Students organizing and repaying education debt with Ameritech Financial Help

Ameritech Financial is a consumer services firm that assists students with organizing and repaying their education debtTo be precise, the firm helps its patrons locate the right loan repayment plans.

In addition, Ameritech also provides document preparation and financial analysis services.

In this Ameritech Financial review write-up, we'll learn why Ameritech has one of the happiest customers in the business.

Complying with Regulations

The company provides a variety of programs and services, and manages to comply with the standards set up by reputable organizations, which includes bodies such as the IAPDA and AFSLR. This compliance status is in addition to meeting regulations set by the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Also, the company has been duly certified for its customer service and sales functions, and processes for fee collection from consumers. These recognitions indicate the company doesn't indulge in objectionable acts such as giving away client details to unauthorized people.

Robust Tech Infrastructure

To make sure consistent delivery of top-notch services, the company has partnered with many strong tech solution providers - including

  • Docusign/Echosign who do electronic signatures; 
  • Five9 - a phone system; Conga Composer that provides on-the-fly document and script generation services; 
  • Chargent - a company that's into payment reporting and processing; and 
  • Appshark - an automated text messaging solutions provider.

In other words, Ameritech Financial is at the cutting edge of technology and can offer seamless service to its clients.


Ameritech has a referral model in place that clients could immediately join post enrollment. Consumers joining this program become advocates of Ameritech and are appropriately rewarded for bringing in new members.

Also, Ameritech lets rewards donations. Clients get the referral program details as soon as they complete their registration formalities.

Nurturing Leads

To ensure easy customer acquisition, the company provides lead nurturing services that includes customized phone call and email campaigns, surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, and also payment confirmations and notifications.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ameritech has a strong CRM setup that assists with employee performance tracking, managing customized cases, generating customized reports of client workflow, dynamic routing of clients, and also employee and department-specific dashboards.
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