Boosting Your Child's Development Before School Days

We all want the absolute best for our children. In today's society it seems education is a moving target. Changes in learning expectations are becoming so common that I sometimes struggle to help my daughter with her homework. I find myself wondering when did school become so hard for the little ones. The words they are learning to spell are so advanced, and most of the time I feel she's reading on a much higher-grade level. With the rapid pace that education is taking on, we as parents need to be ready at home, starting as soon as we can get our child's attention. It's up to us to have them ready and up to speed for their journey in education. A few ways to prepare your child for kindergarten are to home school them, enroll them in daycare, and engage in fun learning filled playdates.

Home School 

The home is the most comfortable environment there is. Learning at home is the easiest when your child is already used to learning things from you. Place your child on a nice schedule like school to that they can be accustomed to learning in the morning, having a fun activity in the afternoon, lunch and winding down for the rest of the day. You can purchase materials from discount school stores or anywhere that school supplies are sold. If you are not sure what to teach your child, just check out your state's education site. They will outline what the expectations are for each grade level. When the day arrives that you'll want to enroll your child in kindergarten, it will be obvious that they are ready to join a classroom and learn at the appropriate level.

Daycare Enrollment 

Daycare is a common place for babies and small children to learn the majority of their basic school days knowledge. Daycare will have your baby on a nice schedule and get them accustomed to being around other children. For children that are used to the structured atmosphere or learning in groups it can be hard for them to adapt to the different environment. Daycare and preschool programs can be costly so do your research to make sure your child is getting the safest, cleanest and most supportive learning environment possible. When I first started out I looked for
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Learning Filled Playdates

We have the ability to learn the fastest when learning doesn't seem like such a chore. This method works extremely well on children. In groups it almost appears as if the kids are competing to show their absorption of knowledge. They will take in a lot more this way also as a fun experience to share with their friends. You will notice when the date ends that they will be singing songs or doing the lesson on their own around the house. They don't even realize they've learned some very important stuff.

Prepping our children for the educational journey is important. We must make sure we get them in the mindset of learning and listening to understand. They need to be extremely teachable at these tender ages, so they are able to absorb a good basic foundation on which their education will continue to grow. To help your child be super ready for the kindergarten world try home schooling, daycare enrollment, and learning filled playdates.

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