concept and clear out any confusions by accessing experts for help.

The Roger CPA review course is integrated with SmartPath technology which keeps track of your progress and compares it to those who have successfully passed the exam, providing feedback regarding areas that need to be focused on extensively.Moreover, the Roger CPA Reviewcourse is available in an audio version too that focus directly on the CPA syllabus for those who prefer audio learning over video.

The detailed insights on Roger CPA Review review can be viewed here.

Wiley CPAexcel

CPA review course by Wiley CPAexcel consists of bite-sized lectures that are the best option for those who have troubles with managing time for the exam prep. The core topics are divided into smaller yet informative lectures that are easily digestible.

Along with a wide array of practice questions, Wiley deliversdiagnostic exams for each topic to master your concepts. Moreover, a stimulated CPA exam at the end of the coursework gives the student a taste of what to expect on the actual exam day!

The Wiley CPAexcel app is mobile friendly and permits the students to make use of the study material no matter where they are. Further, the unlimited course access never expires so you can make use of the study resources without worrying about the subscription period.

Surgent CPA Review

The Surgent CPA review course is taught by seasoned instructors who have years of experience in the CPA exam prep – this increases the efficiency of the course which is trimmed down to essential topics as the instructors offer insightful tips that they have accumulated over their teaching years.

The lifetime access enables the students to study freely without having to worry about the expiration of the course; the money-back guarantee by Surgent is certainly an indication of the confidence they have in their services.

Although the CPA exam is a laborious one as it demands intense hard work, victoriously passing it with a good score is now straight-forward because of the CPA exam review courses that are offered. If you are planning to register for the CPA exam, it is definitely a good idea to enroll in one of the programs and start your preparation!

How to Ace your PMP Exam?!

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How to Ace your PMP Exam?!
If you are aiming to pursue your career in the field of project management, you might be fully cognizant of the Project Management Professional – better known as PMP.

Undoubtedly, PMP is deemed to be a globally recognized, highly sought-after certification in the project management-industry with thousands of PMP experts victoriously-dispensing their services in multiple domains throughout the world. Latest Updated on July 17, 2018

PMP Exam

However, passing the PMP exam is perhaps arduous!Offered by the Project Management Institute in Pennsylvania, the PMP examination not only assesses your knowledge but also scrutinizes your capabilities to apply the possessed knowledge in a wide array of real-world scenarios.
Project Management Institute in Pennsylvania
The MCQ based exam evaluates the expertise of the candidate in five process groups and their related knowledge areas and emphasizes the interdependence and the interaction between the process groups.

Given the extensive curriculum and the complexity the PMP exam encompasses, most students are faced with an incertitude when it comes to preparing for their forthcoming PMP exam.  If you’re one of such students, keep reading on since we have compiled some handful tips to get you on the right track.

Get accustomed.

The first and foremost thing you should consider is growing accustomed to what the PMP examination entails. Familiarize yourself with the format the PMP examination is based upon along with its duration; examine the syllabus and keep an out for any particular area you feelmight potentially trouble you – focus closely on any such pitfall to gain confidence in yourself by the time you are done with the preparation.

Equip yourself. 

It is immensely essential that candidates appearing for the PMP exam are laden with extensive resources which they can utilize in preparing for the exam efficiently. A majority of the students lack the proper guidance when it comes to training themselves for the exam, which brings to them a great risk. However, there are several PMP prep courses now available to rescue the candidates! They not only provide comprehensive study material but are also molded to meet the varying requirements of individuals of every intellect and capability.

Motivation is the key to success.

Before each study session, outline the goals you want to accomplish by the end of the day. With a set framework in your mind, you are bound to strive harder in your efforts to make the day productive. Moreover, keep in mind what the PMP exam holds for you in the long term – the rocketing job opportunities along with the salary boost is enough of a motivation for a mass of candidates to remain enthusiastic throughout their journey.

Practice makes perfect!

A crucial factor that determines one's chances of success at the PMP exam or any other exam, as a matter of fact, is the amount of time the individual employes in solving practice questions and mock exams.

Attempting PMP exam practice test questions distinguished the areas that have been well mastered from those that need further exertion. Moreover, they provide a taste of what to expect on the exam day, which also diminishes exam anxiety as suggested by ETS.

Verily passing the PMP examination can be quite laborious, but with the right guidance and these tips to help you, you are to surely perform your best and attain the greatest success in your project management career.

LSAT Prep Courses: Prepare for your LSAT Exam

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LSAT Prep Courses: Prepare for your LSAT Exam
The applicants to Law Schools are enlightened with the pivotal role the LSAT scores portray in the admission process of their dream schools.

Since the LSAT score is the common characteristic amongst all the received applications,the LSAT score is deemed as the single most significant factor that forms the criteria upon which admissions are granted in a majority of the Law Schools. Latest Updated on July 14, 2018 

However, securing high scores in the first attempt of the LSAT examination is unquestionably back-breaking!
The exam, based upon five 35-minute sections, is tactically framed to assess the knowledge and skills that are indispensable for excelling in the law schools – the comprehension of complex texts with precision to extrapolate inferences from it; the evaluation and interpretation of arguments and reasoning; and the capability to reflect critically.

To aid the applicants in the preparation of the LSAT exam, many educational institutions and organizations have developed their versions of LSAT Prep and Review courses.

Nonetheless, due to the diversity of courses being offered, one is left rather muddled-while identifying the prep course best suited to their needs.

Here are some of the top LSAT prep courses in the market along with their most notable features.

LSATMax Prep Course

LSATMax prep courses are the finest option for tech-savvy students as the LSATMax mobile app, loaded with various learning tools, enables you to view as well as download material to your mobile phones, no matter where you are.

Moreover, the app determines your performance to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to focus on your weak areas. The LSATMax Prep Courses are offered in a series of packages that can cater to the needs of multiple students and accommodate any budget as well.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Review

Alpha score presents comprehensive and commanding lectures that are synchronized with the pace of the student – they can be viewed at varying speeds as required by the student. In addition, you can avail personalized assistance from competent and seasoned instructors to provide you with additional guidance during your LSAT exam prep.

Alpha Score prep courses are supplemented with a collection of practice questions and full-length exams, allowing the students to master their concepts.

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep

The Princeton Review not only delivers one-on-one time with instructors but also allows the candidates to acquire their assistance out of the scheduled sessions. All of the course packages by Princeton are accompanied by an array of study material that includes video lectures, online drills, practice questions and much more! Further, Princeton also promises a money back guarantee if an individual is unable to achieve high scores on the first attempt.

The prominent thing about all these review courses and others on the market is the fact that they offer amazing discounts to help you save up for your Law School. To avail Princeton, Alpha Score and LSAT Max Promos and discounts along with many others, please visit here.

Exceptional LSAT scores are just a choice away, thanks to the resources delivered by the online LSAT prep and review courses. With an LSAT prep course that adapts to your learning style and abilities, it is guaranteed that the LSAT exam can be passed with excellent scores to open the doors to your dream school!

July 12, 2018

Why Do Universities Prefer Online Proctored Exams?

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Why Do Universities Prefer Online Proctored Exams?
While some of the universities preferred the traditional way of conducting exams, over the years’ online test proctoring has made its presence felt in the education field.

The reason being that despite the good intentions and tight precautionary measures, there have been incidences when students have cheated and even boasted about it. Latest Updated on July 12 , 2018

Cheating may for a time being may get a student desired results in that particular exam but it does lower the credentialing rate for a university.

Thus affecting every other student who has taken the exam with all sincerity and passed with good marks. And in order to curb this cheating menace during examinations, universities came up with online test proctoring idea.

While the traditionalists believe that if a students want to teach, he or she would devise a method to cheat even during online proctored exams, but then the possibility is really low of that.

Online Proctored Exams And Online Examination Sites

Online proctored exams were not favored by some of the students as well, as it reflected additional cost over and above the education package purchased by a student.

However, some of the universities were insisting on applying the online test proctoring policy to ensure minimized cheating incidences and maximized efficient test results.

But online proctored exams were the best way to deal with the cheating menace among the students and also to ensure that a university’s standards were not compromised in any way.

So how were the traditionalists were convinced that online proctored exams were the answer to their problems? This is how –

While there were advantages there were equal number of disadvantages as well, however, the universities were prepared to overlook them or overcome them with sheer determination. And the advantages included were –
  1. Taking the exam from remote place and proctoring the exam from a remote place.
  2. Another reason online test proctoring appealed to the universities was the less or reduced chances of bribery and cheating as the proctor’s identity is not revealed till about half an hour of exam’s due time.
While the advantages were few in number as compared to the disadvantages, it was one chance that the university people were ready to take.

Some of the disadvantages were quite justified like students not being comfortable in front of the camera or restricted body movement.

The results of which could lead to the cancellation of the exam with no marks being given for the paper attempted.

And while some of the students might also have felt uncomfortable with prolonged staring into the camera, failure of which again could result in a cancellation of exam.

However, despite these disadvantages, universities appealed to the fair side of the students and encouraged them to take the online proctored exams as compared to the traditional exams where the chances of students indulging in unfair means were highly likely.

With online proctored examinations, the chances of indulging in unfair means were zilch, as the arrangement is one student per one proctor.

The Distinction between a HR Certification and Certificate

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The Distinction between a HR Certification and Certificate
The world of human resources is growing as businesses try to compete for the greatest talent available toward making their businesses a more significant enterprise in terms of operational functioning, with the HR industry being a prime example of how the right people can help take your organization to the next level, either directly or indirectly, sometimes even in the long run. Latest Updated on July 12, 2018

As far as barriers to entry goes, the human resources industry is not particularly difficult to get into, particularly for the entry levels which often require either a diploma or certificate, and sometimes even a meaningful recommendation to help them get the job and prove themselves through practical application.

With the expansion of the industry, there are a great number of possible qualifications that professionals or prospective employees can undertake to garner a reputation and credibility in the industry.

Certifications and certificate programs may indeed sound similar, but are different things altogether with a different set of requirements and applicability.

We see from the type of applicants that take these exams that even though they both have a wide range of applicants, a certain division can be made that differentiates various candidates.

A Certificate Program is often undertaken by those wishing to obtain a working understanding of human resources and the capacity to put this knowledge and skillset into practical experience.

The individuals that undertake these programs are often highly driven youths who seek to break into the industry.

They may do so without any other prior qualification like an undergraduate degree for entry level positions to have the chance to prove themselves to the fullest of their ability.

This program is popular even among people who are fresh out of high school to those who seek to make a career transition into HR as well.

Designed to give a holistic understanding of the nature of human resources in the context of the modern business, certificate programs have grown in popularity all across the globe and look to be continuing to do so.

HR Certifications however, is different from what we previously discussed. This type of program is for those who possess prior experience and are actively seeking to forge a better place for themselves in the industry.

These individuals seek to better their already existing skills to match the needs of an expanding role or a future role, to ensure that the candidate has verified their capabilities and fulfilled their training needs before taking on different or additional responsibility.

These employees are in a position to command better pay scales as well, with their credibility and practical approach.

Certifications are updated regularly, and candidates must retake these tests every few years to maintain their level of expertise through certified bodies.

Choosing between these two types of programs can be a mammoth task as they may help professionals grow in different ways.

Certificate programs have been shown to be hugely popular for those leaving educational institutions and seek to prove themselves through practical application rather than a degree that guarantees their expertise.

Certification programs are used for those climbing the hierarchy while proving their expertise at various levels of the organization while strengthening their overall scope and capabilities.

Degrees are often expensive, time and resource consuming affairs and many professionals are deciding against it in light of more sensible options.

For those candidates who wish to start a career in HR or wish to find a way to break into it, certificate programs are the way to go.

Certifcations are meant for those willing to go the extra mile and prove their worth over time through specific investments in prerequisite skillsets.

Perks of the CPA City!

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Perks of the CPA City!
The career choice for many individuals is sculpted by their elementary interests in a particular field.

Likewise, thousands of students opt for a future in the Public Accountancy sector every year.

However, for those already availing the opportunities in the world of public accounting, there is a significant difference between “general” public accountants and those who choose to progress into Certified Public Accountants (CPA)Latest Updated on July 12, 2018

Perhaps, there must be some framework that exclusively distinguishes the two groups of public accountants and gives a higher precedence to CPAs than the rest of the public accountants.

Certainly, such a formulation exists - the Uniform CPA Examination.

In order to filter the influx of candidates opting to become a CPA, the AICPA has developed the Certified Public Accountancy Examination in order to select the candidates who meet the rigorous criteria that is imperative for a CPA to possess.

The CPA exam is an interdisciplinary, 16 hours MCQ based exam that challenges the concepts related to auditing and attestation, financial accounting and reporting, regulation, and business environment in four parts respectively.

While the CPA exam is offered in four testing windows throughout the year, the candidates need to pass through each part of the exam with a minimum score of 75 during a testing window of 18 months for them to become eligible CPAs.

Although the CPA Exam is quite a challenging and nerve-wracking experience for a number of students, it is tremendously worthwhilefor those who manage to transcend the pass rate for the exam.

Here are some of the prime benefits you can reap if you decide to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Pocket greater salary
Undeniably, CPAs make much more money than their counterparts as evident from the fact that most firms offer their employees a massive bonus as soon as they receive their CPA license.

Moreover, it is reported that CPAs earn approximately 5% to 15 % greater than the general public accountants: as a professional CPA, you can earn$1000000 more in the course of your career on average as compared to non-certified PAs.

Skyrocket to the top
The addition of CPA license to your resume is surely going to give your career a potential boost and open up multiple doors for you to step into.

Because of the knowledge and expertise CPAs possess, they have the ability to climb the corporate ladder. All top firm reward CPAs for their hard work and dedication by allowing them to advance through the hierarchy to secure senior managerial positions.

Procure prestige and respect
As a CPA, you are regarded as a professional who has achieved the pinnacle of the accountancy field. Since the CPA examination is one of the toughest exams with an average pass rate of 49%, attaining a CPA certification immensely effects how you are deemed by your employees and colleagues.

Without a doubt, attaining the CPA credentials offers much more than just adding three letters by the end of your name.

Although becoming a CPA may not be an easy task, it can be a great opportunity to advance your career to the next step.

It not only ensures a stable career and job satisfaction but also offers greater job opportunities, monetary inundation, and an overwhelming respect.

Published Date: July 12, 2018 14:56 PM | Updated Date: July 12, 2018 14:56 PM

July 9, 2018

Give your CV an extra edge- Go for a Data Science Course

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Give your CV an extra edge- Go for a Data Science Course
Knowing about a Data Science Course

Data Science is the combination of four core scientific subjects- mathematics, programming, statistics and design. The knowledge of all these subjects combined in Data Science enables one to carry out lucrative digital data collection. Latest Updated on July 07, 2018

Overall, it is a multidisciplinary subject incorporating 3 main components- discreet organization, meticulous packaging, and accurate delivering of data.
The main objective of a Data Science course is to find an analytical solution integrating the amalgam of data inference, algorithm development and technology to a complex obstacle.

Work of a Data Scientist
Technology today has left no stone unturned, at this point the requirement of any top business firm is someone who can distinguish the right technology and put it into use to undertake huge data initiatives.

That is where a Data Scientist steps in. A data scientist is seen as a 'jack-of-all-trades' for data crunching, he should be able to create a data analytics solution incorporating a business context in it.

One who has successfully completed his Data Analytics Certification will easily juggle numbers into an actionable form. Not just that, he shall be able to keep a check on the most minute details and yet show the clients the bigger picture.

A Data Scientist is given a messy set of data by the client along with a few questions. He then has to collect related data from other sources and apply his knowledge of analytical programming and statistics and sort the messy data in an organized manner.

Following which he clears out all the unnecessary data, sits down to examine and analyse the remaining data to figure out whether there is any particular trend and then generate a data-driven solution to the client. In this entire process, there are chances of discovery of new algorithms and tools which would speed up the work and solve the problems with few errors.

The industry today is looking forward to graduates who can face challenges and produce solutions with an edge. Top business firms are hunting for data scientist and analysts who would also deliver solutions with business contexts. At such an hour, pursuing a data Analytics Certification would ensure the employers that you have the right skill set for the industry ahead.

There is high demand for advanced data science and analytics skills, as they have expanded from a few programming companies to almost all of the industries. The market till now demanded experts in the Internet of Things, but now the focus is shifting on students who have gained a professional education in the sector of data analytics and sciences.

Competitive advantage for businesses

A data Science Course is nowadays undertaken commonly by students to outperform their peers by getting selected in top companies. Most industries today use the strategies of data science and analytics to compete in the market, innovate new algorithms and capture the value of the organized data, resulting from the analyzed data. The study of data analytics optimizes many business processes by analyzing them and generates solutions which are up to date with the current market trends.

Published Date: July 07, 2018 16:35 PM | Updated Date: Apr 10, 2018 13:17 PM