Tutor: Nine aspects to know

There are many reasons why the services of a tutor are required by the student. The article gives insights into the various aspects of being a tutor.

In our educational system, one fact is the variety of curriculum at each advancing stage. This variety of subjects broadens the mindset of the student. Latest Updated on Mar 13, 2018

aspects of being a tutor

However, the downside is that so many subjects might become too much to handle. This makes the role of a tutor very important in the education system. There are many reasons why students need private tutors:
  • Some students might be weak in some subjects and having a tutor increases their understanding of the subject.
  • Some students require deeper understanding of a subject because of their interest.
  • Some competitive examinations have syllabus that extends beyond what is taught at school.
  • Some parents do not have the time to personally sit with the kid and help them study.
Whatever the reason for hiring a tutor be, we have all had stages in our school and college time when we needed a good tutor. In the following sections, we will see the different aspects of the job of a tutor.

Benefits of being a tutor

1.Making good use of your knowledge

As a tutor, you get to use your acquired knowledge in the field of your study. This is a very satisfying feeling. By tutoring a student in your specialization, you also keep updating yourself in that field of study. Very few occupations involve utilization of your field of study, and tutoring is a great way to retain and expand your knowledge in a field.

2.Flexible work schedule

As a tutor, you may choose working hours according to your convenience. In contrast to standard jobs with a fixed working schedule, being a tutor brings flexibility to the job timing. This gives you more time to plan other things in your life and improve your work-life balance.

This gives ample of time to spend attend to your family matters. In addition, this job will rarely have any deadline, so there is not stress in this regard.

3.Helping students

Many students are stressed because they cannot cope with the scope of the subject. Many others are afraid that they will get low grades in a particular subject. As a tutor, you get to alleviate their fear and increase their understanding in a particular subject.

This helps them to overcome their mental blocks and choose their future field of study. It directly affects their career choice later in life.

4.Source of income

A lot of students need tutoring and coaching at different levels of their. Tutors get to choose the price for their services according to their time and effort involved. Being a tutor ensures that you will have a steady source of income.

5.Personal improvement

A tutor gets to interact with a lot of students and each one of them has a different personality. The tutor has to use different teaching approaches for every student. They get to experience happiness when their student fares well in the examination.

Similarly, they are part of their sorrow when they do not perform well.These emotions make the tutors better and more empathic individuals.

6.Challenging yet fulfilling job

Tutors get to face new challenges everyday. A successful tutoring job requires a lot of patience and open mindedness. In addition, the tutor has to stay positive, especially in tough times because their students learn a lot from them. This makes the job of a tutor pretty challenging, and fulfilling at the same time.

7.Learning new skills

Being a tutor is a great way to hone problem solving and critical thinking skills. Finding innovative ways to solve problems has a positive effect on the tutor. Teaching a subject will almost certainly involve reading and updating existing knowledge. Overall, the experience enriches the skill-set of the tutor.

8.Staying young at heart

Being in the company of youngsters opens our mind and thoughts. We learn to look at things from their perspective. This is great for keeping us young at heart and not letting us be weighed down by our problems.

9.Making a difference in someone’s life

As a tutor, we have the power to make a positive change in the student’s life and prepare them for life’s challenges ahead. Very few careers have this aspect.

The students remember the good teachers and tutors for the rest of their lives. They also carry their learnings throughout their professional and future life.

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