Important Preparation Tips For CAT 2018 Exam

Numerous MBA aspirants appear for the CAT exam every year to get into their preferred institute. CAT is conducted by the IIMs every year and the scores are required as a selection criterion in all the IIMs and several other B-schools in the country.

The CAT includes 3 sections with 100 questions. To ace the CAT, aspirants need to be thoroughly prepared and confident. Here, a few important preparation tips are given to help the CAT aspirants to prepare more effectively for the exam.


Last Updated on 19.03.18

  1. Start Early-For CAT, it is extremely important to dedicate enough time for preparation. The CAT preparation includes learning the concepts, practicing, taking mock tests, analyzing them and revising. Ideally, this whole process requires at least 8-10 months. So, it is important to start CAT preparation early.
  2. Strategize-Having a proper preparation strategy is probably the most important step in CAT preparation. Analyze the weak and strong topics properly and strategize a preparation plan accordingly. A mock test can be taken initially for self-analysis. It is also important to give equal importance to all the topics in CAT syllabus. Stick to the preparation plan and take mock tests periodically.
  3. Practice-To tackle CAT questions efficiently, rigorous practice is necessary. By practicing different question variations, one can easily be confident to solve any question in the exam. It is suggested to solve several CAT sample papers along with previous year papers to know the actual pattern and difficulty of the questions.
  4. Mock Tests-CAT mock tests can help to analyze the current preparation level. By taking periodic CAT mock tests and analyzing them properly can help to understand the weak and strong topics and thereby, strategize accordingly. Taking CAT mock test can also help to know the exam better and get acquainted with the actual exam scenario. This can help to strategize test-taking and time-management strategies for the CAT.
  5. Revision-A periodic revision is very crucial to be able to retain the learned concepts for longer. It is also important not to learn any new topic at the last minute and focus only on revision and practice at that time. Having notes about the important concepts prove to be a great help during revision.
These were a few important tips that can help to prepare for CAT in a more effective way. The exam is conducted by the end of November every year and the CAT registration starts by August. Almost a quarter of a million MBA aspirants register for the exam every year. So, it can be said that CAT is an extremely competitive exam and one needs proper dedication to ace it.

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