5 Google Applications for student

Google for students

Although, the Google has its identification as the number one search engine, but now days it is use not only for search, instead it is playing to an important role to make higher education true.

The school students using it for work on a school project, while the online doctoral programs researcher, using this to get references for their PhD research work.

Latest Updated On 27.01.2019
Study abroad attracts youth from a long time; several students leave the mother nation for getting quality education.

The Google is for all, below is the few ways that can make a student’s life easier.

Google Applications for students

  1. Goggle Books: Google’s online books search; the students can use this application for searching unlimited books online from the every field. From Online college course to online doctoral programs, everything listed on the Google Book reader. The user can access online on below URL Website: https://books.google.com/
  2. Google Translate: This is Google online translation website, where the students can translate documents, web pages and the texts, with the help of this application the Chinese students can read USA universities' website content in their local language and vice versa.

    If you are out of the country because of study abroad, this service defiantly can prove helpful for you to understand the culture and the provision of the country, for example, a Canadian student can use this site for medical students in Ruse.

    This application is very useful to work where Multilanguage person works combined such as research on new medicine or NASA operation, etc. Some time, the language translators use to understand the culture and the provision of the other countries. https://translate.google.com/
  3. Google News: If you are a student, you must aware about what is happing in the world, no matter from where are you. The Google news keeps you updated about the events, and other activities in the world. This new application not only aware you, but also can sharp your knowledge, and knowledge never worthless, you can use it in preparation for an upcoming job interview or other common exams, the examandinterviewtips.com team member uses this for reading daily education news at https://news.google.com,https://news.google.co.in/
  4. Google Earth: The golden key for Geography and history students, not only students, but also the scholar, Geography scientist, Engineer and PhD students use it for getting Geographical data and information for different purposes. The History students, use to find and collect information about historical palace, cities, and the buildings, the Google Earth make it possible without going to real location and just in few clicks on the website: https://earth.google.com
  5. Google Calendar: Here are an idioms that the “Time never come back again”, and nobody will disagree with this that the time management is a most important pillar of sturdy bridge. The students can use this service for managing daily life’s important event such as group discussion, make a timetable for a sufficient period for each subjects study. This application allows user to share their schedule with fiends or group members. Use it at https://google.com/calender
  6. Google Maps: Golden eggs hen for the candidates who are in mapping fields,the Google Maps can use for getting a high-resolution image for your University Projector for route planer. You can use the map for references in your application or blogs. Try it here http://maps.google.com, maps.google.co.in
The Google Drive and Google Code also useful applications for the University students or the professional for their own purpose, where the Google drive provides the cloud based storage for saving and access the data from anywhere, the Google code is development sites that are the seat of developer tools, API and technical resources.

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These are the ways, how students can use Google for getting online degree or getting updates from online universities , however, these are recommendation, but you can use other application(s) also, after all the aim is to take the advantages of technology for study.
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