Top 3 Cities in China You Get Best Teaching Experience

China is a huge country having diversified culture, tradition, unique dialects, good living conditions and varying teaching opportunities. Most of the foreign teachers concentrate mainly on Beijing, but there are many other cities that offer good teaching experiences to the candidates.

The process of choosing a place to live and start a new career is really quite overwhelming, especially when you are going for few years or more than that!

To make your searching decision a little easy, this article can help you to find the best cities in China that are suitable for teaching.

Teaching-Experience In China

1.SHANGHAI-This location is best for city lovers. Here, the population is about 23 million. The language spoken here is Mandarin Chinese and Shanghainese. The average salary of a teacher is 10k- 16k RMB per month. This is fast moving city having people from all over the world. This city can be overwhelming for some of the foreigners and it is just fit for some.

In this place, you can maintain an urban lifestyle. You can also taste Chinese food coupled with western cuisine. International candidates come to this city as this is one of the important places for English teaching in China. Shanghai is packed up with lots of other job opportunities. If you are interested in teaching kids, you will also enjoy it if you come to this city. 

2.HANGZHOU-This city is best for history and culture. Here, the population is about 8 million. The language spoken here is Mandarin Chinese. The salary ranges from 8k to 12k RBM per month. The famous cuisines available here is the West Lake fish and pork belly. If you looking for a place where you can work peacefully in between enjoying the rich culture and heritage, then this city is perfect for dwelling.

Hangzhou is the perfect blend of old and recent culture. You can also spend your leisure time walking around the lake, spend the evening listening to the pop songs and enjoy the drink at one traditional teahouse. Here are lots of local schools, ESL academies, and universities where you can find a competent teaching opportunity.

3.CHENGDU-This city is best for the panda lovers and local street foodies. The population of this place is about 14 million. The language of this city is Mandarin Chinese and Sichuan dialect. The famous food item that is available here are Mapuo Dofu.

Teaching in China
The salary ranges from 6k-8k RMB per month. Do you want to enjoy spicy food each day; one of the best places is Chengdu. Here, the lifestyle is really affordable than other places in China.

For the English teachers who are looking for ESL jobs abroad, can definitely settle here to explore rich culture and tradition.

These cities may be uncommon to you as compared to Beijing. Have a try to get your dream job as an English teacher. Start your new prospering career, enjoy!
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