The Importance of Writing a Clear & Concise Job Description

For every job opening that you are looking to advertise for, you will more than likely have to write a clear and concise job description for the position.

It can be best described as a document which outlines the responsibilities and duties that the new employee would be expected to perform as part of their employment.

The best person to ask when you are looking to write the job description is the person who held the position before.They will be able to write in detail what their daily tasks were far more than you could. This may not be possible – for example, the previous employee may have left under bad terms or the position may never have been created before.

It is not just the responsibilities and duties that are included in the job description. You may include who the employee will report to, as well as the equipment they need to carry out their duties.

This is key as new equipment will need to be purchased or hired for the new employee to start their work. You don’t want to hire a new employee with no tools to work with! Plus, it will create an awful first impression for the new employee on their first day when nothing is ready for them to hit the ground running.

Solid Platform on which to Build

After producing your job description, you will have an excellent platform of understanding of what the new employee is expected to do. The job description can also be used in a job interview to help ask questions.

For example, you can ask questions such as “are you able to do the task, as outlined in the job description?”. Those sort of questions. You may discover that the employee can’t do a certain and task and may need to be trained before they start work.

A job description that is incomplete can result in a large amount of confusion between the newly hired employee and the business, so make sure time is taken to ensure all tasks and responsibilities are included to ensure the document is as complete as possible.

The job description is a document that is constantly evolving, so don’t rehash an old job description. It is important to regularly update the document, so it reflects the real tasks and responsibilities that the position entails.

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