Business Owners Beware: Fraud Can Be Anywhere

Business owners are always on the defensive, trying to prevent crises from derailing their operations. From making sure that there is enough capital to operate to worrying about staffing concerns to making sure that your products reach customers, few business owners have the bandwidth left to worry about whether or not a supplier or business partner has their best interests in mind. However, more and more business owners are coming to the realization that there are many outside influences out there that are just waiting for their opportunity to derail companies and take proceeds through nefarious means. One such example is MX Properties.

MX Properties is a company that was established by entrepreneurial thinking executives who were always looking for great opportunities they could engage in. Because it was a relatively new company, they lacked the necessary networking needed to span the huge range of industries they were willing to work within that they hired on an outside consultant to help them source the opportunities they were looking for. 
It is a practice used by companies of all shapes and sizes across all different types of industries and usually results in a mutually beneficial relationship between all parties. Unfortunately, this was not the case for MX Properties. It was the engagement of this consultant, a Mr. John S. Diak, that introduced MX Properties to the realities of fraud and ultimately led them to losing over $1 million in vital capital as well as a fight for their reputation in the marketplace as a legitimate company.

Once MX Properties realized things weren't as good as they had once hoped they would be in the initial business arrangements, they began desperately seeking a remedy to the situation. The consultant acknowledged that the original business partners weren't the legitimate business partners that he had originally presented them to be and wanted to try and make things right. It was then that he introduced MX Properties to Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza.

Ms. De Souza offered her legal experience and clout to help push through the project funding that had been promised to MX Properties by their previous business partners, for a small fee, of course. This fee, while not well outlined in the inducement, amounted to $11,000 and was requested to be wire transferred to her Lisbon Portugal law firm. However, rather than provide MX Properties access to the project fees as promised, it appeared that Carmen de Souza was also a part of this elaborate scheme to defraud MX Properties out of everything.

To add insult to injury, weeks later MX Properties began receiving harassing emails from an unnamed source as well as discovering that unflattering and downright libelous statements were being made in public about the legitimacy of MX Properties as a company. They are working day and night to try and rectify the situation, however, it is taking a toll on everyone involved. This story serves as a cautionary tale for all business owners to ensure that they know who they are working with before getting too far engaged.

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