Top Tips to Remember Formulae for NEET 2018

Preparing for competitive examinations like NEET is a tough nut. Even if you have all the NEET study material by your side, it can become super difficult to mug up all the formulae.

However, if you study only to remember all of them, you will eventually forget, but if you study with an aim to understand, remembering even the tough ones will become a cakewalk.

Also, remembering all the formulas in a single day is not possible. This tough task requires much patience and should be spread all over your study schedule.

So, if you are aiming to crack NEET 2018, here we have listed a few tips that will help you remember formulas like a pro.

UGC NEET 2018 - National Eligibility Entrance Test 2018

NEET 2018

Tip 1 – Pay Attention

Many students have a habit of not paying attention to what is being taught in the class. Giving heed to the formulas when they are being taught in the class is one of the beat ways to remember them. The reason is that when something is taught for the first time, the brain’s absorption power at that time is at its peak.

Even if you are taking help from pre-recorded video lectures from any of the platforms like Aakash iTutor, pay good attention when watching the video for the first time. Doing this, you are etching them in your mind for a long time while decreasing the burden of revision.

Tip 2–Visualise Them

Another great way to learn and remember formulas is by creating a visual picture of them. By visualising everything you learn, your brain will have an imprint of all the formulas,and it will make you recall them at a faster rate.

Whether you are drawing them on a chart and pasting it in front of you or creating small sticky notes, the choice is yours. You can also keep the formulas scattered at all the places so that you get to see a few whenever you reach your study table.

Tip 3–Read, Read, Read & Revise

Understanding the formulas repeatedly will significantly help you memorise them. Also, this will create a concrete picture of each of the formulas in your mind.

Also, you can also pen each down while reading (it bolsters learning). If you have a proper study schedule planned, make sure you have at least an hour dedicated to reading and revision of formulas.

Tip 4 – Know Your Problem Areas

Many students just try to mug up formulas without identifying their problem areas. You may find a few easy and others difficult. So, make sure you have two lists with the easy ones and difficult ones divided separately.

Understanding your weak areas and hovering onto them will make you learn faster. The moment you have the list of your weak areas separate, it will help you take your preparation further in an easy way. Learning formulas is not rocket science, but not an easy task either. So, make sure you know how to approach them well.

Tip 5–Understand Them Well

As stated earlier, mugging up formulas will do no good. You need to understand them well to get a better understanding of each. A better understanding will help you apply them efficiently and recall them well on the examination day.

In addition, understand the basics that will help you build them up well. Break them down into parts and then try learning them up.

If applied well, these techniques will help you ace in the upcoming NEET 2018 examination. Keep all the NEET study material at one place and make sure you take advantage of the learning tips provided above.
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