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April 30, 2018

Why should schools use School Uniforms?

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Why should schools use School Uniforms?
How should we describe our topical public schools? Many educators, guardian,administrator and public-minded citizens understand that for our educational system to thrive – say; violence, poor attendance, disruptive and disheartening habits must be addressed promptly.


Latest Updated on APR 30, 2018

Ideal solutions are desperately needed if we desire to keep improve our educational system and place at the top among others. But the question goes thus – is there a way to ensure that pupils get their dreams achieved in an unsafe havens; where kids have self-esteem, dreams, security and so on are always under attack? Definitely, if we desire a better educational world then you should grow a standard healthier learning environment.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve our education system - adopting the uniform program. The benefits associated with using a school uniform program will be discussed below.

Benefits 1 - Uniforms take the competition out of the dress

Schools are meant to educate a child; the focus should strongly be on learning,not fashion wears. Pupils are also engaging in today’s fashion. They want to go for brands – Gucci, Puma, Versa, Adidas and so on. The price tags set boundaries and result in low self-esteem.

Kids are segregated into categories based on what they wear. The price of yourclothes shows your status. This has brought about a heavy competition fordressing stylishly and purchasing expensive clothing. Not every student will beable to adhere to the incredible pressure.

Lots of kids have their dreams jeopardies because of this reason – keeping upwith today’s fashion. This has forced our kids to take up after-school jobs inorder to stand up or maintain the fashion pressure escalating in oureducational system. This does not only affect students physically and mentally.But also leads to school-age kids not investing in their future.

However, imagine a program that takes the need for keeping up with today's school fashion. Every negativity discusses above can be avoided. Now, we can berets assured our pupils can keep up with their education, dreams, and future rather than what to wear to maintain your status symbol. Adopting this program disrupt school fashion trends. 

All students can now walk into the school without having to paranoid every time someone laughs at him. This helps kids concrete on who they actually are or want to be - rather than thinking how they look like in some fashion trends. Gladly, this program will help shit all attention to education as it meant to be.

Read how school uniforms program make students behave better here.

Benefits 2 - School Uniforms helps save the future

Aside from the fact that school uniforms bring about a balance between people of different financial status, it helps parent spend less and save more for their kid's future. It is really expensive to dress our school ages, kids. Statistics show that an average of $300 is usually spent on a single child to purchase back-to-school wear.

This amount does not just stop there, but continue to rises as next month there is a need to buy new outfits as weather and fashion trends changes. In the end, you will discover more money has been spent on clothing compared to your households.

On the other side, school uniforms - pant/jumper, shirt/blouse, sweater, tie –has an average cost of $50. The most parent decides to buy another pair - $50.For the whole year, your expenditure on school clothing isn’t up to $200. This provides you with a chance to save for your kids’ future.

Benefits 3 – Promote Oneness

Uniforms are not the expensive and ideal solution to get our pupil focused.However, uniform brings to the pupil a sense of togetherness. It is like you all are on the same team. Students do not have to feel segregated from other or don't belong anywhere; wearing the same uniform as his colleague shows you belong there. Studies have shown that students are loyal to one another as long as they notice you are both students from the same school – by the uniform.

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April 26, 2018

Here are 5 EASY Ways To Save Money While Studying Abroad

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Here are 5 EASY Ways To Save Money While Studying Abroad
Studying overseas is a dream come true for many students. It not only boosts your employability both abroad and in your hometown, but it also makes you a well-rounded and independent member of society.

However, the truth is that for most students, studying in a foreign country is an expensive endeavor. You might have a part-time job to help with the finances or your parents may have saved up for years to help you fulfill your dream. Latest Updated on Apr 26, 2018


Whatever the reason may be and whether you study in USA, Australia, Hong Kong or New Zealand, you need to find ways to cut back on your expenses. Below are five ways to conserve your expenditure:

1. Share Everything

The single most effective way to cut back on expenses, especially for accommodation and groceries, is by sharing it with other students. Get flat-mates or roommates, buy stuff in bulk so that the cost is reduced and cook with flat mates so that groceries are cheaper. Cooking and doing grocery shopping together is also a great way to socialize and bond with your flat mates.

2. Use Student Discounts

Many commercial establishments offer student discounts but here’s the catch: They won’t always advertise it. Be smart while pursuing your masters in New Zealand, Australia or USA by asking for student discounts at the counter. Sure, some commercial establishments might not offer discount for students, but you won’t know until you ask!

3. Travel in the Metro and Bus

Yes, traveling in a taxi is convenient but it’s also quite expensive. Instead, use the subway or metro or bus to get around the city. Subway and metros are not only cheap and fast but they are also a more environmentally-friendly means of transport than cars or cabs. Some cities also allow you to rent a bike for a relatively inexpensive daily fee. Also, as much as possible, try to walk. Walking is a great way to explore a new destination, drink in the culture and take in new sights and sounds.

4. Have a Budget – And Stick to it

All too often students studying overseas forget to make a budget and stick to it once they arrive in the host country. However, it’s important to keep a track of your expenses especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. Save all your receipts and have a diary where you write down all your expenses.

Tracking your expenses also may give you a much needed reality check on how much you are actually spending versus how much you think you are spending.

Read also:Be motivated while you pursuing MBA by read these Motivattional Tips While Studying MBA

5. Use Vouchers and Coupons 

Several websites online offer a bevy of vouchers, coupons and discounts in exchange for taking surveys, buying in bulk or shopping on certain days. Use them. In the long run, these vouchers and coupons can really save a considerable amount of money every month.

Use the above tips, compiled by experienced study abroad consultants, to keep your financial woes at bay.
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5 Assignment Writing Tricks That Can Boost Your Grades Effectively

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5 Assignment Writing Tricks That Can Boost Your Grades Effectively
If given a choice between writing an assignment and watching a horror flick, which horror film would you choose?

Well, no matter which movie you choose, it cannot be as daunting as assignment writing. As a student, you might already be aware of that. Latest Updated on Mar 26, 2018

Unfortunately, there is no escaping from it. Assignment writing is an integral part of the academic curriculum, and if you wish to pass the semester with good marks, you don’t really have the choice to ignore such tasks.

Assignment-writing -Image
Image Source: Pixabay.com

So why not improve the assignment writing skills which may actually help you prepare remarkable content?

Well, no one is saying assignment writing is easy, but with practice, you can learn how to draft a remarkable essay. And to make it even more convenient, here are 5 amazing assignment writing tricks that can help you secure straight ‘A's.

#1.Research the topic:

The quality of the assignment depends a lot on how much you know about the assignment topic. If your knowledge of the topic is limited, start reading about it from all the available sources of information (books, articles, journals and of course, internet).

Research is one of the fundamental steps of the assignment writing practice, which often determines the quality of the assignment. So dedicate a considerable amount of time in gathering the necessary information.

#2.Prepare a structure:

When you know what you want to do with the assignment, create an outline of the plan of action which will serve as the structure for your assignment. A structure functions as the skeleton to the content.

When you prepare a structure for the assignment, it helps you organize the whole content, arrange your arguments in the right order, and most importantly it keeps you from adding unnecessary information to the assignment.

#3.Use shorter paragraphs:

When you are writing an assignment, try to make it more reader-friendly. If the reader (a faculty member in this case) finds a huge chunk of words in each paragraph, he/she may not be interested in reading the whole assignment till the end.

Use shorter paragraphs (3-4 simple sentences each). That way, it will be easier to read. Look at this blog for instance. A right amount of white space enhances the content. Also, try to use simple sentences. Writing too many complex sentences can make it harder to read.

#4.Follow the instructions religiously:

When it comes to assignment writing, it is essential to follow each and every instruction given by the professors, because ultimately they are ones who grade your assignment. Pay close attention to what your professor has to say when he/she is assigning the task.

Small details, like which formatting style to choose or what should be the length of the assignment, can make a lot of difference. Also, it is always recommended to the students to listen to the professors during lectures. Including relevant things, which have been taught in the class, in the assignment can impress the professor.

#5.Always proofread and edit:

It will be a huge mistake if you submit your assignment without proofreading. Even the finest writers in the world perform numerous proofreading sessions on their writing to perfect it. As a student, you should also perform multiple revisions on the paper to see if there's an error in the copy.

As mentioned earlier, assignments carry a significant amount of marks. And if you want to secure better grades this semester, you can’t submit an unedited copy. Spot the errors in the assignment by proofreading and then make the necessary alterations with proper editing measures.

Bonus tip: Always give the assignment to someone (a friend, a family member or your roommate) or hire an assignment help expert for reviewing once you are done writing. Listen to their feedback. It often helps a student make positive changes in the paper.

It may sound like a lot of work, but these aforementioned tricks are pretty easy to execute. As a matter of fact, you can start using these suggestions the next time you draft an assignment. You can surely find a difference.

Author bio:John Mark is a high school teacher who is associated with Myassignmenthelp.com for the last couple of years. As a subject matter expert, it is his job to provide students with assignment help when they request it.

April 25, 2018

Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit

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Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit
You have a decent job that pays you a reasonable salary, which lasts a little longer than three weeks. And your job just barely utilises your brain, so you don't have many accomplishments to boast of or any new challenges and learning opportunities to mention on your resume.

You are doing the same thing day in and day out. Or, you have a job that constantly stresses you out. You feel as if you don't fit in the office. If either of these scenarios feels familiar, then it means that you are putting more into your job than you are gaining out of it. Time to look beyond your office walls!

Our experts enlist the following signs that indicate it's time to quit:

1.There is no upward movement: If you have worked for the same company and at the same position for three years, it's time to rethink. Advancement or upward movement, even in large organizations where promotions are difficult, should have happened within this time frame.

2.You are not learning: Your learning curve should never flatten out. Your core skills should gradually increase, and you should have new challenges that make you strive to pick up new skills. If the scope of a new project, career advancement courses, or conferences and seminars to enhance your skills do not exist in your job, it's a sign that the job is not the right fit for your career development.

3.You lack passion: If you are not waking up every morning with a feeling of excitement toward your job, you will never be able to tap your true potential. If you dread going to work, instead of being enthusiastic about it, you need another job where there are plenty of possibilities for your contribution and passion.

4.You dread your boss: If you get anxious and unhappy just thinking of your boss, and there's nothing you can do to work out the problems you are facing, that's a good enough sign that it is time to quit.

5.Stress at work is affecting you: If your work, your colleagues, or the work culture at your office is unhealthy, and if they impact you in a negative way, don't let it consume you for a very long time. Your physical health and your relationship with your family and friends should not get affected by the stress you are experiencing at work.

Now that you know it's time to quit, the next step is to know where to find a job that doesn't let you settle for less. The sprawling job market in Pune is one of the best options to explore. The scope of jobs in Pune is vastly diversified based on your skill level.

The city has surpassed all others to become a job hub at both middle and senior levels across hundreds of companies producing ample jobs. So, for your next job, research the job market thoroughly to ensure you find a job where you are valued and challenged.

April 24, 2018

Typing That Is As Interesting As Making An Effort To Produce Better Results In Which Things Can Make Up

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Typing That Is As Interesting As Making An Effort To Produce Better Results In Which Things Can Make Up
Through the convincing strategies of making it convenient and more and effectively secure, it could be functional in dealing with the most important strategies, which will enhance the most fluctuating reason why every single position to enhance the strategy is unique.

It can be said that the total consideration for finding the right and effective reasons why one should make it convenient in dealing with the most useful reasons to believe why one can take it to the very position.

It can really help secure the position to being relevant as a really important reason why one should have the prominent and the most secure ideologies for children.

This can be very effective in dealing with the solutions that will enhance the key spectrum in guiding forward important reasons why one should have kidstyping.org as a really important resource.

This could be the best of interesting aspects which could enhance the speculation and consider having the best of interesting solutions that will find itself in the longer time frame.

What Makes One Of The Most Ideal Situations In Creating The Conditional Trials More Relevant

This could be essentially required in keeping the best of interesting factors under check and that could really be of utmost help. One can always consider having the most unique and frequently limited options that will make it convenient an option in finding the right strategy to secure the interesting aspects which will make and create the better of all options.

This could be ideally true due to the reason why one should have always found the very important strategies with which one could ensure the really good reason why one can have a reasonable doubt clarified.

This will be promising enough to satisfy the efforts and criteria in building the unique time frame that will act according to the situations which are the relevant factors in creating the aspects that will be really ready.

Whenever necessary one can always have an important prospective reason why every single reason to believe the enhancement of possibility is that it should be the key criteria in helping and determining the true possibilities which will be created without much doubts and activities.

Under no circumstances by which, there shall be the very reasons for bringing in important strategies which will coincide with the very possibilities of unique key activities which will be really created as an action resembling the further development of an important and key possibility.

It is with relevant factors that one can have a good phenomenal action built upon the prospective factors of bringing in important reasons why one should have the very set of foundations built in creating better aspects.

This by all means will make it convenient in dealing with situations which are really important for times to come.

April 16, 2018

Crucial Steps To Help Entrepreneurs Attain Financial Independence

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Crucial Steps To Help Entrepreneurs Attain Financial Independence
Financial stability is a struggle for small-business owners and entrepreneurs. Without giving heeds to finance reports, it could be a particularly nerve-wracking task.

The main focus of an entrepreneur should be to control and maintain their finance, yet this is often one of the most difficult tasks a business owner had to manage. Latest Updated on Mar 16, 2018

Financial success is attained by an entrepreneur that has the ability to run a business efficiently and can implement long-term financial tactics to achieve their goals.

To accomplish financial independence phase, an entrepreneur must follow this plan set from start to finish. We have divided the plan into the set of 4-4 steps making it easy for you to understand.

The Four Essential Steps

Before starting the steps, here is the rule to keep in mind. There is a possibility that you will fall down from the staircase if you directly move to 4th step before covering first three. Same goes in this case; you need to take one step at a time before embarking on the fourth step. The first three steps will help you to create a stable cash-flow and operate without any debt.

Regrettably, there aren’t many financial plans that cover these steps before investing. In its place, they focus on annuities, insurance and bonds without any plan to fund their retirement. This often leads to vulnerability and anxiety when the business owners understand that they are not prepared for retirement.

But following these four steps sequentially will lead you to success by increasing your self-assurance and energy.

1.Optimise The Money You Have

For controlling your future finance, you need to control your present investment. While running a business, there is always a long-term plan instead of weekly or monthly plans. By controlling your cash-flow, you can maximise your profit rate, cost-cutting, save tax and continue to educate in the field of business. All you need to do is make a strategic plan and hire a team of advisors that can help you to progress annually.

2.Eliminate Debt

You need to understand that debts are of two types: productive and reductive, and their basic difference. As implied by the name, reductive debt is the debt that is consumed by things that don’t offer any return. You can consider it as bad credit card debt that is better to be eliminated. Whereas, the productive debt will provide you with an income in return and will be valued. This step will focus on eliminating reductive debt, build a strong credit score and ways to utilise productive debt. It is more of a debt management to ensure your financial growth to provide economic freedom.

3.Create Cash Reserves

As for liquid cash reserves, there are two reasons you must understand:

  • You will need the money when things will go against your business plan to avoid credit card debt.
  • You will need to achieve short-term goals when they will present without any delay.
As an entrepreneur, new opportunities will rise constantly and you would want to grab them as soon as possible. It is human nature to take advantage of things that will benefit us in future. There will be many instants when the problem will cross your path out of nowhere or opportunities will line up without you knowing. No matter what the situation is, you will need reserves at that time. You need to make sure that you have expenses available at any time which will keep you at peace.

4.Invest And Grow

When you are done with the three steps then you can start to work on this essential step to ensure your luxurious retirement life. Many people consider starting investing as soon as they set off getting profit from their business. This is not always a good idea. The ultimate fundamental of investing money is to achieve good returns. It is like a reward given to you by yourself. But if you don’t have a proper line of direction in investment, then it will not provide you financial stability. So, think before you invest your money.

The Four Essential Elements

Follow up the essential steps with these essential elements to complete this 4 x 4 plan. This will offer you so much of power as an investor, wealth builder and business owner. The four steps should be measured by these four elements to understand the growth rate and benefit. This will give you a direction to follow so that you can achieve your financial goals

1.Freedom Planning

In this step, you will plan out to convert your income into investments. With these funds, you will get a better return that will allow you to live luxurious life when you decide to quit working. Everyone have to go through many levels of the financial line throughout their lifespan.

Being younger, your main focus is on the addition of assets and revolves around earning a living. With the increase in income, your focus is turned to saving and investing money so that you can live a lavish lifestyle. It will spin around attaining enough assets to live your future in peace. Generally, this is considered as retirement phase. But it is more of a financial independence time with sufficient asset to provide stable income return.

2.Asset Security

This step speaks about protecting your assets from any problem or issue that can take it away. It can be anyone: relative, investors, government etc. Your assets include not only your machine and business but real estate, bond and stocks too. In simple words, anything that can provide you with a lifetime income is at risk of exposure. You need to protect it. All you need to focus upon is proper planning to provide boundaries that can prevent others from stealing your hard-earned assets from you.

3.Estate Planning

You can consider this similar to your asset security. This will ensure that if you are not physically present then also your assets are protected and safe. In this case, it will be passed as a legacy in any matter chosen by you without being handled to the government.

4.Planning Of Tax

Taxes are the biggest expense for everyone, whether they are an employee or business owner. The only difference between a tax and other expenses is that you can choose. We are not talking about the choice where you get to decide to pay tax or not. In any case, you have to pay taxes but with simple choices, you can have a more tax-efficient way to save finance.

Now with these points, your financial plan is ready. You are all set to grow, protect and distribute the product of your hard work.

April 13, 2018

Tutor: Nine aspects to know

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Tutor: Nine aspects to know
There are many reasons why the services of a tutor are required by the student. The article gives insights into the various aspects of being a tutor.

In our educational system, one fact is the variety of curriculum at each advancing stage. This variety of subjects broadens the mindset of the student. Latest Updated on Mar 13, 2018

aspects of being a tutor

However, the downside is that so many subjects might become too much to handle. This makes the role of a tutor very important in the education system. There are many reasons why students need private tutors:
  • Some students might be weak in some subjects and having a tutor increases their understanding of the subject.
  • Some students require deeper understanding of a subject because of their interest.
  • Some competitive examinations have syllabus that extends beyond what is taught at school.
  • Some parents do not have the time to personally sit with the kid and help them study.
Whatever the reason for hiring a tutor be, we have all had stages in our school and college time when we needed a good tutor. In the following sections, we will see the different aspects of the job of a tutor.

Benefits of being a tutor

1.Making good use of your knowledge

As a tutor, you get to use your acquired knowledge in the field of your study. This is a very satisfying feeling. By tutoring a student in your specialization, you also keep updating yourself in that field of study. Very few occupations involve utilization of your field of study, and tutoring is a great way to retain and expand your knowledge in a field.

2.Flexible work schedule

As a tutor, you may choose working hours according to your convenience. In contrast to standard jobs with a fixed working schedule, being a tutor brings flexibility to the job timing. This gives you more time to plan other things in your life and improve your work-life balance.

This gives ample of time to spend attend to your family matters. In addition, this job will rarely have any deadline, so there is not stress in this regard.

3.Helping students

Many students are stressed because they cannot cope with the scope of the subject. Many others are afraid that they will get low grades in a particular subject. As a tutor, you get to alleviate their fear and increase their understanding in a particular subject.

This helps them to overcome their mental blocks and choose their future field of study. It directly affects their career choice later in life.

4.Source of income

A lot of students need tutoring and coaching at different levels of their. Tutors get to choose the price for their services according to their time and effort involved. Being a tutor ensures that you will have a steady source of income.

5.Personal improvement

A tutor gets to interact with a lot of students and each one of them has a different personality. The tutor has to use different teaching approaches for every student. They get to experience happiness when their student fares well in the examination.

Similarly, they are part of their sorrow when they do not perform well.These emotions make the tutors better and more empathic individuals.

6.Challenging yet fulfilling job

Tutors get to face new challenges everyday. A successful tutoring job requires a lot of patience and open mindedness. In addition, the tutor has to stay positive, especially in tough times because their students learn a lot from them. This makes the job of a tutor pretty challenging, and fulfilling at the same time.

7.Learning new skills

Being a tutor is a great way to hone problem solving and critical thinking skills. Finding innovative ways to solve problems has a positive effect on the tutor. Teaching a subject will almost certainly involve reading and updating existing knowledge. Overall, the experience enriches the skill-set of the tutor.

8.Staying young at heart

Being in the company of youngsters opens our mind and thoughts. We learn to look at things from their perspective. This is great for keeping us young at heart and not letting us be weighed down by our problems.

9.Making a difference in someone’s life

As a tutor, we have the power to make a positive change in the student’s life and prepare them for life’s challenges ahead. Very few careers have this aspect.

The students remember the good teachers and tutors for the rest of their lives. They also carry their learnings throughout their professional and future life.

April 7, 2018

KMTC 2019: Intake and the courses offered

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KMTC 2019: Intake and the courses offered
The leading medical training center Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) was founded in 1927 under the Ministry of Health.

Though it started with only four students at Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) Kabete, the institution currently hosts more than 22,000 scholars pursuing over 50 KMTC courses.

Last Update Dec 22, 2018

Consequently, KMTC graduates more than 6,000 medical professionals annually to serve in the private and public healthcare sectors.

This amounts to an approximate of 80 percent of Kenya’s medical workforce.

KMTC 2019

KMTC courses and qualifications

The different levels available for KMTC courses include higher diplomas, certificates, and diplomas, and the institution has in the recent past introduced new courses to gather for the ever-increasing healthcare needs. Here are some of the courses available for KMTC 2018 intake and their respective entry requirements.

KMTC 2019 certificate courses

Certificate in nursing

This certificate course takes two and half years to complete where students seeking to join must have obtained a C- in Kiswahili or English and Biology or Biological Sciences.

They must also have a D+ in Mathematics, Physics, Physical Sciences, and Chemistry.  The students who qualify to enroll for the Certificate in Nursing course can study at MTC colleges in Kabarnet, Lodwar, and Garissa.

Certificate in Orthopaedic Plaster Technology 

The minimum entry requirements for this course include a C- in Kiswahili or English, a D+ in Physics or Maths, or Physical Science. It also requires a D+ in Home Science, Agriculture, or Chemistry and is offered at KMTC Nairobi talking two years to complete.

Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing

The entry qualifications for this course include a C- in Kiswahili or English, Biology or Biological Sciences and D+ in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry. Offered at KMTC Mathari, the certificate course in Psychiatric nursing take runs for two and half years before the students are graduated.

KMTC 2019 intake Diploma courses

There are various courses offered by KMTC for 2019 intake as detailed below:
  • Post-Basic Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health-On a full-time basis, this course takes a full academic year to complete and is offered at KMTC Nairobi. Those seeking to enroll for a Post-Basic diploma in Occupational Safety and Health include serving as Public Health Officer (PHO).
  • Post-Basic Diploma in Food, Science, and Inspection-While this KMTC course is offered at KMTC Nairobi branches on a full-time basis, the entry requirements for those seeking to enroll include serving PHOs. This enables the learners to function well and specialize in environmental health management where they take on year at the institution.
  • In-service Diploma in EHS (Regular)-The course is meant for the technicians in the public health sector who want to advance to PHOs. It is offered in various KMTC colleges in Kabarnet, Machakos, Nakuru, Lodwar, Kisumu, Nyeri, Embu, and Kakamega.
  • Basic Diploma in Environmental Health Science-The entry requirements for this course include KCSE mean grade C with a C in Kiswahili or English or one of the three sciences. It is offered at various KMTC colleges located across the country in Nairobi, Embu, Kakamega, Kisumu, Kabarnet, Nyeri, Machakos, Mswambeni, Kitui and Nakuru. For students to complete the course, they must study full-time for three years.

KMTC Higher Diploma Courses

The following are some of the leading higher diploma courses offered at various KMTC campuses in the country:
  • Higher Diploma in Epidemiology (Parallel)-The minimum entry requirements for this course include Diploma in Community Oral Health, Medical Laboratory Technology, Public Health, Health Records and Information, Clinical Medicine, or Nursing from KMTC.
  • Diploma in Pharmacy-Students who want to enroll for Diploma in Pharmacy must have obtained a KCSE mean grade C with C in Kiswahili, English, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology or any other qualification as determined by KMTC academic board. While the course is full-time and takes two years to complete with lab practical, it includes an attachment of seven months in any community pharmacies, company and hospital. Qualified applicants will study at various KMTC colleges in Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Manza, Nyeri, and Mombasa.

Latest KMTC Courses for 2019 intake

KMTC 2019 Courses intake
In its efforts to help the government in handling emerging healthcare issues, KMTC has introduced some new courses that students can apply for in 2018. These courses include the following:
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Health Systems Management
  • Nurse Anesthesia
  • Nephrology
  • Orthopedic trauma medicine
  • Enrolled Community Nursing
  • Palliative care nursing

KMTC 2019 intake and admissions

KMTC offers both regular (government-sponsored) and parallel (private-sponsored) programs where the parallel program's intake is held in March while regular programs intake is in September. The registration for 2018 parallel program closed on the 28th January.

Usually, KMTC course advertisements are published in October in the local newspapers. Students are advised to attach relevant academic certificates and national ID or birth certificate with the application form.

Students who apply for the different KMTC courses must pay Kshs. 2,000 non-refundable fee or $50 for foreigners through Banker’s Cheque or National Bank deposit.

This fee payment, however, does not offer admission guarantee into the college as that only depends on the applicant’s qualification.

KMTC 2019 fee structure/ application form

Where to find KMTC fee structure and application form

KMTC fee structure depends on the student category whether regular, parallel or foreign. The fee structures for each of these categories can easily be downloaded from the institution’s website www.kmtc.ac.ke and the completed applications addressed to the following address:

The Director
Kenya Medical Training College
P.O. Box 30195-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

All KMTC campuses are strategically located near district or provincial health facilities for students to seamlessly complete their clinical attachment. KMTC is also well-endowed with experienced and qualified instructors and administrative personnel.

Hence, the institution attracts international students from East and Central Africa countries like Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, and Sudan.

The rapid growth of KMTC from its humble beginnings is attributed to the constant government support, commitment of the staff and the diligence of the scholars.

April 6, 2018

4 steps to Build Your Child's Problem Solving Skills

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4 steps to Build Your Child's Problem Solving Skills
In this competitive world, not only parents, but children also face the problem even in class, school, home, and in society. This article describes how you can teach your child to face the problem by building child problem solving skills.

Latest Updated on 06.04.2018

There is a palette of skills that every child has to learn and build upon before he/she is ready to face the complexities of life outside the familiar and safe home environment.

Be it social skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills or problem solving skills, parents can positively reinforce patterns of behavior and encourage their children to effectively deal with problems when they occur.
Build Your Child's Problem Solving Skills
A child who has good problem solving skills will also have a strong will, because solving a difficult task implies persevering until a solution is found, and enough confidence to tackle yet harder and harder issues without being afraid.

Without a doubt, children can benefit from developing adequate problem solving skills, and not just short-term, especially because it helps them feel in control, capable, and it boosts their self-esteem.

Alongside, imagination and creativity, as cognitive processes related to problem solving, are equally stimulated.

Examandinterviewtips.com collected some of the best tips to get your child to work on those problem solving skills imply that you have the time, patience and desire to get involved in the process beginning with your child's yearly childhood:
  • First of all you have to stimulate your child's curiosity. Show him/her how many different kinds of trees there are in the park or how gravity works. Then let the child explore his/her environment freely and encourage touching and feeling the texture of objects around him/her. When he/she gets bored you can propose other ways for them to experience those objects by weighting or measuring them, by imagining what they could be used for and so on.
  • The next step is to encourage self-expression. Remember that children see the world from a totally different perspective than adults do. For them everything is novelty and asking questions is their way of getting a grasp of the immense complexity surrounding them. To this extent, never let a question unanswered and strive to explain in words that your child can understand what he/she asks.
  • For the third step you need to encourage your child's independent thought and action. For example, if your child breaks a toy ask him/her how the toy could be mended and let him/her do it, or create hypothetical situations which involve finding a solution to a problem and ask the child how he/she would solve them. Always reward the child's efforts and abstain from trying to help with finding the right answer.
  • The last stage is follow-up. Make sure that your child receives an everyday task that he/she needs to attend to and which involves using his/her problem solving skills. It can easily be a puzzle game, filling the missing words in a text, writing a song, repairing a broken object or finding the shortest route home.

April 4, 2018

Lessons that being Debt-Free teaches you

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Lessons that being Debt-Free teaches you
The fact that you are now at “debt zero” is immensely gratifying, as the only direction your net worth could go is upwards. But still remain cautious!

Even though you are on the right track in regards to managing your finances, staying debt-free is not easy. It is going to be one of the biggest challenges you face. Here are a few things that being debt-free will teach you:

Last Updated : April 04,2018

Saving Money Is A Skill That You Need To Practice

Saving money is not as much fun anymore as you are not paying off your debt. The skill of saving some money from your total income is something you should master.

As most people fail to do so, they are left with little money or no money by the end of the month. After becoming debt free a lot of people tend to save less money and spend more on other expensive life events.

This habit will only bring in more problems for you as your total savings will be much lesser than the amount that you have been spending. This is beyond the fact that the motivation to save is not as great as the motivation to pay down debts.

Most people tend spend a lot of money even despite aiming to save most of it. Therefore, if your goal is to save money, decide an amount you want to stash away each month. You need to calculate the amount you are going to be spending each month on bills and other expenses.

The amount that you are left with after paying off all your bills is the amount you need to save. If not the whole amount, make it a habit to at least save some of it. This way, you will be left with at least some money by the end of the month.

The money that you save can even be useful in emergencies. Medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly and it is better you have at least the initial amount required during this time saved in your account.

Otherwise, you might have to take out loans again and keep paying the debt every month. Therefore, saving money is very essential and a habit that you need to develop for keeping yourself debt-free.

It Is More Important That You Save Your Savings

Are you equally guilty of taking money out of your savings to spend it on one thing or another? Most people are. And a lot of people have the habit of taking money out of their savings with the aim of depositing the same amount back later on.

If you have a similar tendency, the only thing that you need to know is that this habit might push you down the path of further debt again.

Proper budgeting will allow you to resist such temptations. Although, it is just as possible that you might have to take money out of your savings, despite budgeting your expenses, as in some cases that might be the only option available.

Life is expensive – we get it!

Once you are debt free, your budgeting skills are going to be put to the test. There are going to be moments in life that will force to spend your savings and start from square one.

You might decide to move to a new place, your car might need servicing so that it functions properly, or you might decide to go on a trip.

There are going to be times where you are paying for somebody else’s mistakes. All these events are going to affect your savings and your budget. You might even have to go through medical treatments that may cost you a time. Later, you will have to submit the receipts so you can be reimbursed.

Ultimately, life is going to happen while you are learning to save.

Falling back into the trap of debt

Fight that urge of swiping a credit card if you are serious about not falling back into the pit of debt.

For example, you might need to replace something in your house for example like your bed. Instead of swiping a credit card and buying a new one, you must plan in advance.

You need to calculate the amount you need to save before you go out to purchase a new bed.

You can first go out and do some research on how much the new bed is going to cost you.

Don’t be enticed by salesman offering zero interest repayments on credit card deals. Once you swipe that credit card, you are back in debt.

Find ways to earn money to increase your savings

There are various ways to earn money. You can sell some unwanted items in your house to earn some cash.

You can rent out your garage space or maybe one of the rooms in your house. If you are looking for bigger income sources, you can sell the properties you own or can sell your car to buy a smaller car which is equally comfortable. You can even make some decorative items in your house and sell them online.

One way you can boost your savings is by checking if you have any PPI policy taken under your name. If you discover that you do have a PPI policy in your name and that you were mis-sold the policy by your bank or the lender, you can always make a claim all by yourself.

Experience The Bliss of Being Debt Free

Sticking to your budget can be difficult but living a debt-free life is bliss. Not having to constantly worry about repayments is very relieving. You may feel the urge to swipe sometimes, but the decision to get out and stay out of debt will give you more freedom than you could have asked for.