When Should Your Child’s Education Begin?

An early childhood education is recommended if you wish for your child to adjust socially and academically in the primary grades. Therefore, experts in education suggest that parents seriously consider the merits of having a child begin his or her education in a day nursery environment.

Getting a Head Start in Life

By choosing this type of atmosphere for your child’s care, you can offer him or her a stimulating and caring environment as early as six weeks old. Day nursery curriculums and programmes are offered until a child reaches the age of five. Therefore, children can get a head start on taking part in school-like activities.

A Relaxed and Comfortable Atmosphere

When you choose the right facility, your child will have access to activities that are suited to his or her age and stage of development. By taking this approach, a facility nurtures a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where a child can prosper and thrive. When a safe and happy environment is provided, children have the motivation to both learn and explore.

What You Want to Seek

If you choose a facility such as Sandfield Day Nursery , you can be assured that your child’s care will be taken seriously. Before you enrol your child, take a tour of the facilities. The caregivers should exhibit a friendly and caring demeanour and have the type of qualifications that are expected of professionals.

Scheduling Care for Your Child

When choosing a daycare facility of this type, you can enrol your child at any time, again, from six weeks to five years of age. You can also choose from full-time, full-day, or half-day (morning and afternoon) options. Make sure the site that you choose is needs compliant as well and offers the same opportunities for all of its participants.

In addition, you want to choose a facility that offers economical fees. For example, some daycare providers can offer 15 hours of care for free for children between the ages of two and four. This follows the recent government initiative in the UK.

Beyond this amenity, the facility is fee-based. All the prices for care include the meals as well. If you have specific dietary requirements for your child, make sure that the facility can honour your requests.

How Fees Are Determined

Normally, fees are broken down by age ranges. Therefore, what you pay will be based on your child’s age. The categories are typically infant to two years old, two to three years old, and three to five years of age.

Competitive Pricing

When contacting a facility, also make sure that it stands behind a fee structure that is competitively priced. Prices should be affordable without compromising on the quality of care. In some instances, you may be entitled to as much as 70% in tax credits that can be applied to your childcare costs.

If you want more information along these lines, you should contact Inland Revenue. Knowing this information will assist you in short-listing your childcare choices and planning your child’s education.

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