Math Assignment : Complete on time with correct tips

Knowledge of Mathematics is very important for everyone. We use Math in our daily life.

For instance, when we go to the market to purchase vegetables and grocery items we need to calculate and pay the amount.

Reaching at the office on time, completing all the works within a given time, and making your monthly budget, mathematics is involved in everything.  Last Update: Monday, 14 October, 2019.

Therefore, no one should ignore the subject of numbers. But Math phobia is common to the students of every country.

There are only a few students who enjoy doing their Maths assignment. Are you among those who enjoy doing their assignment? Or you find it boring like me?

Math Assignment tips

Mathematics is an interesting subject, and once you realize that it is interesting, it is the easiest subject for you.

It is important that children should take an interest in Mathematics from their early childhood otherwise their foundation will not be strong enough to understand the mathematical theories and principles in higher classes.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to motivate the students to take an interest in Mathematics and encourage them to do their Math assignment with fun.

Teachers' role in making Mathematics an interesting subject:

Completing assignments become interesting if people who are dealing with it explain concepts in detail. It is here that role of teachers come in. Here are some of the ways that they can help!
  • There are various strategies which can be adopted to develop an interest in Mathematics. For example, demonstrating the Indian and International Number system, equivalent fraction, Fibonacci Series and similar topics using Role play strategy. Teaching multiplication and division with the help of music and dance. Delicate and beautiful origami is effective in giving ideas about fractions and geometrical figures. Currency, Stamps, and flags are the best tools to teach the concepts of area and perimeter.
  • Appreciation and positive feedback act like a magic.Whenever a child solves a Maths assignment correctly appreciate them. Even if there is any error, point it out, explain the method once again and ask the child to do the sum again.
  • In a classroom, Maths teacher should also encourage the students to increase their speed. This can be done by introducing a grading system. One who will complete the sums correctly in lesser time will get the highest grade. 
  • Teachers can also use art therapy to teach Mathematics in an interesting way, in which children can use art media to explore their creativity and understand their own limitations.
  • Teachers must give assignment after completion of each chapter so that they can assess the students' understanding.
Another good way of building a strong foundation in Mathematics is lots and lots of practice. Students must utilize their free time to solve problems.

Apart from solving only textbook assignments, students should try to solve extra assignments available in other books and online educational sites.

Sometimes, it happens that students are loaded with multiple assignments at a time and therefore unable to complete their assignment timely.

Therefore, it is important to know how to complete your assignments in lesser time.

Some useful tips to complete your Maths assignment correctly in lesser time:

  • Keep your study table neat and clean. Make sure that pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, compass, protractor, and notebooks are kept in an organized way. So that you don't have to waste your time in searching these things.
  • Write down all the important mathematical formulas and theorems in a sheet and hang it in front of your study table.  It will save your time to complete assignments because you don't have to open your book every time to see the formulas. Moreover, when the formulas and theorems are in front of your eyes, you can easily remember them.
  • Use calculator for fast calculation.
  • Hang a logarithm table in front of your study table.
  • If you have doubt in any question, then refer to the answer given at the back of your textbook. It will give you an idea how to proceed with the question.
  • Start with the easier problems and attempt the difficult problems at last.
  • Do tidy work to avoid any confusion. Do the rough work on a separate page. For Algebra, don't use a shortcut method to reach the answers. Follow all the steps. It will eliminate the possibility of errors.
  • Recheck your solved problems before submitting them to your teacher.
  • Remember! You need to pay full attention for doing Maths assignment correctly. Therefore, make sure that no one should distract you at that time. Keep your mobile phone away, television switched off, and keep your room closed.
It is very easy to score higher grades in Mathematics. Even if you receive lower grades in other subjects, you can improve your overall grade by getting higher grade on the subject of numbers.

Solving Maths puzzle is a good exercise for your brain (I have tried it multiple times) and help you to think clearly and logically.

So, don't be afraid when you get Maths assignment. Read all the questions carefully, recollect all the formulas and theorems you have learned, and start doing your assignment.
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