Resume Writing Tips: How to eliminate the top 5 problems in your resume and make them shine

If you happen to be a job seeker or been there often, then you might have given your resume a fair thought. That is basically the first stage of your job search. A resume represents us, our work and the first impression an employer gets of us. Updating it should be kept in constant view as you go on updating your job, your preferences, your skills and educational certifications if any.

Before you do that, there are certain problems that may look quite petty in nature but they can turn out to be treacherous. Without giving it a forethought, do not go on. Don’t get caught up in one particular thing, for example just format, only. There are more issues that need your full attention currently.

How To Write A CV
How To Write A CV

Let’s find out what those common 5 problems are in a resume. You are selling yourself to a prospective employer and a resume is more like a sales tool that you are using. Summarizing to your hiring manager of whatever you have been doing your entire life, a resume needs to be a good view of it all.

Here are the biggest issues that need to be addressed:
  1. Too lengthy: If you have a long list of experiences, it’s okay to skip too much details about it. You do not need to write a novel on your resume for a mere cursory glance of say 10-30 seconds, tops, in accordance with survey, that is the time most employers spend in reading a particular resume. If you haven’t used the key words and focused on various details, then it will be crammed there.
  2. Too vague: If your resume is too vague, it would make the hiring manager wondering what you exactly did for a living. You might as well have written lots of things but the one things the employer is seeking is missing and you are out of the picture. You may have become a victim of the same so avoid the input of too many people. Precision is everything.
  3. Hiring Manager’s perspective goes missing somewhere: The part where you actually sell yourself is telling the hiring manager about you, your persona, and the brand you have become and how. This would include adding responsibilities but no such accomplishments. If that goes missing, the hiring managers will never know the end results of your performance. They want results more than how you got it done – A reality-check!
  4. Just responsibilities will bore the reader: Again, responsibilities need to be backed up rather than just a story about how you did it, what did you do? That was lacking in the entire story you told in your resume. You need to tell the hiring manager the complete scope of your work in a precise manner that sums it all up.
  5. Using jargons or generic terms not suitable for a professional resume: When you work somewhere, you develop a language supported by terms used in that particular work context only. There might be a possibly that the particular language is not understandable by the future employer. So avoid using that and bring in the more technical, precise and unique words defining your experience.
Once you have these common mistakes taken care of, the format is not really an issue. There are various online sources, paid and free, that can help you give a format that is suitable for your resume.

You need to invest more time in the content rather than worrying about something that is easily available. Refresh yourself often and stay active at all times, don’t tire yourself out in the process, and make sure if you are worried about what type of job you want to contact career counseling services who can help.

Remember, a resume is your first impression that will get you that interview call, make it count!

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