The best resources for learner drivers

Learning to drive can be an exciting and stressful time in anyone’s life. If you are a learner driver, then you need to have the best educational resources to help you become the best driver that you can be.

You may get a basic driver’s education at a driving school or from a driving instructor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn on your own with the help of third-party resources.

That way, you’ll be prepared for your driver’s test so you can easily pass it.

The first set of resources you’ll need are ones which give you a fundamental understanding of driving. Books and online literature are available for not only learning how to drive, but also for learning the rules and laws of driving in the United Kingdom.

Remember the driving test that you take for your licence will require you to answer practical questions about driving before you actually go out on the road.

Learning this information from literature is the best way to do that. Blogs from resources like SpeedyTests can give you free information in regards to passing your test.

If you go on the Amazon website, you should purchase the following book: “The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers.” This will give you some idea of what the theory test will be like. You can purchase an earlier edition for just a few pounds.

But if you want a completely free resource for learning how to drive, go to This website was built for helping new drivers become successful.

This website offers driving lesson plans, a search engine to find local driving instructors and another search engine for finding used vehicles that are recommended for new drivers. Go through the lesson plans on, whether you have a driving instructor or not. 

The lesson plans will teach you about the most common traffic scenarios and how to react to them. For example, you’ll learn about emergency stops, turning, pulling off the road, hazard awareness, pedestrian crosswalks, roundabouts and more. Once you are done with the lesson plans and feel confident about them, there are a few practice theory tests available that you can take as well.

After you’ve gained enough knowledge from books and have gotten hands-on experience behind the wheel, the next step is to take practice exams. The government website is very resourceful when it comes to practicing for the theory test of your exam.

You can take their mock theory test online and its questions are completely random. Just keep taking this practice test over and over again until you’re getting 100% correct each time you take it. This will almost guarantee that you’ll pass the real theory test of the exam when the time comes.

Before you take your real driving test on the road, you need to practice driving with an instructor or some other licensed driver.

Use the Learners Guide website to find an instructor if you don’t already have someone to go out with you.

Then, when you’ve gotten to the point where you feel confident behind the wheel, then go to the website to book an appointment to take your exam.

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