Early Education for Expat Children

The expat life certainly has its attractions, with higher than average, tax free salaries and general benefits that lure many professional people to exotic and faraway places. Expat communities are commonly found in many Middle East countries, as their wealth allows for rapid development, and with the major players all having a strong presence there, the need for professional people is always at a premium.

The majority of British professionals who opt for an expat posting are single, either that, or their partner remains at home and takes care of the children, but there are some young couples who decide to take the family and settle in a strange land for the duration of the employment contract. Updated on 31.05.2017
Early Education for Expat Children
Early Scholling for Expat Children

Early Schooling

With both mum and dad hard at work each day, a young toddler will need to be cared for, and the ideal situation for this first separation would be a nursery school. At two years old, a child is ready to explore the world of others, and if you have a single adult taking care of the child at this time, they will miss out on the social aspect of being around other children of similar ages. If you and your partner are about to sign a contract to work in Dubai, you might want to look at ToddlerTown.ae, where you can learn about the best British nursery that will prepare your child for the UK curriculum.

Social Development

This is perhaps the most important aspect to nursery education. By immersing the child in an environment with others of a similar age, important social skills are introduced, and these form the basis for a well-balanced academic education. Learning to share and help each other will give the child self-confidence, and with guided activities that are designed to develop specific social skills, the young learners learn how to live in the presence of others.

Creativity and Imagination

Modern education requires the learner to develop both creativity and imagination at a young age, and this is primarily the role of nursery education. Trained adults model the concept of make believe and with storytelling and drama productions, the young minds are guided into self-exploration, and these qualities will empower the child to pursue their chosen interests later in life.

The Role of Parents

During this time, your child will experience being apart from the two most important people in their life. For a toddler, mum and dad are the only thing they really know, and when it comes to the time for branching out, parental support is essential. Once you have sourced a nursery school, take your child along for a short visit, and when the program begins, at least they have experienced the environment on one occasion.

The first day can be an emotional experience, for both parent and child, and if your child is not yet ready to see you walk out the door, wait a while and join in with the activities, which is usually enough to hold their interest.

You can use the Internet to make a shortlist of potential nursery schools, and if you are British, try to find a nursery that follows the UK curriculum.
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