Habits To Develop To Ace Any Job Interview

Getting into a dream job is something anyone wants to achieve, be it for the sake of improving one's career or for finding a stable job.

However, one of the hurdles you must overcome before getting that dream job is the dreaded job interview, and a lot of people falter at the notion of talking to another person, let alone someone who is out there to evaluate your performance with a single conversation.

Perhaps the approach you should take shouldn't be how to prepare for an upcoming interview, but perhaps to develop habits that can help you ace any job interview. 

Last Updated on : 28.03.2018

According to Glassdoor for Employers, the interview remains a crucial part of the application process precisely because of how many people rarely get to reach this part of the employment procedure.

Statistics show that while at least 250 resumes are submitted to corporate job openings, only four to six people are actually called into an interview. 

This means if you do get this far into the application process, you've got to know how to navigate the interview process properly.

Here are a few habits you should develop:
  1. Always come prepared for the interview. Always make sure you get to study the resume you've submitted, and at the same time conduct proper research on the company and the job you're applying for. A lot of interview pitfalls come from lack of adequate knowledge on the job you're applying for, so develop a habit of constantly trying to get to know everything there is to know about anything you want to learn.
  2. Be dressed, be on time all the time. Always develop a habit of choosing clothes not just appropriate for the situation, but also something that can help define your personality. This is best done if you develop a habit of making sure you allot enough time for preparation, travel, and emergencies. Practicing being early for all of your appointments will make preparing for an interview a breeze.
  3. Get your communication skills in check. Review common interview questions and take note of what responses work best for you. Make sure you don't memorize your responses, however, but keep the main ideas to heart. You have to make sure that you're going to be able to explain yourself when these questions arrive during the interview. While memorizing things can help, knowing how to explain things in your own words isn't just a sign of a prepared interviewee, but a good communicator as well.
  4. Practice spontaneity, authenticity, and confidence. Perhaps one of the most beneficial habits to develop to ace any job interview is to develop confidence through spontaneity and authenticity.
    Expose yourself to crowds and environments you're not used to and start socializing with people. Developing an attitude of spontaneity and constantly starting conversations with people can allow you to get a grasp of different atmospheres available for communication.

    This will allow you to get a good idea on how specific verbal and nonverbal cues look like that you can take advantage of when doing interviews.

    A good part of developing confidence also allows you to be able to express yourself better and be comfortable in the presence of an interviewer.

Getting into a job interview is already an admirable feat for anyone looking at work, but actually doing the job interview can be a bit overwhelming. Being an interviewee extraordinaire cannot be achieved overnight, but it can be trained.

Developing the habits above to ace any job interview can put you at an advantage compared to your contemporaries as you're not only practicing good interview habits, but you're living them as well.

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