5 Things you can do After Your Job Interview

Things You can do After Your Job Interview:  Successful job interviews are going to dictate a large part of your career.

You will find so many articles about "How to prepare for the interview" and how to "act during interviews".

People even create a blog in order to talk about interviews.

The options available at the moment are numerous but the interview process does not actually end when you leave the interview room.

If you want to make an impression better, the way you act after the interview needs to also be perfect.

Due to this, here is what you have to remember about the period following your job interview.



The shyness of a candidate is normally fatal for the hiring process.

If you want to be sure you make a really good impression, ask some questions that are really important.

The questions that you ask after the interview is over will help you because they show interest. Ask about the duration of the decision-making process and the follow-up process that may exist.

Thank You Notes

This is something that few people do so using the thank you notes will surely help you to make a lasting impression.

Candidates will depict this courtesy and are going to be considered. Simple replies to interview calls are more than what is needed.

A thank you note should be sent around 1 day after the interview but if you can, offering one around 3 hours after is definitely better.

Although you may not be hired because of this, it will offer an extra that will make you easy to remember by the person that held the interview.

Keep Searching For Jobs

After the interview goes really well candidates tend to quit their job search.

This is not a good idea.

Simply because the job interview was great does not actually mean you are going to get hired. You may end up even receiving the job and not liking it when extra details are offered.

Job searching should continue until you are hired, not until you go through a great interview.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is definitely going to be useful to follow-up. The correct candidate will sometimes be contacted through the social network.

Instead of simply waiting for that to happen, ask for a connection through the social network with the interviewer or the company.

That can help you to show attention and interest.

Overall Performance Gauge

This is a very important thing you need to do. All the information that you offer to the interviewer will be analysed in order to see overall performance.

When there are many weak points that appear and when you think that the interview did not go great, you want to continue job searches.

The most important part in job hunting is objectivity.

You want to be sure you are going to always be honest with yourself. Analysing how the job interview went is of utmost importance.

Never stop the job interview search process before you actually get the job and do remember to analyse the impression that you did so you will do better in the future.
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