3 Ways to Staying Ahead During The Semester

The majority of university students start to have panic attacks during the fourth week of the semester. This “death week” is when assessments are due and you begin to ponder about what you were doing for the past month. However, from my personal experience, I believe that the first week determines the entire structure of your semester.

There are three noteworthy tips that will help you remain as cool as a cucumber during the semester.

  1. Make a plan: First and foremost use a calendar at the comfort of your smartphone or a hardy copy paper that details assessments due each week. By having a clear indication of what needs to completed it will keep you on your toes as opposed to storing all the dates your head. It is also helpful to write down the weekly requirements such as readings or questions that are completed in classes. The main idea is to remain organised, so having a brief understanding of a topic before class makes it a lot easier to comprehend.
  2. Setting the right environment: Whether you study the best at the library, at home or the local coffee shop. Find a place where you can give your undivided attention to your work. If you’re more creative, set a vibrant atmosphere as boring furniture can make everything very dull and monotonous. Be comfortable as you will probably spend a large duration of your time working in your chosen space. For instance, if you’re passionate about cars then speed into efficiency with a sports car inspired office chair.
  3. Meet with your teachers: Many students are apprehensive to approach their lecturers or tutors and have minimal contact with them throughout the semester. However, the key is to ask questions. Although the rise of Internet gives unlimited access to information, we lack two-way communication and feedback. This is why having the privilege of communicating with teachers on campus or through email can give us a more insightful and prompt response.
By implementing these simple tips the semester will be much more bearable and stress-free. It may even give you some time to make some friends, attend university parties or explore the campus.

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