Top Things You Should Work On In Your Resume For A Successful Application

When it comes to applying for your dream job, remember that there's more to everything than just preparing for the dreaded job interview. A lot of people tend to forget that you can't exactly be in an interview if your resume doesn't make the cut. Having a resume that stands out, however, it isn't easy either.

Statistics from Glassdoor for Employers indicated that for each corporate job opening, there's actually around 250 resumes that come rushing in. Of these, however, only four to six will actually proceed to the next step.

This means 1.6-percent of resumes for every corporate job opening only make the cut.

This seems dreadful at first glance, but you can actually pull off a resume that would surely catch the eye of employers. Here are a few tips:
  1. Keep it short and concise. If you can keep your resume to one to two pages, this is optimal. This also poses a challenge as it forces you to keep all the most relevant information on the first few pages. If you have a summary statement, or three sentences' worth of your objectives as an applicant, put them at the top. Don't keep this generic, and try to make this unique to yourself as this is the gateway to your brand.
  2. Keep your resume relatable to the kind of job you're applying for. If your skillset can switch in between creative and non-creative roles, then perhaps keep a creative and non-creative iteration of your resume. That way, you can at least give a resume appropriate for the style and setting of the workplace you want to work.
  3. Keep your resume packed with things that are related to your work. If for instance you have opportunities to include a link to your social media, LinkedIn, and/or your portfolio, include them especially if it shows off some of your work. In fact, try to get recommendations from LinkedIn that fit the qualifications you've listed inside your resume.
  4. Start by listing your skill set right after your summary of experience. This allows employers to pay more attention to details specifically to your qualifications instead of simply focusing on where you've worked before. Try to see if you can include a bit of numbers with your work, as you can have employers that pay more attention if you use dollar signs and percentages in your resume.
  5. In speaking of lists; try listing all your achievements using the "In X, I did Y to achieve Z" format. This allows you to accurately represent your achievements properly in a way that is easily understood.
  6. Try to include a cover letter with your resume, and if you do, make sure you address the recipient with a name and not just a generic title.

    This shows employers that you've actually taken the time to research about the intricacies of the company, down to the personnel.

Being successful with your application for your dream job means being able to pull everything off properly, which puts you into a disadvantage because you don't know just exactly how your dream company's screening process goes.

Once you nail that resume, however, then this can put you at a great advantage. Executing the top things you should work on in your resume can allow you to best your peers in terms of just how properly detailed and informative your resume is.

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