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EPSO Exam If you really have the desire of working in any of the European Union Institutions, then EPSO is the ideal way to start. European Personnel Selection Office has been handling endorsement for any European Union Institution.

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There are more than 60,000 to 70,000 candidates applying for the job and it could be difficult for them to succeed. If you are applying for Assistant or administrator job, you should pass EPSO e-tray exam successfully.

EPSO E-Tray Exam Practice Tests
European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) Exam reasoning Practice Tests

What Is EPSO E-Tray Exam?

This exam is the business inbox simulating activity that enables the candidates to experience the normal tasks and challenges faced by an individual in a position within the environment of EU institutions. You can take the test in any of these three languages – German, French or English through computer by answering a set of questions.

This kind of test and the number of questions asked depend greatly on the information launched by Notice of Competition in the official journal of European Union and EPSO website. The notification include details on the principles for selection, job profile and description, experience and qualification requirement and the test format for every stage in the selection process.

The epso e-tray" "e-tray epso" exam is focused on 4 key competencies such as delivering quality results, analyzing and solving problems, prioritizing and organizing and working in conjunction with others.

Type Of Questions Asked:

Before beginning the test, the candidates are given specific time for reading the instructions. The information required for finding the appropriate answer will be sent to you through the mail box. You have to rank the 3 options available for every question using 5 point scale.

You will get around 15 to 20 questions with 3 options for each question and you have to answer all these questions within 50 minutes. You can see the remaining available time on the top of the screen during the entire period.

EPSO e-tray exam Practice Tests for All Stages
EPSO e-tray exam Practice Tests for All Stages
 EPSO e-tray exam is regarded as the best tool for determining the working ability of the candidates, their approach and style in solving a specific problem. It enables the personnel to determine whether the candidate have necessary skills in communication, writing, analytics and delegation.

Various Tests Taken By the Applicants:

The candidates who are competing for a permanent job in the European Union Institution should undergo three stages of assessment and tests. Among three stages, pre selection state or Admission stage includes computer based test on epso tests abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.

After completing this test, they will be move on to assessment state or second stage and undertake EPSO E-tray test. In this stage, the candidate will be taking four tests such as case study, exercise test, oral presentation and competency based interview. Those candidates who have performed better in the exam will be included in the reserved list of EU institution recruit.

Those candidates who are passionate about passing the exam and getting a job in the European Union of Institution should practice a lot with the sample questions. It is also worth enrolling with a training institution.

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