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January 27, 2018

Technology in Education

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Technology in Education

How Has Technology Changed the Educational Process?

Information technologies open up new horizons for people - not only in work but also in education. With the spread of the Internet, the organization of education has undergone significant changes. Nowadays it is not a problem to find good topics for a research paper with just one click.

How remote educational technologies are used today and what are their advantages? Let's have a closer look at the role of innovative technologies in the organization of the educational process. The remote technologies in education have significantly expanded its capabilities.
Technology in Education

In the modern world, you can get an education from anywhere in the world.

Despite the fact that the traditional forms of education do not give up their positions, distance learning technology is becoming more and more popular today. Information and communication technologies are an important part of the modernization of education.

These are various devices and methods of information processing, first of all - computers with necessary software and telecommunications facilities along with the information they provide. Thanks to them there is a remote interaction of teachers and students, in other words – it is possible to be educated remotely.

Electronic and Distance Educational Technologies

The application of information and communication technologies in education involves several options. Originally, the term "e-learning" was meant to be computer-based learning, but as technology evolved, the meaning of this notion expanded. Now e-learning covers a lot of educational technologies that can be conditionally divided into two groups - synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Synchronous e-education: this is distance learning in real time. It is very similar to the usual full-time education; the only difference is that the participants in the process are at a distance from each other. The widely disseminated webinars are the most vivid example of this form of education. For the organization of lectures, special software is used.
  • Asynchronous e-education: this is a learning process in which a student receives all the necessary information from online sources or from electronic media (such as CDs, DVDs or flash cards) and independently regulates the pace and timetable for mastering the material. Nowadays, e-learning has become an integral part of the educational process in many universities, it has also found application in the development of skills - in some corporations there are departments, which task is to organize e-learning for employees.

What are the Benefits of Distance Learning Technologies?

Distance learning is a broader concept than E-Learning: it is a synthesis of interactive self-learning and intensive counseling support. Thus, e-learning can be considered one of the tools of distance education. Distance learning is a set of technologies that ensure the delivery of the main volume of educational material to the trainees and provide an interaction of trainees and teachers in the learning process. In this case, the delivery of benefits can be carried out without the participation of computers and the Internet.
Training with the use of remote technologies has many positive aspects:
  • The opportunity to study in a place of residence: Not always the residents of the province have the opportunity to go to a large city for admission to the institute. Distance technologies in education allow you to study without leaving your hometown.
  • The ability to combine work and study: Students have the opportunity to receive an education without interruption - this is especially true for those who want to improve their qualifications or get a second higher education.
  •  Access to high-quality technologies and educational content: A student can be trained on quality teaching materials, communicate with teachers and make an individual curriculum.
  • Objectivity of certification: Distance learning technology presupposes constant monitoring of the quality of knowledge acquisition, impartial evaluation of results thanks to the automated knowledge assessment procedures that exclude human factors.
  • Individual approach to training: Flexible schedule, the ability to combine study and work, as well as the adaptation of training products to the individual tempo of assimilation of information make distance learning convenient for everybody.

Will the Machines Be Able to Substitute Teachers in the Future?

Despite the large amount of data in the global network, people should be watching the quality of information. And that’s where technology is going to be helpful. Teachers of educational institutions working in classes with about 30 people have to follow the educational program without the possibility to pay attention to each person.

In countries such as China, Japan, and India, thousands of young people find it difficult to get an education due to a lack of qualified teachers and an overabundance of pupils in classes. Artificial intelligence flexibly adjusted for each trainee can help them to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Google adapts search results for geolocation, Amazon recommends buying based on the previous search; Siri analyzes the user's commands. Today's artificial intelligence understands human needs. Artificial intelligence will be able to analyze the pupil's abilities by adjusting the individual training program.

Machine learning algorithms can collect test data and user progress to provide the right tasks at the right time. In the next 10 years, it is impossible to imagine the exclusion of the human factor in the educational environment. However, in the long run, artificial intelligence is likely to replace the traditional system of education we have today.

January 26, 2018

Only Effective Exam Writing Tips

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Only Effective Exam Writing Tips
Ideally, you should prepare for the exam a month before the exam. Divide the time into three parts. In the first 10 days, you will just read the material, which is enough to get a satisfactory grade. Then study the tickets in detail and thoughtfully.

During the remaining days, you should be memorizing and repeating the most complex topics to avoid errors in your answers.
Latest Updated on May 9, 2018

Preparing for exams is a complicated, stressful and time-consuming process, especially if time is short. In this article, we have collected the most effective ways to quickly prepare for a written exam.

You can check out other useful education tips and tricks, for example, how to write college scholarship essay on our site.

Tip 1:Visit a library

Visit a library and select the appropriate list of literature to prepare for the exam. Of course, it is more convenient for many to find information on the Internet.

However, according to the advice of psychologists, preparing with books is much more efficient, since young people have a well-developed visual memory. During the exam, you can visually reflect where you have already seen a possible answer to your ticket, and recall what was written on that page.

Tip 2: Organize your time

Students often work to earn extra money. Therefore, they don't have much free time. If you are among those who combine work and study, try to allocate time for preparing for exams. Let it be those days that are less loaded.

For those who do not care about the organization of affairs, we advise to draw up a plan of action. The main thing is to execute the plan just in time and never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

What are the first questions to learn? Choose the right tactic according to the circumstances:
  1. If you have already acquired some knowledge during the semester - begin to study the exam questions that you already have an idea about. This will prepare the ground for studying the interrelated themes.
  2. The second option is to move forward strictly according to the logic of the studied topics. Adhere this principle in cases where each subsequent topic is based on the previous ones.
  3. Leave for later the most difficult questions, be sure to allocate enough time for them, learn easy tickets at first.
  4. However, there is also the opposite opinion - the difficult tickets must be studied first, while your concentration and energy are at the peak.
Your task is understanding the information. Find logical links between the blocks of the studied information.

Tip 3: According to teachers, study materials are best absorbed in the morning

Therefore, try to allocate time for preparation precisely until 14:00-15:00. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps you better absorb information in the evening and at night. Then use the most suitable time for your benefit.

It is recommended to spend about an hour studying the material. Then there should be a break during which you can eat, go out, listen to music. However, don't overdo it, the break should not be more than 20-25 minutes. Otherwise, you risk not being in time to prepare for the necessary discipline. Don't allow yourself to spend on one ticket 2 to 3 hours. Set a timer, it mobilizes.

Tip 4: It is important to repeat information

Before you sit down to study a new question for the exam, repeat what you have already learned. Thus, you will be able to systematize the information that your brain has already received.

Tip 5: Write cribs

While you are writing, the information is getting structured in your brain. There is a category of teachers who don't reduce exam ratings for the noticed cribs. However, this is rather a happy exception to the rules.

Tip 6: Don't deplete the body with liters of coffee or energy drinks

If you are tired, then you should have a rest, you can sleep for several hours. Then take up work again. If you act according to the scheme of a sleepless night plus coffee, it will be very difficult for you to pass the exam.

Tip 7: Don’t forget to move

Jogging in the morning, physical exercises are great for stretching your muscles before a long process of sitting behind textbooks. Blood will begin to circulate better, and it will be easier to memorize new information.

The day before the exam, we advise you to stop your preparation. Of course, it is difficult to act on this principle, because panic can grow with every hour. Try to go out for a walk, let it be unhurried.

Tip 8: Relax

Yes, you need to give yourself some rest, even if you have only 8 to 12 hours to prepare for the exam. Within each hour, allocate 5 - 10 minutes to rest:
  1. Meditation, breathing exercises are excellent methods to relieve stress and increase concentration.
  2. Stretching or physical exercises will help relieve tension in the muscles and activate the flow of blood to the brain.
Try to sleep the night before the exam. If you don't sleep, you will wake up with a heavy head in the morning and the risk of not remembering elementary concepts.

Get ready in the evening: Charge your smartphone, prepare the necessary documents, so you won't rush around the apartment in search of the necessary things in the morning.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2018 17:46 PM | Updated Date: May 09, 2018 16:17 PM

January 23, 2018

Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam

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Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam
Here, I explain to Best Mistakes Students Make in a Board Exam and students spend over a year planning for the board exams, there are times when hopefuls ignore the fundamentals because of which they wind up battling with time amid the real examination. Here are some fundamental mistakes students make while endeavoring boards exams see below.

Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam

Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam
  1. Not Reading The Question Paper-Here, First common Mistakes students make is not using the 15-minute reading time correctly.  Students should understand the Question paper carefully with the goal that they can arrange their considerations and deal with their time well through the exam.
  2. Not Time Management-Time management is helpful for the board exam. Else, you will wind up attempting to finish the paper that may make excitement and excitement towards the most recent couple of minutes of the exam. The paper is usually spread into these classes - Very Short Answer, Short Answer I/Short Answer II and Long Answer. Plan ahead of time how much time you will commit to each inquiry and class and stick to it.
  3. Copying Incorrect Data-Here, this copying wrong evidence we find that students duplicate the information erroneously from the question paper, or starting with one stage of the problem then onto the next. Additionally, regularly they don't change the data into part units.
  4. Diagrams-Diagrams required, ought to be slick and named and It would do well for a student to introduce an monitor friendly answer content with precise and perfect penmanship, successive introduction of answers and their sub-parts, underlining/featuring catchphrases and specialized terms and for last, re-checking the answer contents before submitting the same to the monitor.
  5. Not following the Progressive System-There is much to be said in regards to the content of the appropriate response.  Regularly long, the article writes questions are solved without legitimately planning the request in which different focuses are to be secured.  The answers ought to apply to the problems and relying on word restrict, must take a chain of the importance of significance, from the most important to the minimum and some online site like writepro.net solve all type problem fetch in writing so visit this is best.
Schools more often than not give enough practice to students amid inside examinations, with the goal that they are clear about what esteem focuses, specific terms and catchphrases are required in the answers.  Alluding to the stamping plan for checking and examining their particular inquiry papers and also breaking down the model papers, amid internal evaluations is honed in many schools, in any event in classes 11 and 12.

On the off possibility that the students frequently examine the content of their answers by remembering the respect focuses given in the stamping plant and in addition contrast their responses and model answers, amid the inside appraisals, they will have the capacity to build up the aptitude of deciding the chain of importance of significance of content and will ready to score better checks in the Boards.

Here, a complete guide for Best Mistakes Students Makes in a Board Exam and you read this guide very helpful for you.

January 19, 2018

What is the future and career scope of web design?

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What is the future and career scope of web design?
The IT Industry and all accompanying technological changes have introduced to the world a domain of Web Design. While it started off as simply creating designs for websites, it isn’t like that anymore.

With so many people now not just hopping on and off the net but staying online literally, all the time, web design has evolved and taken a key role to also develop an Android app. In this light, there are now several online web design courses that train people on web design.

So what does the future look like?

Web Design is surely here to stay. And there are many reasons why. Read on to know some of the key reasons.

Internet Penetration

Initially, web design was only about developing a design for browser-based websites. That was also because internet penetration was low. But with time, a lot more people have shifted to the online realm. Even though the global penetration might still not be as high as the industry would want, it’s still great potential. With people using handheld devices this penetration percentage has increased and brought forth greater possibilities.

App Design

Wes Design has also integrated within it the design of apps owing to the wider acceptance of app-based business models. This has increased the scope of work and now there is genuine demand in the market for individuals who are trained to design mobile-based apps to replicate the browser-based design. This is more on the lines of responsive designs.

User Experiences

Whereas web design earlier was only about designing the page and working on the look and feel. The tweaks back then were only about colours and sizes when web designing was at a primitive stage. Now, however, this has changed. Web Design has evolved like every field and the concept of not creating a design but using the design to voice your brand and create an everlasting user experience has emerged.

So what is the career scope really?

Well, you could start working as either a front-end designer or a back end designer once you are trained and eventually. It would be a good idea to also take up project management certification courses to handle larger pieces of work.

But there are many more options within web design teams like design and layout analyst, user interface Designer, user experience designer and more! These domains are rather specialised in an area.

What is also interesting is that in the market there are several opportunities for freelance work so if you end up being a competent designer, you could end up starting your own startup for web design.

To sum it up there are many opportunities and a lot of work in the market in this domain. You could be a student, an experienced professional, an entrepreneur and knowledge of web design would still be relevant.

January 16, 2018

NIH Grants-How to Write an Grant Application

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NIH Grants-How to Write an Grant Application
Getting awarded by an NIH Grant is a matter of prestige for any research scholar. No wonder, large numbers of applications are received every year for the NIH Grant Awards.

If you too are planning to submit an application you would like to read this article that deals with all the basics of NIH Grants.

Things to know before planning to write a grant application

Write NIH Grant Application

For preparing a winning application you first need to know what the reviewers check in the submitted applications.
  • Overall Impact – The peer reviewers i.e. the panel of non-federal scientists appointed by NIH grants committee assess the overall impact the proposed research can bring in the related fields.
  • Scored Review Criteria – After assessing the overall impact the applications are reviewed on basis of some fixed criteria that are individually scored.
    • Significance – This score is awarded on the basis of the significance of the proposed research idea.The research targeting a critical issue of the related field scores high.
    • Investigator(s) – This score is based on the qualification, merits, experience, and performance of the researchers and collaborators who have submitted the application for the grant.
    • Innovation – This score is based on the innovative i.e. thinking out of the box quality reflected in the application.
    • Approaches – If the research work is strategically planned to reach the end goal in systemized and ensures the protection of the subjects (humans as well as animals) involved it ranks high in approaches.
    • Environment – This score is based on the choice of environment i.e. the working area for the research. If the environment increases probability of the success of the research it is given a good score

How to write a grant application

Knowing the scoring criteria is the best thing that gives you the perfect idea of what to include and how to approach the explanation of your proposed research.

After knowing that you may need the following presentation tips for your application.
  • Make your project goals realistic. Don’t try to fool yourself or the reviewers with over-promises.
  • Write your NIH Grant application in a well-organized way. The easier your paper is to navigate the higher score you can get.
  • Write in a clear and concise language. You don’t need any flowery language used by literature experts.
  • Make sure your application is free of errors. Review it multiple times yourself and also ask some friends or mentor to review and point out any mistake.
When you are involved seriously in your research, keeping track of the announcements done by NIH is not an easy task.

So, you can use some online NIH grant search directory to find the grants and application details. This ensures you do not miss a golden opportunity for applying for an NIH Grant.

Even after having all the required information writing a grant application may seem a daunting task.

But you are not alone in the battle there are some grant writing service providers who can take-off the load from your shoulder.

You can then stay relaxed and work on your research project with full concentration.

January 12, 2018

UPSC examination: How to prepare for mathematics?

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UPSC examination: How to prepare for mathematics?
Preparing for UPSC exam is a challenging task but choosing a good optional subject increases your chances for qualifying. Mathematics is one such key player.

If you have a mathematics background and have interest in that subject, then prefer maths as your optional subject.

Latest Updated On 08.01.2019

Maths has always been known as a good scoring subject. For the people who hate mugging, Mathematics is a gift. There is no hit and try involved in it. If you know the formula, you know the answer. 

Choosing mathematics has its own advantages such as it requires more of application part and zero mugging. Secondly not many UPSC aspirants take up maths as the optional subjects, so there is less competition.

Mathematics-preparation-for- UPSC examination

Thirdly, the study material is easily available. And lastly, this subject has a limited syllabus unlike other subjects in which current affairs are also involved. Here are few easy tips to get high marks in the exam.

Number of attempts

During the exam, if you are unable to solve the question in two attempts, leave it. You will not be able to solve that. Focus on other questions. If a problem is taking too much time, then hold on, you may be following a wrong approach to solve it.

Tips and tricks

Practice some good tips and tricks to solve the problems. The more problems you solve, you efficiency will automatically be increased. Try to adopt Vedic Maths techniques. This will help you to solve even the biggest of equations within fractions of seconds.

Avoid silly mistakes

Maths is one such subject where a single silly mistake can deviate you from the actual answer. Be careful of the sign the number is carrying. Practice, practice and practice till you become perfect.

Make a formula chart

Make a chart (or two) of all the formulas and paste them in your study room.  Don’t be hesitant in looking through the formula in case you forget. After some practice, the formulas will automatically be memorized by you.

Try solving by hand

Rather than just reading any solution, better take a pen and paper and try solving it. There is a huge difference between solving in mind and solving on paper.

New Topics

Some new topics have been introduced such as Mechanics and Fluid dynamics. Try to understand the concepts in the beginning of your preparation period. After reading all the solved examples, then start off with previous year question papers. This will give you an idea what and how much to study for the prelims.

Writing answers

If you are writing short answers then give one or two lines for introduction and then move straight to the point. In case of long answers, give introduction and explain wherever necessary and make a perfect conclusion at the end.

Join Test Series

Joining test series is an effective way to improve your time management and self evaluation skills. If not daily, then give a mock test at least twice a week for a sound preparation.

Keep yourself relaxed

You cannot solve any mathematics problem if you lack focus or concentration. Keep all the distractions away from you and be cool & relaxed. This way you will not only be able to understand the problem but will also hit the right answer too.

Mathematics is the first love of science. If studied and applied properly, mathematics will fetch you good marks and ultimately a good UPSC score.

Business Administration Associate Degree: Why Should I Choose Online?

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Business Administration Associate Degree: Why Should I Choose Online?
While studying online has become an increasingly popular option for millions of individuals around the globe, some may feel that studying something like a business administration associate degree online may not be the best idea…

Latest Updated On 08.01.2019

This article will go through some of the main advantages of studying a business administration associate degree online, and why so many leaders in the business world chose to study through the internet, rather than enroll at a full-time online course.

Struggling for Positions in your Course of Choice

Many of the major universities in your state and in the United States in general are becoming overcrowded, and positions for courses such as a business administration associate degree may become quite scarce at many tertiary institutions.

Too many people today are unable to pursue their academic dreams due to the lack of available positions in their ideal university, and do not unfortunately know of the value and worth of online courses as an alternative.

You may be surprised that there are currently three million people enrolled currently in degrees that are taking place online in their entirety, many of them studying business administration associate degrees.

Supplementing your Degree with an Online Program

Those that are currently studying a business administration associate degree will often struggle with providing the full credits needed for a successful pass and graduation. In today’s hectic modern life, many people are forced to work while studying at the same time.

This means that many people are unable to fit in as many modules as they would prefer. One perfect solution is to enroll with an online institution in order to do just the one or few programs that you are missing out on.

Online courses, unlike ones in full-time universities, can be customized according to one’s time-management related needs. Such customizability allows those pressed for space in their lives to complete a fully-accredited degree successfully.

A Plethora of Productivity

You will be amazed at just how many options an online course in business administration associate degree will provide the aspiring businessperson. Your traditional subjects and programs will be available, but you can easily find the more specialized and advanced subjects those seeking a more technical career require.

You can simply tailor your degree according to your needs so easily when it comes to online courses. The power is in your hands, and you decide how and when your degree is completed.

An Affordable Level of Excellence

Tertiary education is not the cheapest avenue of human experience, and most university students will quickly lament their expenses comprehensively when prompted. Online courses just save the learner so much, on every level.

While not all online courses are substantially cheaper than their physical counterparts, there are still many other expenses that are cut when you study through the internet. You do not need to commute anywhere, you do not need to purchase costly textbooks, and there are no accommodation costs, seeing as you will be working from home.

January 8, 2018

Army bharti rally online registration | Ultimate guide 2019

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Army bharti rally online registration | Ultimate guide 2019
So you are planning for online registration for the Army Bharti rally 2019, or for army open Bharti online registration?

If yes, then you are not alone.

Every year 30-35 lakh individuals appear for recruitment in the Army. Last Update : 23 May 2019

Army Bharti Rally Online Registration Ultimate Guide 2018

Here, are two ways of join Indian army: 

  1. Entrance exam : For graduate persons who want to become Indian army officers, and 
  2. Open Bharti rally : For the 10/12th pass out candidates, for solder cadre.

If you over 17.6 years old, you are eligible for fill form.

Army Bharti Rally Online Registration

Time has gone when anybody can participate in the rally, now for make recruitment transparent and for stop fraud.

Indian Army bharti rally online registration start, only register candidates can take part in rally for Medical, fitness, and physical test.

By completing these 11 steps you can get registered yourself to appear in Open Bharti rally 2019

Army Bharti rally Ultimate guide

Army Bharti rally Online registration ultimate guide
  1. Visit Indian army official website for applying or registration and the url is: www.joinindianarmy.nic.in. This site is BOT protected, and only a human can visit the site so for proof that you are not a bot (a computer program), enter the captcha image in the box. Sometimes a captcha error show, even you enter correct image, in such case calm down, and wait for single or couple minutes, and try again.
  2. On the home page you have to look for option/link ‘JCO/OR apply logic, yes!! You get right just click the button/link, and because you are a new user, you must have registered by click on the ‘registration link/button. Enter your E-mail id, and here most important thing is that you must remember this email id, because this is your user id /login id, you need this later for access login page.
  3. Although you can skip the content on this new page, but it is highly recommended to read the instructions carefully, before click on continue.
  4. So, now you will on the personal information page, here you have to fill the information such as, personal details, contact details, educational details, and password requirement correctly. Before, save the details given a look to all fields for recheck the details. If every field detail is correct, click on save button.
  5. Now, email id role start, when you finish the above steps, the website generates and sent an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered Emil (Now you got, why I mention it above to remember the email id J). Now you have to enter this OTP in online registration website, and then click the “Submit” button.
  6. By visiting “check eligibility page” and by filling the required details you will find out which trade shoot to you for applying. On this page you have to give extra caution, because of wrong input will show the wrong thread for apply based on the information provided here.

    Additional tips: Don’t forget to choose the special category option, if you have any special certificate such as, relation certificate, sports certificate etc.
  7. Again a new page will open with a list of rallies (of different trades) for which you can apply. Just click on the “apply” button next to the rally you want to apply for. Make sure that you choose the right Bharti, as you will not be able to undo it later.
  8. Once again, a page with detailed instruction will appear. Read it carefully and then click on the “continue” button.
  9. The main application form will open with the following tabs : Instructions, personal information, communication details, details and educational details.Fill all the information correctly in each tab. When you are done then click on the “save & continue” button for each tab.
    Note :
    the information once filled can not be changed by the user after submitting the form, therefore be very careful while filling the details in this form.
  10. After filling all the details, the summary of your form will be displayed. Read all the details and cross check them, if the details are correct, then click on the “submit now” button.
  11. After submitting the form successfully, you will see a pdf icon at the bottom right corner, click on the “download” button present below the pdf icon. This will download your application form on your system. You can take a printout of it for future reference.

Army Open Bharti rally Common trades 

Army Open Bharti 2018
  • Soldier GD (General Duty): All arms- Those candidates who will be selected as soldier GD will be dealing mostly with physical tasks.
  • Soldier (Technical): Technical Arms, Artillery, And Army Air Defense: If you are recruited as a technical soldier then you need to be good in computer and other technical stuff, as this is what you will be doing in the army for the rest of your life.
  • Soldier Tech (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner)
  • Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms): Clerks have to work mostly with papers and documentation part.
  • Soldier Nursing Assistant (Army Medical Corps): You will be working in the medical department if you are recruited as the nursing assistant.
  • Soldier Nursing Assistant Veterinary (Remount Veterinary Corps)
  • Soldier Tradesmen (All Arms): You act as a support system that helps in the smooth functioning of the arm.

Indian Army Bharti 2019 Age limit

Age criteria change for Indian army GD, and Clerk, Technical and tradesmen given below
  • For soldier, General duty 17 years and 6 months to 21 years.
  • Clerk, Technical and tradesmen trades, minimum age as above while the maximum age is 23 trades. Clerk, Technical and tradesmen trades, minimum age as above while the maximum age is 23 trades.

Right from their childhood, the several Indian youth dream for Join Indian Army, they live life accordingly; they work hard to keep them fit for army physical test.

The youth respects their country, country flag and army.

This Patriotism motivates the new generation for applying for Indian Army either by entrance exam or by army Bharti rally conducted by the Army Recruitment office (ARO) or head office.

Join Indian army through Entrance exam required graduation, it opens the door for officer ranks. While the Army Bharti rally is for fill soldier vacancies in above trades.

January 4, 2018

How to Remain Happy During UPSC Preparation

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How to Remain Happy During UPSC Preparation
Only an aspiring UPSC candidate understands the pressure and hard work that goes into the preparation stage of this exam. Under these circumstances, staying happy and motivated so that you don’t lose your mind, feels like an added burden.

Your own thought processes, constant day dreaming, expectations, every day pressures, and desire to perform well get in the way of your happiness. If you see yourself nodding to these instances, here are a few tips that can help you stay happy during UPSC preparation.


Get Rid of the Pressures in your Head

This is easier said than done, but you need to learn to compartmentalize. Free yourself from all kinds of negative thoughts such as expectations of parents, your future, and the likes. Prepare for the exam by focusing on the present day. Make note of the things you have to accomplish for that day and see that you work hard to achieve them.

Find the Will and Motivation to Pull Through

Motivate yourself to do better, even when no one tells you to do so. After all, it is your goal and so you need to put in the effort and study for it. You have to find the strength from within to persevere and persist without waiting for external factors to tell you to do so. Also, accept the fact that if things don’t turn out according to your plan or you do not get the score you expect, you will be okay.

Enjoy What You Do

When you do something you love such as going shopping, indulging in sports or watching a movie, you automatically enjoy it. The same goes for UPSC preparation. When you begin to enjoy studying, you won’t feel like it’s such a burden. Opt for subjects you genuinely have a liking towards. Learn to create curiosity around the topics. Think of it as a chance to learn and become more knowledgeable.

Focus on the Things You are Good at

Develop an understanding about your strengths and work on them. There will be instances when you encounter hurdles and low times during your civil service preparation. It is during these times you need to pay attention to the things you are good at. For instance, you can tell yourself that you are good at English; you can definitely handle Maths.

Keep a Track of Your Advancement

Sometimes, it’s good to look back at how far you have already come. Whenever you feel blue, you can look at your track record and feel pumped up to carry on. It gives you an idea of your past struggles and how you fought to overcome them. This naturally fills you with pride and you are left feeling happy and eager to achieve more while still being content about how far you have come.

Eat Healthy and Stay Active

It is important to eat properly and have a healthy diet. This also includes adequate amounts of water. You also need to devote a part of your time to staying active. This encompasses exercise, going for a jog, cycling or whatever other activity suits your fancy. This helps keep your body in top condition and also betters your mental health. You are also better equipped to concentrate and pay attention.

Inspire Yourself and Imagine

Imagining yourself as a civil servant without day dreaming about it works wonders. It helps you when you are feeling down. You can also look at your favorite personality for inspiration. You really have to believe in yourself, even if you can’t, pretend to do so. Eventually you will get there.

Avoid Negative People

The last thing you want is people telling you that you can’t make it. This works like a deal breaker. It is best to stay away from the cynics of the world for your own mental health and peace of mind. Staying in the presence of such people eventually causes their negativity to rub off on you. It’s best to avoid them altogether.

Attempt to do something productive each day and get a good night’s sleep. Try to minimize anxiety levels and make a choice to be happy and positive regardless of the circumstances. Remember, happiness and progress is interconnected. If you strive to remain happy while studying hard, you will succeed and ace the UPSC exams.

Last Updated on: January 4, 2018 at 4:37 PM