What to Expect When You Contact Universities during Clearing

Have you been unexpectedly entered into Clearing? Clearing itself is a part of the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS). The UCAS’s primary role is to oversee the application protocol for universities in the UK.

Why You May Not Have Received an Offer

Clearing is how a university or college fills places that it still has available in its courses. If you have not received an offer so far, then you were not made an offer, you declined the offers that you received, you did not meet certain criteria, or you applied too late (after June 30).

Clearing services are available during 2017 from August through October. Therefore, if you have received exam results but have not received offers, you can take advantage of Clearing during this period. If the results for your exam are reasonable and you can adapt to the subject and location, you still have a good chance that you will find another course.

University Clearing vacancies are kept current by colleges and universities so if you cannot find a course straightaway, you can always try to find one later. The idea of Clearing is to find the courses that interest you and have vacancies and respond by contacting the providers of the courses to see if you can be offered a place.

It always helps to request Clearing advice. Consult with an adviser at your school or careers office. He or she can suggest optional subjects or coursework. Check to see what courses are featured. Consider the various subjects. You do not have to stay with your original plan. Also, speak to all the colleges or universities where you are interested in taking courses.

Ask if a school will reconsider you (perhaps for the same course) even if you have applied to the school previously. In addition, you can receive informal offers via the phone from various colleges and universities. Review all the offers. It also helps to take your time and tour a college or university. Most schools are happy to show you around at the site.

Contacting a College or University

Officially, clearing 2017 opens on A Level results day, which is 17 August 2017, and concludes 23 October 2017. This is the time when the stress is on as competition for University spots can be fierce and vacancies are soon filled. In turn, you need to be organised and stay calm. This means that you need to be prepared when you contact a college or university.

Therefore, stay focused and positive. Make sure that you do the phoning yourself. Never let anyone make the call for you. Research the university before you make the call as the school will want to know your reasons for choosing it. You will need to provide all the needed information including your UCAS ID, GCSE grades, and a personal statement.

Don’t sound desperate when you call. Instead, you want to sound interested. Take down the name and contact information of each person with whom you speak. Don’t be demure about making contact. The idea is to get accepted. If you do not plan to accept an offer, show professional courtesy and let the school know about your decision.

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