10 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

The brain is one of the most complex organ in the human body. It is probably the most sophisticated creation in the universe. It witness that the world’s greatest wonders built by humans are the most amazing feature of the brain.

It acts as a storage device for human beings, storing most cherished memories of a person. Well, a person’s personality is totally influenced by the brain along with the consciousness of emotion, passion and motion.

Brain is known as the command center for the central nervous system, it has ample cognitive and physical abilities. However, there are only few roles that a brain can perform.

The most amazing thing about the human brain is that its facts are lesser known by many people. Here are the few interesting facts about the human brain.

It lacks Nerves: The human brain is the only organ in the body that lacks nerves. But, it acts as the central commanding unit for the central nervous system. This means that, the brain feels no pain.

Energy Consumption: The brain consumes largest portion of total energy generated by the human body. To be precise, it consumes 20 percent of energy for maintaining nerve impulses and healthy brain cells.

100 Billion Neurons: The human brain has approximately 100 billion of neurons that is almost 15 times of total human population. The higher number of neurons increases the ability of brain processing.

Fattest Organ: The human brain is the fattest organ among all other organs in the human body. About 60 percent of the brain is comprised of fat. This amount of fat makes the brain as a single organ to have highest concentration of fat in a healthy human body.

Neocortex: Human brain has a special gift compared to animals. The neocortex is a portion through which human beings are responsible for consciousness and language. It approximately makes up to 76 percent of the human brain.

Misconceptions: It is believed that human being use their brain less than 10 percent, but the recent study finds that each and every part of the human brain has its own and known function.

Multiply of Neurons: In many studies, neurons of human brain of a pregnant women multiplies at a rate of 250,000 neurons per minute.

Cardiac Output: The human brain consumes about 15 to 20 percent of blood. Approx. 750 ml of total cardiac output is directed to the brain every minute.

Brain can Light Bulb: The human brain that consumes energy is approximately 25 watts and is sufficient enough to light a bulb.

Brain can Fool You: The human brain is not perfect as you think. It has been found to fool human being by perceiving things differently from the reality.

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