MBA Australia: The Modern Rules for students

Study MBA in Australia could be the most significant step that a student can take for contribution to career development and making a significant contribution for personal growth. IDP endeavours to provide necessary information and counseling to alumni to book a seat for MBA in Australia. 

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Choosing the appropriate Australian MBA program according to the student's needs and caliber would be a tough choice, counselors at IDP expertise in assisting candidates to opt for most-suited MBA program from the bulk of around 50 different MBA in Australia.

All institutes in Australia provide MBA degree and courses which are recognized globally.

Selection of University

There is no particular “In Country” ranking of Universities in Australia as in US, however all universities are Public universities, funded by government and most of the universities are highly ranked worldwide hence choosing the best university would be a bit harder.

The factors which might decide upon the choice would be- course requirement, location, course, cost and city-lifestyle as well.

Master of Business Administration : General Requirements:

The Australian universities require following necessaties however may vary according to the institute, which will decide about the admission in MBA program in any Aussie University:
  • Graduation Degree:A three or four year graduation degree is the essential and basic requirement to pursue MBA with good CGPA/percentage.
  • Previous Experience:Most of the universities require 2 to 5 years of work experience to apply for MBA in Australia.
  • GMAT Score:GMAT is not a mandatory requirement of Australian universities. However, few require GMAT at the time of the admission with an excellent score.
  • Language Skills:A high score in IELTS/TOEF  is required to check the language competency of the candidates.
  • Transcripts or Letter of Reference:The recommendation letter from college lecturers or concerned authority and from the employer elevates the process of gaining admission to college.
In Australia foreign students are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week so that they can support their studies.

Australia has strong educational infrastructure, high living standard, and lower expenses as compared to US and UK making it the preferred choice among students.

MBA in Australia-Fee
MBA in Australia-Fee
Student Services Provided:

Here, at IDP, Student counseling services are provided to help the candidates opt from the different MBA specialization courses which include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing, 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Rural management
  • Strategic Management, etc.
Along with the selection of relevant course and specialization the counselors at IDP also provide the services of:
  1. Application Submission
  2. Offer Acceptance
  3. Visa Counseling
  4. Submitting the evisa file
  5. Tuition fee payment
  6. Pre-departure orientation
IDP provides guidance program and assistance for candidates seeking admission in other courses as well including foundation and premaster courses in management, medicine, law, engineering and IT.

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