How to interview at the company of your dreams

When the hiring manager is in front of you, there is a lot going in his head.

Is this the right candidate to recruit for the company?

Does he know his job well?

Will he be able to work long hours? And so on.

Your task is to show him in less than 20 minutes that you are indeed what the hiring manager is looking for. So here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the interview at the company of your dreams.
  1. Breathe and don’t fidgets - Take few deep breathes to direct your attention from your anxiety to the task at hand. A clear mind is important for you to think critically and answer the questions well. Additionally, keep your hands clasped together and avoid fidgeting so that you appear confident to the interviewer.
  2. Know the company well - You should thoroughly research about the company and not ask them questions like “how are you looking to expand operations?” Know the competitors of the company, their history, their goal, products and employees.  If you are appearing for the interview through help from a placement agency or career consultant, make sure you ask them to give information about all they know about the company.
  3. Dress neatly - Make sure that your clothes are ironed and clean. Aim to dress formally, in a way that you look well-groomed. Don’t wear anything too tight. Also avoid wearing strong perfumes.
  4. Pay attention to your body language - Eye contact is very important when it comes to interviews. Not maintaining a proper eye contact can make the interviewer think that you are nervous or hiding information.

    So look up to the speaker when he is asking questions and while you are answering to appear confident and interested. Additionally, stand and sit straight during the interview to demonstrate confidence.
  5. Speak less - It’s easy to talk a lot when you are nervous. But make sure you only speak when you are required to. Interviews are formal business talks, not a place to make friends.

    Don’t veer off the topic and limit your answers to few carefully chosen words.  Listen obediently to what the interviewer is telling you. This can also give you clues about whether he is interested in your answer or not.

  6. Moderate your attitude - Positivity is important. While you should appear as confident, people always prefer modest people to overconfident ones.

    Mentally pump yourself to appear as calm and cool and not desperate for the job.
Interviews are great occasions to deliver a good first impression, make sure you study these strategies to appear as the best in your interview.
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