Role and responsibilities of an estate lawyer

Life is unpredictable. One really never knows what ill omen one is bestowed with and has to face the aftermath. The unfortunate death of a loved one brings along with it the trouble of distribution of the deceased's assets and fulfilling his or her will.

Roping in the services of an estate lawyer proves to be crucial at this time as they settle issues relating to financial and legal matters, they handle cases that comprise taxes, creditors, mortgagees, burial fees and varied other final bills.

Estate lawyers are important also because most folk are not so well versed with the technicalities sand complexities of issues related to assets and probate; this mandates the services of an efficient estate lawyer to provide with legal assistance.

New way lawyers is a non profit organisation in the sunshine city of Brisbane that has been extending its support to citizens of Brisbane as regard the legal solution providing industry.

Boasting of highly qualified and experienced lawyers having years of experience under their belt they are the best in offering legal solutions to all its clientele irrespective of their gender or sexuality.

We present you a guide to the roles and responsibilities managed by estate lawyers:

Assets of the deceased

The last will written by the deceased person is always helpful in locating, determining and securing the assets in the most suitable manner. It gives an overall picture of the assets and property and thereafter, the estate lawyer can locate them, be it investments, a holiday home , a bank account or if it’s some business investment.

Also, it is possible to locate the impending or outstanding debts to settle the balances. The estate lawyer is bestowed the responsibility of arranging bills of the death of the decedent and also to make all the mandatory arrangements to settle the pending financial matters.

Estate lawyers are also handed over the task of preparation of documents, statements of accounts for the audit of the court.

Deliver assistance and advice

It is quite a common phenomenon that the family and beneficiaries have disputes as regard to the will and distribution of assets. An NWL Estate lawyer provides you legal advice and offer assistance that garner confidence to the respective executor.


Each county has specified some laws as regard the estate and inherent taxes. An experienced and qualified lawyer guide you and advise you on such matters. There have been instances when selling the property proves to be more advantageous than acquiring it to save upon the taxes involved in the preposition. Also, they guide you on the ways to secure cash for the payment of taxes.

Distribution to beneficiaries

The last task left after the settlement of taxes, final bill and debts involve distribution of the rest of the property and asset to beneficiaries. It might have been easy with a last will and testament but in case you don’t have one, then an NWL estate lawyer will secure you the court approval on entitlement of your  inheritance.     

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