3 Books to read before Starting a Law Degree

Picking 3 books to prepare oneself for a law degree is a near impossible task, so many are the potential (excellent) choices. Nevertheless, the following 3 will benefit a prospective student in important ways.

  1. HLA Hart, The Concept of Law Hart’s The Concept of Law is a seminal work of legal scholarship and legal philosophy. While it has been powerfully criticised by many, its greatest benefit to a budding law student lies not with its arguments, but with its approach.

    The book is viewed by assignment writers as being as simple and accessible as a book on legal philosophy can be (and certainly more fun than any law text book you’ll ever read!) and is remarkably thorough in interrogating the most basic concepts of the law and how we think about the law.

    According to essay writing services it provides a thought provoking and helpful guide to new law students, teaching them to think about the law rather than simply to apply it.
  2. Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality 1 and 2 This book deals with the process of building rules and applying them along the masses. This is very important to both law students and law practitioners.

    Assignment writers
    have highlighted that this is very appropriate to read at the beginning of one’s journey into law, since it deals among other things with the distinction between what is legal and what is moral.

    This is something which aspiring lawyers must always keep in mind as they venture into the field, being always mindful of retaining morality when plying their trade as lawyers.
  3. Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer Keeping the most entertaining for last, The Lincoln Lawyer is a popular legal bestseller-turned Hollywood blockbuster starring Matthew McConaughey.

    There is a long list of fantastic law based novels, all of which would be a good choice of read. Essay writing services advise, on the whole, for one of the 3 preparatory books to be lighter reading – both so you can ease into the subject and also to remind you to not take it so seriously as to lose perspective.

    What earns The Lincoln Lawyer a recommendation from many assignment writers is a combination of being current, very fun to read (or if you’ve had enough of reading, to watch) and offering the reader important insights about the profession. 

    The book shows the struggles between professionalism and morality which may at times become part of the profession and it does not shy away from demonstrating the ugliest sides of being a lawyer. It also, however, shows that it is possible to work around such difficulties. It is, in other words, an engaging and very human account of the profession, albeit only from a US perspective.
Many essay writing services agree that the books listed here will be of great benefit to students as they venture into Law. The list is put together with the idea of preparing a student intellectually, but will also help keep students mindful of the moral and professional conflicts and difficulties within the legal profession.
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