JEE Online Examination 2016: 6 Extra Benefits that not for Offline Application Mode

All the students whose going to attend the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) 2016 mains exam online will get some extra benefits than the candidates whose were applied offline mode.

Although, the online and offline both exam method available, but in the year 2016, the online test, students will get some extra butter on bread. Published for


JEE Online Examination Benefits: CBSE offering Cookies with Tea

  1. You will get INR 500 discount on the exam fee, while the offline mode, students have to pay the full amount.
  2. You can change your answer, if you think it needs to edit, while in the pen, paper test it is not possible to cut or edit the answer, after you select/tick/fill the circle.
  3. Mock test for you, that is not only help to check your preparation to crack the JEE-2016 examination, but also useful to practice in a similar environment like a real classroom exam.
  4. During the pen paper less examination, you can ask for paper for rough calculation or other work.
  5. Your performance will show on your computer screen, so that you can check how many questions you solved. You can adjust the time accordingly for solving the rest question that needs to answer.
  6. Call center cum support from CBSE to the online aspirants for support, the offline mode selected students can’t contact here
According to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official announcement, the JEE online test aspirants will get some extra benefits, they will receive the question paper and the answer key online in E-mail Id, they will try their knowledge and chance in computer /internet based entrance test.

Although the internet based test offering the save INR 500, and mock test facility, but what the cost if you do not know how to use technology fast. I agree that it is not possible that at the student who preparation for Engineering Entrance exam is unable to understand the process, but, If you don’t have a face online test before, then it can what is going on? For you.Click Here

The ExamAndInterview team works on the topic and find out that if you are not techno friendly or have not good speed on computer, in this case you should not choose an online pattern, instead choose offline mode. Hey! Do not be in hurry, the last decision should your own, and you should think about each factors such as your limitation and plus points. 
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