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These days, competition is so high and everyone wants reputed job in govt. sector or in private sector.

For such type of job, every candidate has to clear the entrance exam which is conducted by respective companies or organizations.

So, it is much necessary to clear the entrance exam with highest score (And The HC Verma Physics can help defiantly).

Latest Updated On 01.01.2019

Candidates, who are interested in engineering field job, must have to clear their all concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

For clearing entrance exam which are related to engineering field, candidates may also prefer the books used in 11th class and 12th class.

For clearing the concept of Physics subject, follow books of HC Verma. Candidates do not need to spend money to buy such books.

HC Verma physics book in PDF

They will get Physics books on the internet in pdf format. HC Verma physics is available in two volumes: HC Verma solutions

HC Verma vol 1

and HC Verma solutions vol 2.

HC Verma physics book in PDF

Part one of HC Verma physics has 1 to 22 chapters while part two complete rest of the chapters which are from 23 to 47 chapters.

Each chapter in the book has HC Verma solutions which contain all type of questions and answers such as objective type questions and answers, multiple choice questions, worked out examples,
numerical problems, short questions and answers, very short questions and answers and others.

HC_Verma PDF for solutions vol 1 or part one has following chapters:

  1. Chapter–1-Introduction to physics
  2. Chapter-2-Physics and mathematics
  3. Chapter–3-Rest and motion: kinematics
  4. Chapter-4-The forces
  5. Chapter-5-Newton’s laws of motion
  6. Chapter-6-Friction
  7. Chapter-7-Fircular motion
  8. Chapter-8-Work and energy
  9. Chapter-9-Centre of mass, linear momentum, collision
  10. hapter-10-Rotational mechanics
  11. Chapter-11-Gravitation
  12. Chapter-12-Simple harmonic motion
  13. Chapter-13-Fluid mechanics
  14. Chapter-14-Some mechanical properties of matter
  15. Chapter-15-Wave motion and waves on a string
  16. Chapter-16-Sound waves
  17. Chapter-17-Light waves
  18. Chapter-18-Geometrical optics
  19. Chapter-19-Optical instruments
  20. Chapter-20-Dispersion and spectra
  21. Chapter-21-Speed_of_light
  22. Chapter-22-Photometry
If candidates are not interested to download complete part one of HC Verma physics solution, then they can also download one by one chapter which they have need in PDF format.

There are many editions available of HC Verma physics part one and part two. So, it is necessary that you must have to be careful about edition when you start downloading in your system.

Latest edition will have all solutions and more question and answers which were asked in previous exams, so get the latest edition of physics book.

The book of HC Verma for physics subject followed by candidates who are preparing for engineering related entrance exams.

Many of candidates found this book beneficial for clearing JEE mains exam by scoring highest marks.

Such candidates said that JEE aspirants must also have to read this physics book at-least one time.

When candidates try to find out book of HC Verma physics on the internet, they all must have to look for latest edition so that they can get more and more questions.

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