7 Reasons why everyone is Learning English Today

As per last statistics approximately 1 billion people are reportedly using English as their first or secondary language. English is a particularly pleasant sounding language. Being rich in vocabulary, the English language graciously offers its users a great power of expression.

English has evolved over the centuries to become “the language of opportunity”. It is not only widely spoken, but also accepted and referred to as a global language.

English course prices Manchester
English course prices Manchester

Here are 7 good reasons to learn English at proficiency level:

  1. All best ranked universities of the world use English. Whether you want to complete your studies or just further develop your talents, English will help you sharpen up.
  2. It opens up great career opportunities. English is used in research, sales, marketing, customer support, and so on. It is the language of business. Want to jump-start your career? English is the way to go.
  3. English is easy to learn. Compared to other languages like German, Chinese or the Nordic languages, English has a more simplified grammar and an easier flow.
  4. An advanced language course diploma can also be the key to a better job. Prestigious institutions like the Cambridge University offer well structured and efficient English language course programs. These structured courses are the best way to go if you want to write and sound likes a native speaker. Try searching for Communicate School and advanced English courses to see the options out there.
  5. It is widely spoken all over the world. Mass media, movies, the music industry, everybody use it. Hearing it on a constant basis conditions the brain to get tuned to the sound and syntax of the English language. Studies show that using rhymes is one of the most efficient ways to learn a language. So turn on the radio and let’s sing along. I can’t imagine a better way to learn a foreign language! Can you?
  6. Acquiring English literary fluency has never been easier! With Internet literally at the tip of our fingers, the possibilities to enter English native speaker communities, socialize and/or blog in and about the English language have never been so simple. Try it. It’s fun!
  7. It is not as expensive as you might think. Even though there are many free interactive software programs to help you acquire the basics, a good advanced level English course will cost you. However this is well worth it, as these courses are the fastest way to proficiency level! If you want to check out the prices of advanced English courses, start by searching English course prices Manchester.
Largely spoken and thought all over the world, English as a secondary language (ESL) is the language of globalization and communication, a language that unites people with different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. We all hear it and use it to some extent. Now it’s the time to step into the future and bring our English to proficiency level.

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