Free Online Quran classes

Being a Muslim it is important for us to learn Quran because Quran is the best way to learn about Islam. Quran is not just any other simple because learning Quran is something that you can’t do on your own so to learn Quran better you need some guidance and you need someone to teach you and not just anyone but the one who have the proper knowledge of Islam and Quran. Latest Updated on Jun 14, 2018

Online Quran classes
Quran learning is very important for all of us so we must do in any way that we can. Moreover, we must know that learn Quran we usually have to go to such institute and if you live in a non-Islamic country then you would find it quite difficult because there are not most of the institutes that can make you learn Quran and with the busy schedule it seems impossible to approach these institutes.

But with the help of the internet learning, Quran has become easier. There are a lot of the online Islamic or Quran institutes on the internet and you can reach out to the trusted ones and can learn Quran.


TarteeleQuran is an online institute where you can learn Quran. They offer different Quran courses that you can go for as you like.

The best thing about this institute is that they at first let you have the trial classes where you can decide which course you want to take and which you don’t and this way you would only have to sign up for the classes that you are interested in.

The TarteeleQuran offers their services from people all over the world and no matter which country you belong to you can also utilize the services of the TarteeleQuran.

Basically, the TarteeleQuran charges for their classes which is not too much but if you are going through some financial crisis then you can also go for the Online Quran Classes free of cost and this way you can learn Quran even with your financial issues.

Online free Quran Classes

There is certain rules and regulations about these free classes online which you need to learn about because since the institute will be paying for your classes which means you will have to go by certain rules.
Online free Quran Classes
  • You will have to be regular o the classes since the fee will be paid by the institute which means you cant even skip a single class.
  • The total attendance calculated should be 20% at the end and even if you need to skip a class you will have to inform the institution earlier about that leave.
  • The fee for their free courses are usually paid by the donations that are given to this institute and you can also say the donations for the others if you want to.
  • The free classes’ admissions work in such a way that there is a quota for each month and if you fall in that quota you will be selected so it's better to apply earlier so you can get more chances of being selected.
  • If you leave a class without informing the institution that may lead to cancellation of the class.
So this was all that you needed to know about these free online Quran classes and how can you join one of them and what you need to do to stay in those classes.

 Published Date: Jun 14, 2018 15:05 PM | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2018 15:05 PM

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